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Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

With Love from the Land of the Absurd:

It’s all DoReMI’s fault. Tuesday’s post was a wonderful collection of political cartoons, including a very appropriate one from none other than Theodor Seuss Geisel, the one and only Dr. Seuss. I learned to read on Seuss books and always loved the good doctor’s gentle absurdity.

And lo and behold, as I pondered what to do for today’s Hump Day Free For All, my brain churned, coughed and sputtered and produced this. I offer it with love, with all props and respect to the Master, and with the blessing of Eris. And now…

The Next Thing I Knew by MomentaryGrace

One day I was walking, enjoying the view
Thinking some thoughts about which one, or who
Might take over the reins from our Wise Prez, Obama
I thought maybe someone quite bright, like my Mama

Someone who could think, and could hear, and defend
All the children, the women, boys, girls and men,
Someone with a heart who would listen and care
But someone with smarts who would learn and prepare

It wouldn’t be easy, to follow Four Four
He was quite a cool fellow and sure knew the score!
To battle obstruction from obstructors who
Had other ideas about what we should do

Ideas like big tax breaks for those who had lots
And not so much help for Moms and Pops with small tots.
They’d have to be hearty, whoever we chose
To face any problem that ever arose

They’d need to know stuff that a Prez needs to know
And care about people, and not just for show.
And there was a person I thought I might know
Who seemed to just fit, be the right one to go!

This person was smart and this person was wise
This person had patience and fire in their eyes
But this person was different than we’d had before
For this was a she and a her and much more.

We’d only had hims, though some hims had been fine
(And some not so much but that happens, at times),
It seemed like we’d only let hims try the test
Maybe shes could do as good, or maybe do best.

It seemed like I wasn’t the only one thinking that
Some other folks liked the idea right off the bat
Now, not everybody, but still, quite a few
If it was enough, well then, that’s what we’d do.

The more it was something we might end up doing
The more pleased I got with the idea a-brewing
So did many others, so many, we thought
This Her would be perfect for that new Prez spot.

For She had been working for quite a long while
To show how a Village could help raise a child
And show that although in the past some opposed,
All persons were persons, not just these and those.

We did all we could to persuade lots of others
That this was the right time for mothers, not brothers
To just take the reins for a while and do well…
But then somehow everything just went to hell!!

Some cried “EMAILS!” and recounted old stories
That just weren’t true but they caused tons of worries
That other guy running just seemed to tell lies
And some folks believed them and not their own eyes.

It didn’t make sense, but before I could gasp
That orange faced liar had our land in his grasp!
One minute we thought we’d be happy with Her
But the next thing I knew all that turned to a blur

The next thing I knew our new Prez was a Drump
Could it be, he’d be taking us down in a slump?
There was only one thing we could even consider
We had to Resist to have hope of much better.

With no time to cry or lay down for a rest
We had to start calling and march and protest
We’ll have to help out and do all that each can
To save what we can from that orange spray tan

To let all his cronies who brought this to pass
Know now, and next week that this bad stuff can’t last
We won’t let them do everything that they wanna
We’ll fight and be brave, just like Her, and Obama.

So that’s how it happened, the next thing I knew
That’s how we got here, and the rest’s up to you
If you think a person’s a person, and more
If you can help fight and Resist that old bore

We’ll work very hard and we’ll help out each other
To fight for good causes and support all our mothers
And also our brothers and sisters and friends
And what we all love we’ll defend to the end.

February 22, 2017
all illustrations are Theodor Geisel’s, used with love and respect

Thank you for your patience. Love and peace, Village! Enjoy your Wednesday gathering.

We are #StrongerTogether

We are #TheResistance and #WePersist

All are welcome!

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I voted for the Democrat in every election since 1976. I appreciate honesty, kindness and courage. I loathe cruelty and indifference. I am Discordian. I mean you no harm. But if you are cruel, or indifferent, I may point and laugh. #stillwithher.


