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  1. 54 at 0600 when I got up and heading for 85 and clear in Fay., AR – I think it’s just about time I switched walking times. Need to start riding in and walking home. I needed both a sweater and gloves this morning and my hands still ached. Weird weather for August but just about right if it happened to be mid-September (which I always feel like it should be when school starts). Heh.

    News has been worse but it could be a whole lot better. Way to fix the Stock Market – government works programs to rebuild the national infrastructure, restore forests and wetlands, fight forest and prairie fires, and “weatherize” (so much less political term than energy efficient for buildings, to the Rs great shame) all buildings across America. So simple. So not going to happen unless/until we get both a Dem president and a Dem-controlled congress. Sigh. So long as we have smug, self-righteous, greedy people in charge they’ll keep cutting off the limb they’re sitting on and blaming the rest of us. I think Portlaw’s right – we should take a break and look at princesspat’s bouquet! {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Good morning, Meese!! Wednesday …

    It is 58 degrees in Madison on its way up to 73. Morning clouds and afternoon sun in the forecast.

    Good lord, the Republicans are insane. And no, Fox News, Trump did not really really this time for sure “cross a line” with his new diss of TV personality Megyn Kelly. Every time he calls a woman a name or shows those Latinos who is in charge (by kicking the most trusted voice in Latino news, Jorge Ramos, out of a news conference) or says something that David Freaking Duke admires, his numbers go up. He is the ugly face of “what the heck happened to our America?” people. They are mad as hell that the Kenyan usurper stole two elections and Trump is going to win the nomination with the coalition of the angry. And Lindsey Graham is right: it will be the end of the Republican Party. Good riddance.

    The Whine Train CEO realized that the new PR consultant they hired was making things worse and apologized to the uppity black women who dared to laugh in the presence of privileged whites.

    A federal judge in Mississippi halted an execution. I am sure the bloodlusters in the Supreme Court will overrule him.

    And, yes, Democrats are in disarray. Or not! It is difficult to tell because this is the silly season and we have too many reporters chasing too few stories.

    See all y’all later!

  3. Portlaw, I can’t find the comment I was sure I posted last night about Sen. Patty Murray. I am either getting befuddled in my old age or the Internets ate it up.

    Anyway, here it is:

    “Murray said she will vote against a resolution of disapproval and vote to sustain any veto by President Obama of a resolution by Republicans in Congress to ax the peace deal. It appears Democrats have votes to block a veto override.”

    We are at 29.

  4. Hiya Meese

    Couldn’t believe the Jorge Ramos incident. Ramos is the Walter Cronkite of Latino news. He has 1.4 million twitter followers.

    Two million plus viewers watch Noticiero Univision

    The program is on equal footing with the English language newscasts ratings-wise in urban areas with a large Hispanic population, often being the top network newscast in areas such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.

    While Trump is stoking the anti-immigrant fires, the backlash/pushback from Latinos is growing.
    Hope it carries many into the voting booth.

    • Hillary Clinton is wisely lashing Bush to Trump on immigration. So even if Bush can figure out a way to reinvigorate his campaign, it won’t matter because the damage will have been done. The rest of the party is already lashed to Trump on immigration.

      Greg Sargent penned an “I told you so” yesterday: Dear Republicans: You could have avoided this whole Donald Trump disaster

      Time magazine reports that GOP pollster Frank Luntz held a focus group designed to plumb the sources of Trump’s appeal, and left stunned. “You guys understand how significant this is?” Luntz said afterwards. “This is real. I’m having trouble processing it. Like, my legs are shaking.”

      So here’s a friendly reminder: this whole Trump mess probably could have been avoided. If Republicans had simply held votes on immigration reform in 2013 or in early 2014, it probably would have passed. That likely would have made it harder for Trump-ism to take hold to the degree it has so far.

      Boehner could not get the votes because the nativist members of his caucus refused to go along.

      Boehner shelved plans to pursue reform, and Republican leaders and aides quietly assured reporters that the party could always pass reform in 2015, to fix the Latino problem in time for 2016. But some Republicans explicitly warned at the time that if the party failed to pass reform in 2014, it would only get harder to do so in 2015, because the GOP primaries would start up. GOP pollster Whit Ayres warned:

      “If Republicans wait until 2015 to tackle this issue, that puts a very emotional and controversial issue right in the middle of the Republican presidential selection process. The opportunity for demagoguery will be exceedingly prevalent if we wait that long. It could drag the entire field to the right on immigration.”


