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  1. Good morning, Motley Meese! The week begins …
    It is 72 degrees in Madison WI, on its way up to 90. Partly sunny skies are in the forecast. Storms expected tomorrow then cooler weather the rest of the week.

    Have a great day, all y’alls!!

  2. Good morning Meese.

    Having my coffee, scanning the news.

    Was looking at results of recent PPP Polling.

    Trump Supporters Think Obama is A Muslim Born in Another Country

    Our new poll finds that Trump is benefiting from a GOP electorate that thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim and was born in another country, and that immigrant children should be deported. 66% of Trump’s supporters believe that Obama is a Muslim to just 12% that grant he’s a Christian. 61% think Obama was not born in the United States to only 21% who accept that he was. And 63% want to amend the Constitution to eliminate birthright citizenship, to only 20% who want to keep things the way they are.

    Trump’s beliefs represent the consensus among the GOP electorate. 51% overall want to eliminate birthright citizenship. 54% think President Obama is a Muslim. And only 29% grant that President Obama was born in the United States. That’s less than the 40% who think Canadian born Ted Cruz was born in the United States.

    Trump’s supporters aren’t alone in those attitudes though. Only among supporters of John Kasich (58/13), Jeb Bush (56/18), Chris Christie (59/33), and Marco Rubio (42/30) are there more people who think President Obama was born in the United States than that he wasn’t. And when you look at whose supporters are more inclined to think that the President is a Christian than a Muslim the list shrinks to just Christie (55/29), Kasich (41/22), and Bush (29/22). Bush’s inability to appeal to the kind of people who hold these beliefs is what’s keeping him from succeeding in the race- his overall favorability is 39/42, and with voters identifying themselves as ‘very conservative’ it’s all the way down at 33/48.

    Watched Hillary’s speech in NH where she was endorsed by Jeanne Shaheen. Kicking off “Women for Hillary” on the anniversary of her Beijing speech.

    Was pleased to see that Hillary covered addiction and mental health issues

    Is up on youtube (if I put the link it will embed here – so I won’t)

      • heh – I agree. Now if we could just deport him as an alien – I would be happy.

        In all seriousness however, it is very depressing to realize we have to share planetary space with the people who believe this dreck.

    • I am planning on sharing her speech as a blog post. She is commemorating the 20 year anniversary of her speech to the United Nations conference on women in Beijing. It is worth revisiting that speech as well.

      That PPP poll is not surprising. Trump appeals to the basest of the base … know-nothings who yearn to return to the “good old days” when ethnic and racial minorities – and wimmins – knew their place. I found this image on the Internets as a reminder of the good old days:

      No, thank you!

        • I am trying to figure out why white women don’t view Hillary Clinton favorably. I don’t buy the idea that her email “scandal” is causing a problem. The linked article suggests that women are afraid of her failing.

          Dianne Bystrom, director of a women and politics program at Iowa State University: “White women voters are harder on women candidates and hold them to higher expectations than male candidates.” Just as black voters were initially hesitant to support Obama, “we don’t want the first woman president to be a failure,’’ said Bystrom.

          Hey, I have an idea: instead of worrying about failure how about working towards success?

          • I can only respond to this anecdotally and anecdotes are just that. I don’t know one woman who is a relative, friend or colleague who supports her. They are certainly not afraid of her failing. They do not identify with her at all. They strongly disagree with her record as Senator and SOS. They did not, as I should add, vote for Kerry because of his aumf vote and feel the same about Biden.

          • My own concerns came more from the Bill Clinton connection than her AUMF vote but I didn’t know her as New York Senator and never supported her candidacy in 2008 so I have not followed her much as a candidate. I think a lot of women are put off by Bill Clinton’s sleaziness and don’t want him back in the White House. As far as Joe Biden, I love the guy but I have a long memory and his treatment of Anita Hill was shameful. So I guess I am a women’s rights issues voter which is why I am supporting her 2016 candidacy. When people attack her because she is a woman, they are risking creating a lot of reluctant Hillary voters. Last week, Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, Tweeted that Hillary shouldn’t be “getting her pantsuit in a bunch”. Way to stay Klassy, Kris Kobach … KKK in thought, word and deed (as he seeks to disenfranchise people who don’t vote Republican).

