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Morning meese…I know I haven’t been around much and plan on fixing that here shortly. I guess I’ve taken my getting axed from that place where the sun only seems to rise for the purists a little harder than expected. So as long as everyone bears with me for a little longer you’ll see more of my obstinate and sunny personality.

We knew coming into this mess that has been created by bigotry,misogyny,racism,lackadaisicalness, and stupidity, from the electorate as a whole and the untrustworthy of those on the left that voted for someone of the caliber of Jill Stein who stated Tuesday…”Why would we have a tie on such an egregious nominee? Because Democrats serve corporate interests”, that it was going to be an up hill battle. Well yesterday was a VERY bright spot in our stopping Dump and his agenda of divisiveness.

So since I fought this format for a week you all are getting a smorgasbord, which when it comes down to it isn’t any different than I always do…lol…and as always I’ll end up with the woman that brought us all together…Thanks…Love ya all!




The last weeks have brought some cheering news: Many Americans are determined to defend their democracy against Donald Trump.


Trump has endangered every American dog and cat (yours included) and removed your right to know about it

Had to put this tweet in…I give it an 11 on a scale of 1-10 and had me ROFLMFAO

Another for your enjoyment since today is TGIF..

Here she is…Our champion…The woman with more smarts and  backbone than DJT will ever have…

JanF…Thank you for allowing us to storm your doors…Means a lot to us..

My thanks as always to WYgalinCali…

Well that’s all folks…Have fun reading and have a great weekend.





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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


  1. Ahhhh, good to see a fine Batch post! Man, I’ve missed them! Lots to re-read and mull over. Thank you, Sir!

  2. {{{Batch}}} – great diary, as usual. Healing Energy, lots and lots of it. Just checking in for the moment – got to deal with work stuff (and the community needs stuff at DK) but will be back as soon as I can.

  3. We love you, Batch! Thanks for the great Village roundup, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I see that at the Other Place, the Village diaries are getting fewer and fewer readers. I think we’ve been politically corrected to the point of mass migration. So appreciate Jan’s giving all of us a nice, cozy home!

    We hope to hear good news from you later, Batch, after your visit to the hospital.

    Very sorry to have missed Reese’s pieces yesterday. Things were frantic around here, what with extra grandparenting duties involving driving children to and from school and day care (parents are down with ‘flu), visits to the dentist, and stuff like that.

    Again—we love YOU, we love Reese, and everyone else who has joined in the great stampede to Moose country!

    • Yeah PTB at DK have almost gotten their wish…StarbuckGirl and bfritzinAR are pretty much holding down the fort there…oh jabberwoky too…Thanks Batch for the great post…have go get my coffee and come back to read…

      • SJohnson continues to do an awesome evening thread. I noticed there wasn’t an afternoon thread yesterday so assume it’s down to twice a day.

        • Intermittent as to how many there are. Wednesday morning nobody did one, so I basically copied the Resistance Toolkit out of SJohnson’s previous Evening Edition and plunked it out there – but SBG put out an afternoon hangout. (MomentaryGrace is going to do double duty on Wednesdays – here and at DK) Basically folks who were on the schedule are still publishing on schedule. Truthfully, we only need 2 a day and could probably do just one if it came down to it – simply because the comment load has fallen so much.

          It’s not just that DK bojo’d or otherwise “punished” Village writers for being Hillary supporters with its chill on everybody, those writers were also generators of rather long conversation threads so with them gone, those conversations just aren’t happening. Community is the only thing that’s going to save DK from going the way of previous extremist sites, if it’s possible to save it at all, because that’s the direction the politics is going. I’m so glad we have the Moose Pond!

          • I was really getting on their nerves and folks was looking for a reason… that’s why i went solo with that last diary. The thanks for everything had a double meaning as discussions with chris days prior via twitter comcluded with “this will get you banned… too hot, sit on this one.

            Eight days after getting my honorary poison emblem, Stein attacks dems… proving my point and vindication was achieved.

            I’m satisfied here and at and twitter is so much fun (thanks Starbucks for putting me on last summer!) Blogging supposed to be fun, not stressful or intimidating… and i will leave it at that.

          • {{{rto}}} – you gave them facts they didn’t, and still don’t, want to hear. They nailed Batch for simply ending his diaries with pictures of Hillary. That was all the “proof” they needed that our writers were Hillary worshipers continually “relitigating the primaries” and being divisive at a time when we all need to work together (apparently a euphemism for do and say what we tell you) to defeat the R-administration.

            The pootie diaries and my community needs things are the reasons I’m still there. Should by some tragedy the first fail and miracle the second no longer be needed…

  4. Good morning, Meese, and thank you, Batch! I hope your trip to the VA is boring…as in, no big medical emergencies, just a simple explanation for your swollen ankle.

    I spent the better part of last night watching, in awe, the crowds at Jason Chaffetz townhall. Someone on Twitter was effectively live-blogging it, and the vocal citizens of SLC had me cheering at home. The questions were pointed, clear, and specific; the answers not so much, but the crowd let him know when he was failing. It was inspiring, and while it got raucous on occasion, (through my biased eyes at least) it never reached the level of hate and ugliness that we’ve seen from the Tea Party days or the rallies of 45.

    I did, however, discover the downside of retweeting with an observation of my own. My comment was well-received, but with over 20,000 views and almost 600 retweets, I’ve had to put my phone on mute so I’m not listening to it chirp every time I receive a notification!