      In other words, some Republicans warned at the time that the party needed to embrace reform precisely to avoid the epic slow-motion disaster that might unfold if immigration got tied up in primary politics, creating fertile conditions for a talented demagogue to pull the party further to the right. Which is exactly what is happening now.


    • He said Ramos was “yelling” — I heard no yelling. I saw a man at a press conference, ask a question is a totally reasonable tone. Trump is….. I think there’s something wrong with him. Besides being a bobmastic bully. I mean, like wrong. Here’s a tweet of his from this morning:

      Donald J. Trump ‏@realdontrump 20h20 hours ago

      This is america so I’ll speak american. Jeb can go around speaking mexican & Hillary can keep speaking out of her ass.

  5. Good morning, Meese, and happy Woden’s Day. Fair morning here, with tiny white clouds like parachutes sailing across a blue sky. Current temp. is 64, going for a high of 81 F. today with (drumroll, please) low humidity.

    Just watched the throw-out of Jorge Ramos from Trump’s press conference or whatever. Moosekind, idiocracy is HERE and NOW! When questioned as to why Trump’s followers love him so much, the reply was, “Because he’s politically incorrect.” That’s right—they’re sick of pretending they’re not bigots when actually, they are. If Trump somehow becomes the nominee we will know that this country has indeed gone to hell in a handbasket.

    Another day of taking care of Babylicious. Yesterday he wouldn’t let me change his diaper while he was lying down so I had to change him while he stood up and clung to me. He wouldn’t take a nap either, which drove me crazy. After today, only three more days of baby care. Will be so glad to get my life back! Thirteen months of infant care is enough, I say.

    Wishing all a good day!

    • Ha! “will be so glad to get my life back”. I often wondered how grandparents could muster the energy to care for their young grandchildren. Apparently it is a struggle! :)

        • I stopped following it for fear that someone would Tweet an autoplay of the live broadcast. I can’t watch those things without getting nightmares.

          Did they find the person/motive?

          • He worked at the station, he’s African-American and had some kind of grudge against the female reporter who he shot – he sent a long fax to the station, they say and there are twitter and fb accounts – now removed.

          • Getting murdered at work turns out to be pretty common

            Of all the incidents in which someone died at work in 2013, 9 percent were due to homicides, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent data. In total, 397 people were murdered while at work. That’s more than were killed by fires and explosions, getting caught in equipment or machinery, and exposure to harmful substances combined. […]

            Guns are by far the most common instrument that kills people at work. In 2013, there were 316 fatal, intentional workplace shootings. They made up 80 percent of homicides at work.

            Two of the 4 Democrats who voted with the NRA against background checks after the Sandy Hook massacre lost their Senate seats in 2014 and one of them knew he would lose and declined to run. Voting with the NRA does not set up a force field against Republican challengers and any Democrat who votes the NRA line should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t care if the squirrel hunters in their state get angry with them, unrestricted guns in the hands of angry, mentally imbalanced people is killing us and making us all fearful. STOP! /rant off

    • I love my time with the grand kids, but I get so tired now! After the girls left yesterday we realized this fall is the first time in 14 years we don’t have a scheduled grand child care commitment. It’s going to be an adjustment for all of us.

  6. Did 2.2 miles last night – walked to a steep hill & did drills. The runners did them to a point, then ran somewhere past that. I just did the drill part, it worked well. Still didn’t sleep. Ugh.

    So Donald Trump was a jerk to someone yesterday. This is news? I really wish MSNBC would go back to being a news station & not the Donald trump channel.

    Playing nice loud Miracle (of Joey Ramone) to keep myself awake.

    • Trump sells commercials. Until people get bored and turn the channel, he will be on the TV. The Trumpus Maximus is like watching a slow motion train wreck and people can’t take their eyes off it.

      Once school starts and real life takes over, it will just be background noise.