          • Well, I was an original Edwards supporter (yeah, I know) and when he fizzled out I lost interest in the primaries. And then (yes, debates are important) I was in a hotel room in Cairo, of all places, and saw an Obama/Clinton debate. One of the few times I see TV is when I travel and have some time to kill in a hotel room. I was dazzled by Obama. I couldn’t believe that someone that smart, an intellectual, was running for President. I was hooked.

            My most important issues are war and the environment.

            As for Bill, he is sleazy and then there is NAFTA and other things. His record is not distinguished, IMO. I also hold it against him that, on TV, he referred to Monica Lewinsky as “that woman.” What a creep.

            And that is more than you ever want to know!

          • “Creep” is exactly the right word.

            I was also an early Edwards supporter (“Two Americas” and all that) but I was eventually glad that he did not get the nomination (a President McCain would probably mean that you and I would not be chatting with each other on a lefty blog as he would have unleashed nuclear war and the end times!!). Barack Obama’s religiousity put me off but I decided to set it aside in favor of his other qualifications. He is both wise and intelligent and he will be sorely missed.

      • Probably … those 25% would likely lean Republican.

        I also wonder if some of it is unfocused anger. People who are feeling like the country is going to hell in a handbasket are telling the pollsters they want the angry poke-em-in-the-eye guy. I hope it is not because they really think that his ideas would be good for the country. These are free “votes” … no one gets elected because you picked Trump in a phone poll.

  3. Leonard Pitts, Jr. on the importance of the Kim Davis story:

    The political right has long had a genius for wrapping noxious notions in code that sounds benign and even noble. The “Patriot Act,” “family values,” and “right to work.” are fruits of that genius. “Religious liberty” is poised to become their latest masterpiece, the “states’ rights” of the battle for a more homophobic America. […]

    Of course, like all good code, this one hides its true meaning in the banality of its words. Most of us would likely support the right of Native Americans to ingest peyote in their religious rituals, or Jewish or Muslim inmates to grow beards. Some of us even believe no religious order can be required to ordain a woman, admit a congregant of a proscribed race or, yes, perform a same-sex marriage. We understand a core American principle that, within certain broad parameters, one’s right to practice one’s faith as one pleases is inviolable.

    But “religious liberty” as defined by Davis and her supporters is about what happens in the wide world beyond those parameters, about whether there exists a right to deny ordinary, customary service and claim a religious basis for doing so. And there does not.

    Is it too much of a stretch to suggest that most of us probably run afoul of somebody’s reading of their religion in some way or another? Who would welcome a future where you couldn’t just enter a place and expect service but, rather, must read the signs to determine if it caters to people of your sexual orientation, marital status, religion or race?

    Just like the signs from the “good old days”.

    • The presidential candidates weigh in. Here are two:

      • Bobby Jindal: “… even really rich New Yorkers should oppose jailing Christians for their religious beliefs.”

      • Scott “English is My Second Language, My First Language is Gibberish” Walker: “In the end, this is the balance that you gotta have to have in America, between the laws that are out there, but ultimately ensuring that the Constitution is upheld … I read that the Constitution is very clear that people have freedom of religion — you have the freedom to practice religious beliefs out there, it’s a fundamental right.”

      • Interesting this quote of Walker’s

        … I read that the Constitution is very clear that people have freedom of religion — you have the freedom to practice religious beliefs out there, it’s a fundamental right.”

        So if your religion believes in polygamy, can such an official give out multiple licenses in accordance with their beliefs?

        • I believe a group of Satanists challenged some of Oklahoma’s theocratic laws based on that same premise.

          I think that Walker forgot was to remind people that it is the majority religion he was referring to. Not just anyone’s religion. I am sure his spokespeople will clear that up soon.

  4. Good morning, 52 and raining in Bellingham today. I’ve finally got the family travel arrangements made, now to do my own laundry and packing so we can leave for Eastern Wa early tomorrow. In addition to the funeral we need to close her assisted living apartment and start the process of closing her estate. I think/hope we have an efficient plan in place to follow. I’ve done my best to create group consensus, now we just need to do the work!