          • I have a true, almost under a moose story.

            In the 1960’s the father of a family that lived next to us in Idaho was a trapper. He spent many nights camping out when checking his trap lines. One night he camped out by a creek in the mountains. At dawn, he was gently awakened by a downy-soft nuzzling on his forehead. He opened his eyes and found himself staring back into the eyes of a giant cow moose. he did what any red blooded mountain man would do in similar circumstances, and “squealed like a little girl” (his words). This startled the moose and she blew a bucket full of moose snot all over his head before she scampered off.

          • My turn for a moose story, now that I’ve quit laughing about yours!

            When I was in HS and college, during the summers I worked as a counselor for groups going out on 2-3 week wilderness/canoe treks in the Boundary Waters of N MN and Canada. On one of these trips, I woke up in the middle of the night, because I heard something walking around outside of the tent. I listened for awhile, wondering if it was a bear (a not-uncommon occurrence), but it didn’t sound like one. Bears are notoriously loud and clumsy, and this was a plodding sound. I considered poking my head out of the tent, but I didn’t want to wake anyone else in the tent. I continued to listen, and then I felt something pushing against me through the tent wall. It felt like something was trying to spoon up against me, and since at this point I was basically paralyzed with fear, I didn’t move a muscle. Eventually, it just started feeling warm and cozy, and I fell asleep.

            The next morning, I got up convinced I had been dreaming until I got outside. There were moose tracks throughout our campsite, and the ground outside where I had been sleeping was obviously compressed by something large. I’ll never know for sure, but I’m pretty certain I spent the night with a moose spooned up against me.

          • Awesome!! The moose knew it had found a friendly soul to snuggle next to for the night. :)

            BTW: I love the Boundary Waters, only I insist on roof and walls at night, i.e. The Gunflint Lodge.

          • We had a roof and walls…they were just made of canvas! I’d have to go look at my maps to remember where we started. Someplace out of Quetico, but it’s been a “few” years, so I’d have to look it up. Crossing through customs while on the water was always a strange experience; I wonder how they handle it now?

          • yes a very big lake…so big that when my brother in law first saw it swore it was the ocean and had to taste it to be sure…we always fished on Red Lake though because Lake of the Woods was too big for our little boat…between Lake of the Woods and Red Lake was one huge bog…it took years to build a road through it as the logs they laid keep sinking…very wild country up there even now…

  5. Thanks for all the support….makes me feel needed…Not that I’m not getting that…:)…So, I’m back home already which shocks the hell out of me. They’ve made the VA here in Tampa much better..Doctor had me get X-rays and blood work…No structural damage in ankle or foot …Inflammation and Arthritis was the diagnosis…Blood work came back clear…Doc said I am as healthy as Mr Ed….So you all needn’t worry…
    I guess I need to search for this illusive check more thoroughly…Thank you for the save Jan!

    • Gal to hear you are home with a pretty decent diagnosis. Arthritis is no fun but nearly inevitable for some of us as time wanders by. You elevating the swollen appendage? {{{{{Batch}}}}}

    • {{{Batch}}} – Glad you’re home. Even more glad the VA has improved and the Dx is not bad. Inflammation responses well to ice or cool compresses. Arthritis responds well to heat or warm compresses. You got both, alternate the cool and warm compresses. Healing Energy and moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • From your keyboard… – although at this point I’m not sure there is a deity out there willing to do an intervention for America right now. We need to ramp up the acts of Loving Kindness.

    • In any other administration, I’d say yes. But ever since we entered topsy-turvy world, I’ve given up any form of prognostication. I’m still grappling with the fact that Republicans seem to have no problem with us being a Russian satellite nation. Evan McMullin is the only R I’ve heard making consistent noises about the Russians, and he’s on the outside looking in, along with the rest of us.

  6. Gracias amigo Batch excellent job as always. Now that we have Josef Mengele as DHHS Sec. maybe we can elect a Dem in his district.

    • That’s not the whole story!!

      Pernick and other young activists stormed a closed-door party meeting late last year in Westland, and he ended up pressing charges against a longtime Democrat and labor leader for alleged assault. He moved to drop those charges last week and said his group is not planning any similar demonstrations this weekend.

      Early last month, the Michigan Democratic Party State Central Committee (DSCC) met to choose its delegates to the Democratic National Committee [full disclosure: I am a DSCC member]. The afternoon of the meeting, the Chair of the Young Democrats of Michigan Sam Pernick spoke to a group of Senator Sanders and Jill Stein supporters in the hallway outside of the meeting room, telling them that “backroom deals” were being made behind closed doors and “that wasn’t right.” He then led his followers into the meeting chanting “Whose party? OUR Party!”, disrupting the meeting that was already underway. What Pernick didn’t realize was that he was leading the group, not into the DSCC meeting but, rather, into a closed meeting of the MDP Labor Caucus who had the room reserved just prior to the DSCC meeting itself. UAW leader Mike Stone grabbed Pernick by the jacket and pushed him back out the door.

  7. Hello All, you don’t know me but I know you – have been following the Village assiduously for seems like forever. So glad to have found you all again. Signed, your lurking supporter Anna T.

    • Hi, annat!

      You have been set up with a user account so that you can join in and comment. Watch for an email from “wordpress at” with your account and password. You can continue to post using just your screen name and email but any comments will go to moderation and you will not see them right away. Plus you can’t “Fierce” (like) the posts and comments!!


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