  7. 70 at 0921 in Fay., AR – heading for 85 and clear. Currently at 435 KWHs for the month and 4.03 MWHs life-time generation. If the clear weather holds I’ll produce over 500 KWHs for the month though probably not the 561 I did last month or the 568 of the month before. Here we go gently sliding down into the dark of the year. Need to get some warm winter boots – hopefully that I can walk in – as even with temps in the upper 50s my feet are starting to hurt again. As are my hands. Not sure what I can do about my hands – they’re cold even at 70. But at least they don’t turn white and get numb until we drop into the upper 30s.

    When I was a kid my I remember my mother’s attitude towards Germans – she never forgave them for not stopping Hitler before WWII started, said “they knew what he was doing…” – and kidlike I accepted that. Then we got W and I began to understand how such an evil can take hold and good people can’t always stop it. I’m not sure I know “my” country now and I sure as hell won’t know it if – ALL the deities forbid – Trump were to be elected, especially with this Congress and up to 3 slots on the Court to fill. It’s not just that it’s a slow motion train wreck. We’re on the train. We won’t see the end of civilization – but the civilization we will be living in will not be pleasant for any but the .1%.

    Meanwhile, I’ll visit the Pond, play in the pootie and community diaries at GOS, shop local as much as possible – and participate in every election. {{{HUGS}}}

    • Good for you, bfitz, staying positive! You know, I bought some boots last year and they just don’t work. My feet are too problematic. I will have to sell them after Labor Day and buy some that I can wear to walk through snow. According to some experts We’re Gonna Git It with snow this coming winter. According to others, it’ll be rain, not snow. Either way, I’ll need boots.

      So good luck with yours!

    • But we did protest against his war, write our congress people, withhold money from candidates. We were not complacent

      Then we got W and I began to understand how such an evil can take hold and good people can’t always stop it.

      • We weren’t complacent – but we didn’t stop it. And considering the Nazi control of the media, we really will never know how many of the folks rounded up and shipped to camps were people trying to do the same thing in Germany in the 1930s. When you stop and think of it, “dissident” basically means somebody who loudly disagrees with the government.

      • That’s right, Portlaw! My sister and I were among the 100,000 who demonstrated against the Iraq war on the national Mall in October 2002. The WaPo termed it “a small number of protesters” and published a small item in the Metro section. The WaPo has never met a war it didn’t like.

        • That’s the point I wasn’t making very well – that good people demonstrating, speaking out, writing letters to newspapers and lawmakers cannot always stop bad leaders from doing evil and that it is very possible that the non-Jewish, non-Rom contingent of people shipped to the camps were indeed those folks who tried to stop it.

    • Am writing about SCOTUS for Sunday – tied in with Thurgood Marshall – fueled by the nightmare of a R presidential victory and what that would mean for the Court.

      I wish people would pay more attention to taking back the Senate and state legislatures than on posting endless streams of Bernie/Hillary ephemera.

      We have to work harder on voter registration and GOTV.

      To be honest – the 1/3 of the US populace who either cheers on the crazies or stands silently by – scares the bejeezus out of me.

      • The presidency is important and any Democrat will do (the only one I find completely offensive from our current list is Jim Webb).

        But whoever runs in the general election has to be willing to work with the national party and stump with local Senate candidates and local House candidates to get the Senate back and to increase our numbers in the House. This is more than a presidential election, it is a national election where 1/3 of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives is up for election. Given our party’s propensity for taking off the mid-terms and voting in the presidential years we have to make hay in 2016 for the expected lean times of 2018.

        By the way, did you see that some folks are trying to get a high school in northern Virginia named after J.E.B. Stuart renamed to Thurgood Marshall High School? Good for them. We need to stop glorifying traitors and supporters of human enslavement … and honor the true heroes of American history.

        • Yes! Of I had a time machine, I’d go back to the ’80s & tell people: 1)national, automatic voter registration at 18 — that can’t be revoked unless you commit an election-related crime. And related – voter registration purges would have to be conducted by some nonpartisan group. 2. Dems need to concentrate on local elections, especially state legislatures. If we can get a logical majority, put in a non-partisan, demographics-based redistricting committee — that can only be disbanded by a 3/5th vote of the people, not the legislature.

          • So much damage has been done at the state level because of the 2010 elections. “I only vote in presidential elections” came back and bit us in the ass big time. Scott Walker, John Kasich, Paul LePage, Rick Scott, Rick Snyder – men elected governors in blue states with legislative majorities – charged with redistricting after the 2010 census.