    RonK is writing his mom’s eulogy so his thoughts have understandably been with her.

    • I will be keeping you and your entire family in my thoughts this week. Be sure to take care of yourself during this time, as well. It is easy to set aside your own needs when you are looking out for the health and well-being of others.

    • best wishes… been 4 years for me, and some days it’s still real hard. This period is especially tough. I wish I had some words of wisdom… just hang in there is all I got.

  5. Credit where credit is due: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the Iranian deal

    My review of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, a monumental agreement negotiated by the United States, the other P5+1 nations and Iran to quell Iran’s nuclear-weapons ambitions, has been no exception. Indeed at times it has been a simultaneous exercise in sober, fact-based analysis and emotional soul-searching.

    This is the most difficult decision I have had to make in the nearly 23 years I have served in elected office, and this vote will be the most consequential.

    It’s also one that is deeply personal. Iran’s leaders routinely call for the destruction of the United States, the nation to which I have dedicated my life to serving. Iran’s leaders are also virulent anti-Semites and call for the destruction of Israel, the historic homeland for me and millions of other Jews. 

    Many people, whose opinions I respect immensely, have told me they believe this decision is a “no brainer” and that I should have long ago decided to vote for or against the agreement. This agreement is many things, but a “no brainer” is not one of them. […]

    I have subsequently come to the conclusion that the agreement promotes the national-security interests of the United States and our allies and merits my vote of support.

    Good for her.

    • She saw the train was leaving the station and jumped on. Nonetheless, she did jump on. Credit where credit is due.

      • I read her statement in its entirety and I can understand how difficult it must be for some people to support any rapprochement with Iran. Iran has been nasty to Israel, and many other people in the region, and any benefit they gain from the relaxation of the sanctions probably feels like an undeserved reward. But she wisely realized that the nuclear deal itself is a good one.

        • And, of course, let’s face it, we have been very nasty to Iran and they remember it. How could they not. Think Mohammad Mosaddegh. One wonders what would have happened it we hadn’t, with the Brits, overthrown him. I don’t blame the Iranians for not trusting us or the UK. Heck, even Madeline Albright apologized. However, this is the best deal we can get and we should seize it.

          • If there is any hope for a re-emergence of trust, or at least less animus, it lies with the younger Iranians who want to embrace the new ways and not the old ways. But we are not going to win them over to peace if we beat them with the same sticks that we beat the past (and some current) rulers of the country with. And a non-nuclear Iran will make the region safer.

            I won’t hold my breath hoping that the old fights will be set aside … it seems that dredging up all the old hurts is a favorite pastime for humans. Whether in the Middle East or the European religious fights (“you killed my ancestors 600 years ago!!”) or even our own Civil War, still being fought by the bitter losers in the South, people can’t let go of the things from the past that serve no useful purpose for making a better future. :(

          • Agree that hope lies with the young. Read an interesting article a few months ago by an American Shakespearean scholar, Stephen Greenblatt, who is at Harvard and who went there to give lectures to university students on Shakespeare. The students were astonishing in their knowledge of the plays and the brilliance of their questions about them. The future could be bright. Let’s hope so.

  6. Good morning, Moosekind! It’s 77 F. on a beautiful, clear-skied morning in NoVa, going for a high of 84 F. In a minute I have to get dressed and plant a few things; then do errands, laundry, and whatnot. We’re going to Elder Son’s house for dinner this evening.

    The welcome given by Germany and Austria to the Syrian refugees warms my heart. The behavior of Hungary and the Czech Republic makes me furious. Hungary, for putting them, or attempting to put them, in camps and treating them so disdainfully, and the Czechs for writing numbers on their forearms! What does THAT remind you of? Ireland, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland are behaving handsomely, offering refuge and places to stay. I wish this country would do that.

    Knocked down some more apples yesterday, put the baby equipment on Craig’s list, started cleaning out the storage closet in my office, a horrendous task. Yesterday I was happy all day, but today I feel crushed, thinking of all I have to do. Oh, well, at least I rejoined my gym yesterday. Don’t think I’ll have time to get there until tomorrow morning, though.

