Trump did not “hijack” the Republican Party

And “movement conservatives” planning a third-party, featuring a conservative candidate to rally around in November, will find that there is actually no single candidate who appeals to the disparate factions that were cobbled together to create the modern Republican Party.

The Modern Republican Party’s Mask Removed
Sparing you an image of the hideousness of the visage that lay beneath it.

The problem that Erick Son of Erick and his compatriots will run up against is that the Republican Party is shattering not splitting and the groups that the GOP has brought together under their aegis – nativists, racists, misogynists. religious extremists, tenthers, teapartiers – have no common identity except their hatred of People Not Like Them.

The men who used to run the party, the “establishment wing”, are horrified to discover that the rabble they attracted with racist dog whistles now want one of their own – “Give us the vulgarian!!”, they are shouting. The #NeverTrump’ers crying over the debasing of their party are risible; the Republican “identity” was an illusion, a mask covering up a hideous visage. Trump did not hijack “their” party, he simply pulled away the mask that the GOP has been putting over their pustule-ridden face since 1968. Purdy, ain’t it?

When the Party That Should Never Be Called The Party of Lincoln pick around in the detritus left over from the November election, it is anyone’s guess what they will find to build on.

All I know for certain is that we Democrats need to focus on our party and our presidential candidate and win back the Senate and the House so that our coalition, the Obama coalition, can finish the work started in 2009.