  8. Good morning, 54 and partly cloudy in Bellingham. I know I’m going to the pool this morning but I don’t know what to do with the rest of my day……I’m overwhelmed with options! So I’ll probably read my book and putter around in the garden, as it’s time to start taking out the spent petunias and fuchsias. I wish the deer would eat them and not the heucheras. I love the color and texture of their leaves in the winter, but apparently the deer have other ideas. When I walked into the kitchen for coffee the other morning two deer were walking up the back steps, grazing the flower pots as if they were enjoying a private buffet!

  9. Good morning, meese! Thursday …

    It is 53 degrees in Madison, on its way up to 77. Mostly sunny skies are in the forecast.

    Amelia Boynton Robinson died yesterday at the age of 104. Selma in 1965 … and Selma in 2015.

    President Obama: “Fifty years ago, she marched in Selma, and the quiet heroism of those marchers helped pave the way for the landmark Voting Rights Act. “ Which is endangered. Yesterday was Women’s Equality Day and women’s rights are also endangered. Both of these things matter.

    I am officially in “Ignore” mode on Trump and most of the 2016 GOP field. I will watch Scott Walker’s drop in the polls with delight (now at 3.5%, a one month drop from 9%). I successfully avoided the autoplay of the snuff film that the killer of the TV reporters posted but did not miss the description of the killer of the black churchgoers in Charleston as a “lone wolf, a crazy guy with a gun” but the killer of the reporters as part of a gang of blacks attacking white folks. Sigh.

    See all y’all later!

    • Morning Meese.

      Have school today. Spent a few hours last night/early AM trying to “fix” my color printer – and failed. I needed to print out some stuff to give to students today – and after several hours up late last night gave up.

      I guess i better just throw this one in the garbage and buy yet another printer.

      Jan – did not see the “part of a gang of blacks attacking white folks” comments – but it is to be expected.

      Anyway – the killing of white folks, shooting white school children, and white politicians hasn’t managed to get this country to enact any kind of sane gun control. I have no idea what it will take.

      • Sadly, personal printers are designed as throwaway items. I remember having an HP printer, the LaserJet 4, lasting 13 years. I had to replace a fuser once and then finally it needed a repair that would cost more than the price of a new printer. The next printer I bought only lasted 4 years and the current one I have is at about 3 years old and pieces are falling off of it.

        The comments I saw were on Twitter and were the people I was following pointing out the hypocrisy of the right wing with screen caps. I didn’t favorite any of them (to be able to find them later) because I did not want to get caught in the crosshairs. <– chicken

        • Was trying to fix the blinking light on my HP printer

          So I was looking for tutorials – on youtube

          found this – and decided to follow the instructions (warning – strong language)

          • I fixed it. If you want to post just a link, use the “link” button and paste it into the popup. That encapsulates it in the code that makes it a clickable link rather than expanding it. It is because of your awesome powers as an Editor that you can do that. :)

          • Thanks for the chuckle Dee…..our HB printer is driving me crazy! It won’t stay connected to the lap top computers and it seems to always be out of ink. I’m looking for a small simple replacement that will work with my laptop on the main floor.

            My work around now is to email the info to RonK’s desktop computer in the basement study, then (if the connections are working) go downstairs, find the info, send it to the printer from his computer, forget what I was doing, start doing something else, and eventually remember to see if what ever I wanted to print did……hmmmm, perhaps operator error is involved!

  10. Good morning, Meese. A lovely late summer day here.

    As for the news, the global economy might be wobbly and that might affect us all. And the NYTimes has another stunning article in their series on the suffering migrants heading for Europe and elsewhere. Not sure why the Times gets so much bashing. They report on so much that other outlets do not. This series is outstanding. Actually they have had a number of them this year that are all Pulitzer possibilities, including ones on the toxic work conditions in nail salons, drug trafficking in the Midwest, climate change, and now this one. I am a print person and do not like to read the news online. I like opening a paper, folding it, turning pages. So, am off to do that. With lots of coffee, of course.

    Hope it’s a good day for all in the Pond and Beyond.

    • The NY Times does great reporting on many topics that other newspapers don’t even cover. But their politics is awful. They let personal vendettas leak over from their editorial page to their front page and the Judith Miller fiasco exposed the dark underbelly of “access trumps truth” in reporting. They are probably no worse than any of the others but because they are BIG they make a BIG target.