  1. Momentary Grace, I’m in awe. Well done! Dr. Seuss would be proud. May I share with others not from the Pond?

    • Good morning, inkaudlay! Of course you are welcome to share! Thank you for the comment, I’m kind of pleased myself. I would have shared it over at DK, but verse doesn’t format properly over there. Too bad. ;)

  2. My latest pledge to myself was to avoid political social media first thing in the morning, in an attempt to start my day without the angst that has plagued my mornings for the past month. I failed in that pledge this morning…and I’m very glad I did. What a lovely and fun reminder of why I voted for Her and why I must keep standing tall and loud for those principles. I’m starting my day with a positive (rhythmic) step. Thank you!

    • DoReMI, you are truly welcome, and you’ve only yourself to thank! :D You put me in mind of Geisel and it was a good mind to be in. ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Absolutely loved this, Momentary Grace! It’s the most fun I’ve had in weeks.You’re brilliant! And how nice to know that someone else recognizes that Eris walks among us, indeed has been among us for quite some time. So few seem to know the Goddesses of Olympus.

    At any rate, this Woden’s Day morning will be busy as usual, but I’m hoping for some peace and quiet this afternoon.

    • I’m so happy to have lifted your spirits! Mission Accomplished! ;) Hope your activities go well and your peace arrive on schedule. ♥♥♥♥♥

      When our world is awash with chaotic evil, it’s easy to forget that its true counterbalance isn’t always lawful, but rather, chaotic good. Fnord!

  4. {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – this is wonderful. you got the cadence just right and you definitely got the tale just right. Dr. Seuss is America’s guru, lama, or great teacher – and sometimes America actually listens. :)

    In the BC cartoon – Love the chaotic good idea. Not in their personas necessarily, but in their personalities my sons are chaotic good (the elder) and lawful good (the younger whose 43rd birthday is today). I’m not going to be so silly as to say “we got this” – but I will say “we’re getting this”. And we’re determined to persist and resist until we do get it. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • Thank you bfitzinAR! The thing about Seussian is once you start rolling, it’s quite hard to stop. You find you keep rhyming, from bottom to top! Er, uh, well… see what I mean? ;)

      I blame/credit DoReMI for this, for evoking my inner Seuss. Here’s a story: when I was in elementary school, probably first grade or so, someone went around our neighborhood, door to door, selling subscriptions to Seuss books! We happened to be visiting with our next-door-neighbor, who watched me after school for a while since my mom was a single working mom, and a teacher.

      I remember that the neighbor mom pooh-poohed the Seuss books and said she was getting her kids an encyclopedia or something more “serious”. I got the Seuss books. ;)

      We had plenty of “serious” books in the house, kids level and above books about science and nature in particular, and lots of National Geographics Mom got from someone who had a subscription. But the Seuss books were fun and the lessons weren’t too obvious to dampen that. I loved them and have loved absurd poetry and humor ever since. So, pooh-pooh, neighbor!

      Of all the traditional (hee) D&D alignments, Chaotic Good is the least understood and was always the one I identified most with. I have a fairly strong “lawful” side, and can be methodical to the point of OCD, but fun and play are the saviors of my soul and keep me human, as well as from despair.

      Happy birthday to your Paladin son! And merry Unbirthday to the elder. ;D

      Persist, Resist, and carry on my wayward sons and daughters!

      • Well, DoReMI’s post did definitely bring him up – like Daughter Moon finding a hidden path out of the swamp. And yes, once you get into that rhythm it’s almost hard to stop. (Elder son will hit 46 next month – and has been a D & D DM since he was about 11.) My mother was of the opinion that one should keep “educational” books like encyclopedias and such around the house for kids to explore at their own pace but that the best educational books were the ones that weren’t “educational” – like Dr. Seuss. :)

      • {{{basket}}} – I don’t know how awesome I am. My mother was – I most certainly have never reached her standard on that. Of course she did live with us for most of the 10 years I was single-parenting which does make a difference. But I love them and am proud of them and continue trying to do my best. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • {{{rto}}} – 65 heading for 75 here today (we are expected to get winter back for the weekend) – but global warming’s a Chinese hoax, right? (Why Chinese I wonder. Probably to distract from the Russians who want the oil under what will soon be the melted Arctic ice cap.)