    Will be thinking of our princesspat as she goes through this sad time with her family. Went through it myself eight years ago and felt overwhelmed. Hope all will go smoothly. A good day to all at the Pond and Beyond!

  7. A/C kicked on at 10:30 CDT and heat index is 99 – mostly sunny but clouds keep passing through (decreasing electricity generation). We’ve got a couple more days of this and then a cool front is scheduled to move in just after midnight Wednesday morning. We may get some very needed rain with it – meanwhile I’ll water in the morning. The other good(ish) news I’ve seen is about the migrants – good for Austria and very good for the Pope!

    Still working my way through Hillary’s Hard Choices – finding it ironic how many of my anti-Hillary friends happen to share core beliefs with her. Of course they deny she holds those – or any – core beliefs which sort of shuts down most conversations before they get started on the occasions politics come up. sigh. Oh well, we can all agree we need to get a Dem in the White House and Congress back. Trump at least is being very good about bringing the “take my ball and go home” Dems back into the fold.

    Sending white light energy to princesspat and RonK. Change is constant. Change may be good or bad or even both. Change is always stressful. {{{HUGS}}} to all in Moosylvania.

  8. Good heavens. Am not sure this campaign will go very far but have often been wrong in the past

    After exceeding his $1 million crowd-funding goal, Harvard Law School professor Larry Lessig announced today on “This Week” that he is running for president.

    “I think I’m running to get people to acknowledge the elephant in the room,” he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “We have to recognize — we have a government that does not work. The stalemate, partisan platform of American politics in Washington right now doesn’t work.”

    If elected, he says he will be the first “referendum president,” promising to serve only as long as it takes to pass his Citizens Equality Act of 2017 — a bill aimed at reforming campaign finance, voting rights, and Congressional representation. Once the bill is passed, Lessig said he would then step down, handing over the reins to his vice president.

    http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/harvard-professor-larry-lessig-running-president/story?id=33568066 bold mine

    • I have been following this a little because he is often mentioned in an Election Law news feed I follow. He is considered an expert on election laws.

      I find it interesting that he thinks Bernie Sanders has been insufficiently pure on election law fixes! This seems to be a primary season with single issue (or highly-focused issue) candidates: Bernie with income inequality and no foreign policy, Jim Webb with the plight of white male Southerners and willful ignorance of history, Martin O’Malley with Martin O’Malley’s candidacy and an unarticulated vision of what that means, and now Larry Lessig with election law reform and nothing else.

      Don’t get me wrong, election law reform is important. Without honest elections, the rest of it is meaningless because we will no longer be a representative democracy. But single issue candidates like Lessig, by definition, have no interest in winning over a majority of the people by creating coalitions with diverse interests. It is not a path to electoral victory or a good outcome for shared governance.

  9. Good morning, meese! Monday …

    It is 73 degrees in Madison, on its way up to 79. Storms have been rumbling through since about 1am, at times fierce. The last morning wave passed through about 45 minutes ago but we will have isolated thunderstorms all day and into tomorrow. It will bring more typical fall weather and I am all for that.

    Happy Labor Day! If there is one holiday that has truly progressive roots it is Labor Day. I expect that a future Republican president would rename it Thank Your Boss That You Have A Damn Job Day, much like Gov. Paul LePage (R-Maine) tried to remove all vestiges of labor in Maine. Another reason to not let a Republican gain the White House … and for crying out loud, Mainers, stop electing Paul LePage!!! (another example of a third party purity candidate destroying a state … me me me more important than ME ME ME).

    Not much news today since I am not following news stories that talk about Trump’s candidacy or presidential prospects. I am not foolishly assuming that Republicans will come to their senses (there really is no sense to be found!) but the pundits seem to have let themselves get sidetracked by the early polls. I think that right now Dumb is the anti-Obama who is the most intelligent person we have had in the White House in my lifetime. So Dumb and Racist is a backlash against smart and black and Dumb Racist and Mean is a backlash against smart, black and caring. Once everyone gets that out of their system, we will proceed to a normal primary season. Trump will lose Iowa to one of the religiousists, probably Ben Carson, lose New Hampshire to one of the Wall Street Republicans, probably John Kasich, win South Carolina where Dumb Racist and Mean is a majority and that will be Peak Donald.