      I don’t get the full plate of stories because they decided to paywall themselves but I get the morning email blast and see that many of their articles are of otherwise uncovered stories.

      • Judith Miller was a total complete disaster horror show and that is putting it mildly.

        Am trying to think how often they have supported a Republican for office on their editorial page. Think it is very rare. Of course, my memory is not very good!

        • I guess I should have said the politics of their opinion writers. I think their editorials are generally on the correct side. Krugman is good, Charles Blow and Gail Collins are good. Russ Douthart is an idiot, William Kristol a while back: what the heck were they thinking? But Maureen Dowd’s “some guy told me” stuff becoming front page news, clickbait, really, has been a problem since Barack Obama was elected.

          And therein lies the problem … clickbait. Even the grey lady chases the clicks at the expense of truth and, sadly, accuracy.

          • But it’s not at my local news stand here. Maybe in other parts of the city it is. Online newspapers are just not the same for me.

          • I have a link to the Guardian website on my Favorites toolbar but I keep forgetting to go there. I should find a feed so I can get the thumbnails as part of my morning news scan.

  11. Repeat from yesterday – little sleep, eating beans, playing Miracle in my head still – I especially love the little acoustic break, followed by the electric guitar wham, so I’m repeating that bit. “All the stolen voices will someday be returned” – with so much sad & senseless death around, seems appropriate.

    • another, you live in the same town as UT. Can you get into a sleep study with that university? My nephew suffers from the same complaint as yours. He appears to have been helped somewhat.

  12. 67 at 0900 CDT in Fay., AR – heading for 85 and clear although there seems to be a storm cell north and slightly west of us (my bet is it will go around us on the east side). Soloing today but things are calming down so it shouldn’t be too stressful. Under the “new management” we’ve offered enough of a variety of classes that I haven’t had hysterical students needing to get into required classes that have been filled by people taking them for required elective hours. We’ve had a few issues and I expect a few more before end of business day tomorrow (last chance to enroll/change) but not slammed as in previous years.

    Not sure what the news is – haven’t managed to even get all the way through the NYT email headlines yet – it’s probably bad. And racially biased. And anti-Hillary. Sigh. But the sun is shining, the hills south of Fayettevile (visible from the 5th floor when I get a chance to go upstairs) are still covered with Ozark National Forest, I’ve gotten all my new people entered (although not through the approvals yet) and once I’ve gotten their correct payroll distributions entered and approved I won’t have to worry about them again until they leave or the grant ends. {{{HUGS}}}

    • bfitz—had to laugh at GMA this morning. They reported that Hillary “should be very worried” that the Quinnipiac poll shows her with 45%, Bernie with 23%, and Biden with 22%. Uh…which planet does GMA inhabit? Here on Earth, 45% compared to 23% is considered good.

  13. Good morning, Meese! It’s actually delightful here in NoVa—72 F. at 10:30 a.m., going up to 79 F. It’s sunny and cool with a nice breeze under a blue sky. If the grass were green instead of dry brown, one could gloat with satisfaction.

    Could not access the Moose site this morning when I first tried it at 7:30, but no one else appears to have had a problem. By the time it came up, the kids were here so I couldn’t post.

    Babylicious is having a nap. Miss Pink Cheeks seems to have largely recovered from her illness of yesterday, which involved a headache and elevated temperatures. She’s not to get into the pool today but we still might be able to go to the Girl Scout ice cream social tonight. It’s an eternal mystery to me that a child can be happy, laughing and splashing in the pool one day with her little friend—followed by a vigorous bout of apple knocking—and ill the next.

    The news is the same. Awful. Wishing all at the Pond a good day!

    • Glad the weather is so lovely. It really does make a difference in how we feel, which figures from a survival point of view – nice weather, up and doing; not so nice weather, hunker down and wait it out. Little guys are still establishing their immune systems – they go down suddenly to whatever bug happens by but get a quick fix on it, produce the immunities, and then up and at ’em :)

    • I wondered what happened to you! Usually you are one of the early birds.

      I was not online at that time, I don’t think. I had an extremely busy schedule and have been playing catch up all day. I am just eating lunch now, at nearly 2pm!!

  14. Good morning, 56 and partly cloudy in Bellingham this morning. The air is less smoky but my eyes are still burning. The fires cover about 900,000 acres now so the goal is to contain them and hope that winter snow and rain will eventually put them out.


    Our empty nest feelings re grand child care didn’t last long as Ava can choose between full or part time after school care this year and she would like to be with us every other Wednesday. We can manage that! It will give her a needed break from a long day of school and after school programs, and we will enjoy the fun of being with her. Last year part time care wasn’t an option.

    • Glad the air is less smoky – the eye drop people must be making a killing over these fires – hope your eyes feel better soon. Holding the good thought for “normal” rain and snow this winter. Have fun with the part-time care – much easier on the system.

    • Hope the fires get under control and hope the firefighters and animals in all those acres are safe.

  15. Horrible. Just in

    VIENNA — The decomposing bodies of as many as 50 people assumed to be migrants being smuggled across Europe were found in a truck abandoned on a highway east of Vienna on Thursday, the police said.

    And people make money and lots of it on human trafficking.

  16. The president is going to speak from New Orleans later today (scheduled for 3:55pm Eastern).

    In case I don’t get back online to post it, here is the YouTube. I will probably put up a post with the speech tomorrow when the transcript is available. I like to read the speeches. :)

    President Obama Delivers Remarks at the Andrew P. Sanchez Community Center
    Scheduled for Aug 27, 2015, Live from New Orleans, Louisiana.

    The President will deliver remarks on the region’s rebirth and what’s possible when citizens, city and corporate leaders all work together to lift up their communities and build back in ways that make them more innovative and positioned for economic growth.

  17. Good Friday Morning Meese

    I am being forced to attend a mandatory training session on campus today – sigh. Just when I had planned to relax and sleep a little later than usual.

    Feeling uplifted by the groundswell of Orange support for JoanMar – and the amount raised for her daughter’s funeral.

    Seeya later!

    • No sleeping in for you!

      I am glad to hear that your peeps were able to help JoanMar. Such a tragedy … I hope the love and comfort of her friends is helping to ease the pain.

  18. Good morning, meese! Friday … we made it!!!

    It is 57 degrees in Madison, on its way up to 69. Evening showers are in the forecast.

    Day two of Trump detox is going well. I now have time for good news and happy thoughts. :)

    Another warning to Democratic anti-Iran deal congresscritters: not only do you align yourselves with Dick “Dick” Cheney but Ted Cruz and Donald Trump lurve you as well!! They will be having a joint rally in September to tell everyone just how bad it would be to not have a war with Iran. Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) the author of the resolution calling for Bomb Bomb Iran, is admitting defeat so it is likely Ted Cruz simply wants the press coverage for his presidential candidacy.

    I love this headline: “Judge Shuts Down Kris Kobach’s Attempt To Disenfranchise Voters In Kansas Elections”. Kobach smackdown, check. Judge supports voters, check.

    And the Democratic supporting Priorities USA would like to remind Latino voters that it is not just Trump … it is the Republican Party:

    (Yikes! Bush III is sure a testy guy!!)

    The president gave a speech in New Orleans filled with hope and reminding people of the good things that a Democratic presidency has brought to America (despite what you hear, from both sides of the political spectrum, his presidency has been a net positive for our country). Towards the end, I got a glimpse of what will probably be his 2016 stump speech for whoever our nominee is. They will be lucky to have him in their corner. The video is posted but no transcript yet … I will wait until it is out before I put up the Moose version.

    See all y’all later!!

  19. Good morning, Meese! Today is just like yesterday—60 F. on a fair morning in NoVa, going up to 83 F. We can keep the a.c. off until tomorrow morning.

    The house is a wreck from Babylicious, who will be home with his mom today, thank Goddess! After breakfast will take Miss Pink Cheeks home. She spent the night with us after I took her to the ice cream social at Frying Pan Park.

    Saw part of a headline on GMA—now they’re going after Hillary’s speaking fees? There are “questions.” JTC! Just as if Ronnie Raygun hadn’t collected $2 million for appearing on Japanese TV in a commercial! I hate Republicans.

    The Moose is making me fill out a form before I can leave this comment. I tried logging out and then logging back in but even that didn’t work. I suppose when I have a spare five minutes I’ll have to clear all the cookies and start all over again. Sigh. I hate WordPress!

    Wishing a good day to all at the Pond and Beyond!

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