    I am scraping up as many of Labor Day speeches as I can find and will post them as comments in the President’s Weekly Address.

    Now, I must go labor. See all y’all later!!

  10. Good morning, Meese. It will be in the nineties here for a few days, then the eighties, and then we shall see.

    Since it’s labor day, here’s the beginning of a Union song that I have always loved:

    When the union’s inspiration through the workers’ blood shall run
    There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun
    Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one
    For the Union makes us strong

    Solidarity forever, solidarity forever
    Solidarity forever
    For the Union makes us strong ,,,,


    • That is a particularly stirring tribute to labor. The Solidarity Singers at the Capitol in Madison sang a variation of that during the protests in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. I was there a couple of times … in solidarity!

      Bonus clip showing the singers getting arrested.

  11. Good morning, Moosekind! Another lovely but rainless day here in NoVa—dear Goddess, I am so ready for autumn—59 F. going for a high of 90 F. Had a wonderful visit with Elder Son and DIL last night, held the new baby for a while, then let Auntie-from-Santa-Barbara have a turn.

    Trying not to pay attention to the polls but it’s difficult. Still following the refugee crisis in Europe. The Pope has offered to shelter two Syrian families in the Vatican. Wonder how that’s going to work.

    Still trying to get rid of stuff on Craig’s list but getting people to pick up stuff is so difficult. Sooner or later the downsizing will happen, though. Wishing a good day to all!

    • Austria has ended the emergency measures that opened the borders and will start transitioning to a more orderly migration plan. The pope has also asked every parish to shelter a family!

      I hope they can find a way to end the misery in Syria. You can’t move an entire people out of their country to a safe place. We need to find a way to make their home safe.

    • You can safely ignore the polls.

      In August 2007, Rudy Giuliani was leading, in August 2011, Rick Perry was leading. Many of the polls we are seeing are also online polls which are not very reliable and polls taken with landlines which skew old, white, and angry (it is extremely expensive to poll cellphones and that won’t happen until much deeper in the primary season).

  12. Hola Meese

    Just finished giving both dogs baths – so am now going to take a break.

    Happy Labor Day to all. Kudos to POTUS

    Obama adds another worker benefit: paid sick leave

    President Obama plans to use Labor Day to announce a new step toward increased benefits for workers — ordering companies that do business with the government to provide paid sick leave for their employees.

    The move, which Obama plans to announce with labor leaders in Boston, adds to a series of executive actions Obama has taken and comes as Congress resists legislation to change labor conditions and pay to cover all private-sector workers.

    • He will be speaking shortly in Boston to announce that and to talk about the other initiatives that his administration has proposed and which have been blocked. Apparently Massachusetts, or at least Boston, has implemented many of those pro-worker initiatives.

      The Livestream begins at 11am Eastern. Here is the link (I also put it in the Labor Day Weekly Address post and will post a transcript there when it is available):

  13. Good morning, 51 and partly cloudy in Bellingham today. My bags are packed but I’m not ready to go. I want to fall into my book and not come out! However, I’m supposed to be a grown up ::::sigh:::::

    Two of Emma K’s (Ron’s mom) favorite sayings are in my mind this morning…..

    “Keep your chin up and keep smiling” and “That’s the way the cookie crumbles”

    Wise words, so I’ll do my best to carefully carry on. As always, I appreciate all of your kind and supporting thoughts.

    • Holding the good thought. It’s over 26 years since my mother passed and all I can say is you’d don’t ever “get over” it but after a while you get used to i.

      • Heat index of 105 at 1420 CDT this Labor Day in Fay., AR. I’m impatiently waiting for the promised cool front (with rain) that supposed to move through early Wednesday morning. Baked cinnamon muffin bread yesterday and made stock this morning. Nice to be able to spread things out over the 3rd day :)

        Just finished the chapter in Hard Choices where Hillary describes all the behind the scenes attempts to deal with the Syrian crisis – every even vaguely possible international diplomatic avenue to stop what we are now seeing from happening was blocked by Russia. sigh.

        Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday – thank a union member – presupposing you got a holiday. {{{HUGS}}}

        • I did not get a holiday but my clients did and that works the same for me. It gives me an extra day to either catch up or pause to catch my breath. I did the latter, not very productive but I did get my tasks organized for the new week.

          The cool front is headed your way!

  14. A quick good morning to all Meese. Am runni8ng very late. Labor Day is over so guess that means summer is over.

    Hope lit will be a good day for all creatures, great and small, on our planet and any others out there.

    • You got to be first in today! I started my comment at about 4:15am but I had to set it aside to get some work done on some of my clients computers before they started work.

      Have a great day, Portlaw!

  15. Good morning, meeses! Monday Tuesday …

    It is 73 degrees in Madison, on its way up to 76. Thunderstorms are in the forecast as the front finishes moving through to cool us down.

    Deadender Kim Davis has filed legal challenges to her incarceration, a sentence imposed for defying the Supreme Court (SCOTUS is not the boss of her!!). Even Fox News hosts are calling her legal battle “ridiculously stupid“. I almost feel sorry for her, duped into being the poster child for the religious right’s fundraising activities. I understand that there will be a big rally today sponsored by the Huckster to promote his candidacy, er, press for her release.

    The president spoke in Boston reminding folks which party values labor and which party wants to exploit it. All the Democratic presidential candidates were in Iowa giving Democratic speeches.

    Hillary Clinton refuses to play the press’ game regarding the emails. Here is the best reply I have seen to people who say she should just apologize and it will “all go away”:

    The laughable notion that Hillary is somehow responsible for failing to quell the email story is a form of political gaslighting. As we wrote in a recent post:

    Hillary’s detractors want to see her grovel. They will hammer away at the email faux-scandal until they get what they want. And they will blame her for it if they don’t.

    How many times will we hear the media and commentariat accuse Hillary of “allowing” the email story to drag on? How often will we hear them criticize her for “not putting it to rest?”

    What a farce. Hillary can no more stop these people from obsessing over the emails than she can stop the sun from rising tomorrow.

    If not the email story, it would be the Foundation, if not the Foundation, some other fabricated scandal would be cooked up and subjected to the maddening process where reporters and pundits make news then “objectively” report on it.


    See all y’all later!

    • Haters have been after Hillary since Barbara Jordan pegged her for the Nixon impeachment legal team. They hated her for her work for women, children, and families when she was in the Governor’s Mansion, in the White House, in the Senate, and as Secretary of State. I am appalled at how many supposedly on our team have joined the Haters but that’s neither here nor there. They won’t be satisfied unless/until she is either crucified or burned as a witch – and maybe not then.

      Hillary knows better than to apologize for something that not only wasn’t illegal, it wasn’t even against policy at the time. She had a secure server – more secure actually than the .gov (none of the emails on her server were released by any of the hackers) – that she used for both personal and public purposes, partly because of a potential overlap in the two which in my little piddly governmental service way I also did when I was an elected official for the County.

      • I am fed up to here (::hand up over my eyebrows::) with the media’s presentation of this. One report depicts the email investigation as a “stumble” by her campaign. No it is not … the email investigation is a partisan witch hunt that the press is reporting as something when it is a nothingburger.

        This whole “Hillary should not have exposed herself to attacks” meme comes dangerously close to the “she should not have been walking down a dark street at night” victim blaming that we hear all too often. She is NOT to blame that there are people in the press who want to keep this a story for their own purposes or that the New York Times is willing to write a story about it whenever a Republican whispers in their ear. I hope the backlash comes back to bite them when enough people see what is really going on: the Republicans hate strong women, they hate strong liberal women even more and they really really hate strong liberal women who have a pretty good chance of being President of the United States of America.

        • Yup. The HillaryMen pegged it – the RWNJs hate strong wimmen and they want an apology and some groveling to show she’s subservient. And the media is owned by these yahoos. Just wish our team would quit believing the crap.

          • Well, she apologized. Not too long after, this was Tweeted as a joke:

            @jesseberney: Why Won’t Hillary Clinton Apologize for Not Apologizing Sooner

            And then someone at WaPo actually said it .. not as satire!! They will not give up hounding her but at least she can point to the apology and hope it embarrasses the press. HAHAHA! As if.

  16. G’Morning Meese folks

    Was glad to see this news – it was buried in my news feed

    Latino Groups Hold Anti Trump Rally

    DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Groups representing the local Latino community gathered in downtown Dallas on Monday for a rally against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Organizers referred to the event as ‘Un Dia Sin Trump,’ or ‘A Day Without Trump.’

    The rally was coordinated by Accion America, the Latino Votes Project and other Latino groups and businesses. It took place outside of Dallas City Hall.

    Mexican recording artist Diana Reyes and civil rights activist Carlos Quintanilla were in attendance, along with mariachis and folkloricos, according to a news release distributed Monday by Accion America.

    The release called Monday’s rally “an angry response by the Mexican community in particular, Latinos in general, to the racist hate-based message aimed at the Mexican immigrant community promoted by Donald Trump.” Rally leaders seek to organize Latino voters in a war against Trump at the polls next year.

    Latino Votes Project

    • I am glad that these insults are engaging Latino voters and I hope that Trumpulism is waking a sleeping giant. There are pretty much no demographic groups besides old white people and Wall Streeters who the Republicans don’t diss.

      We need to do our part to remind those groups that it is not just Trump … it is the Republican Party. The next wave of front runners should not get a free pass when/if the Trump circus folds its tent.

      • Hillary’s been doing a very good job of linking the ideas of Trump to the Party of Trump. I believe the phrase she uses is “just Trump without the pizzazz – or the hair” – it fits well on a bumper sticker :)

  17. Good morning, Meese! It’s another sunny day in NoVa, the identical twin of yesterday. In our area the day after Labor Day is known as “Terrible Traffic Tuesday.”

    Although I’m glad for the increased personal time, I felt a pang this morning—DIL is taking Miss Pink Cheeks for her first day of school (she’s in the first grade), and Younger Son is taking Babylicious to day care. So I won’t see either of the children today.

    The news is too depressing to contemplate, so I won’t. Have to concentrate on cleaning up my office. Still trying to sell the baby equipment. Wishing all at the Pond and Beyond a good day!

    • Why are you getting rid of the baby equipment? Has Babylicious outgrown it? Won’t you need it when he comes to visit or if you need to do emergency child care?

      I hope you are not too lonely and find more enjoyable things to do than just clean your office. :)

  18. Hi – sorry I missed the weekend. I really should just change my password. I keep trying to remember it, and I look at the screen when I log in here at work & can’t imagine what I would have come up with that has that number of characters….

    Walked 1.4 miles, it’s 78 & muggy. Weirdly, my earworm for the past several days has been Carole King’s Jazz Man; which I doubt I’ve heard since those days in the 70s when it was everywhere. It isn’t one of her songs that gets played a lot, like You’ve Got a Friend or Natural Woman. I know why I have it, someone on a U2 fanpage called Adam “sexy jazz man”, but why my brain remembered that song & has been playing it all weekend….

    Weird work week. I’m here today, taking tomorrow off then working Thurs & Fri. The guys from AIDS Services want to interview me, and take pictures of all the t-shirts from all the walks. And another follow up on my skin cancer thing — this one is the plastic surgeon, not the dermatologist. My nose still hasn’t settled all the way down, but it will.

    • If you need help with access, let me know. You can always leave a comment without logging in by just entering a username and an email address (will not display) with the comment. It is how new people find us.

  19. Happy Tuesday or something – was 75 at 0600, is 82 with heat index of 88 at 0920 CDT – the cool front is expected sometime around my bedtime although the rain may get here first. I hope. The ground is hard as a rock. I watered yesterday but only the new hazelnuts bushes, the cherry tree, the Bradford pear, and the garden box with the rosebush and lavender. I may or may not have a small herd of goats visiting my yard tomorrow to clear the brush off my fence line – goats don’t like getting wet so it will depend on the weather.

    I haven’t checked the news yet – probably don’t want to – truly ironic how much of what I’m reading in Hard Choices is pertinent to what’s hitting the headlines right now. sigh. Hope every one in the Moose Pond is doing well. {{{HUGS}}}

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