  5. Thank you, Grace. I absolutely love the poem. My daughter grew up with me reading the Dr. Seuss stories to her and you did them justice indeed. We may not quite have it yet, but we’re getting there.

    • Thank you WYgalinCali! I’m pleased that justice was done. :) I think we are doing what we can do, and frankly the reactions to this “situation” have astonished me. So, one gobsmack for the election results, and another for the thundering pushback! Anything I can do in my own generally silly way to fuel that, I’m going to do! ♥♥♥♥♥

    • Thank you, basket! Banners are pretty fun, I do them for my clients’ mailing list send-outs, so it’s nice to get to make them for non-work and more personal use! ;)

    • {{{Batch}}} – hope things are going well (at least as well as can be expected) with you. And yes, Grace definitely did Dr. Seuss justice – I think he’s probably applauding wherever he is at the moment.

      • {{{{fitz}}}}…Things are going……Planning soon to take a cross country road trip as soon as my son and I get our house sold…Might even stop off in AR…:)..He’s got this dream of moving to NZ and I can’t say I blame him too much….
        If someone gave me Gracie’s impersonation of Dr. Seuss I’d say it came from the beyond becasue it definitely is as good.

        • If you and your family can manage the immigration requirements, go for it. I dreamed of immigrating there after Momma died but was stuck in the “catch-22” of needing to have a job/contract for work there but not being able to go there to find one. (As a teacher by trade in those days, I submitted applications to over 100 schools. Most of them liked my training and said to contact them for an interview when I got there…) I probably wouldn’t have been able to bring myself to move away from my sons anyway.

          I’d love to see you/meet you face to face should you come through Fayetteville, but we’re really not on the way to anywhere. From where you are you’re much more likely to go through Houston where you can meet Grace and Vonster. (If you do, give them hugs from me, please.)

          Dr. Seuss was a sneaky educator. The cadence of his work was as close to music as you can get with the spoken word and like music it carries the message into the subconscious mind. Somebody once wrote that “Life is a song for singing” and he was very good at singing that song. Those of us who learned from him always recognize it and sometimes can sing it too. :)

          • I’m not going…I’m moving to CA…While it might be nice in NZ I think I’ll stay in the country I was born in.

          • CA is sort of another country at this point — the town hall with my congressman was both inspiring and sobering. Democrats hold fewer offices across the country than at any time since Hoover — EXCEPT in CA. It’s hard to get a grasp on.

            What part of the state are you thinking about, BATCH?

          • Underrated city IMO! The only problem with it AFAIC is the weather — it just gets too damn hot for my taste. But you are close to the Bay Area and there are some nice little towns around there to explore too.

            Congratulations! I think you’ll like it here!


    This article, which continues the “let’s talk to Trump supporters” pattern we keep seeing, is remarkable. For the most part, these aren’t the RWNJ types with whom a reasonable conversation is impossible. These are just folks who are living in a bubble of privilege and are blithely carrying on with their safe, unchallenged lives. I wonder if they will remain incurious and unconcerned about their fellow Americans as the Republican administration’s policies start taking hold. Will they object to the higher cost of food when it is rotting, unharvested in the fields? Will they object when streams are fouled, and there is no legal recourse to ensure they are cleaned by the polluters? It’s hard to see what will cause them to turn on 45 if they’ve embraced him post-election.

    • As we’ve been reminded many times, Trump didn’t come out of nowhere, he’s the extreme but not illogical progression of GOP world view and values. It makes sense, for example, that people who have embraced the idea that making money is the best thing for them, to think “The Art of the Deal” Donald (they don’t know he didn’t really write the book) will help them get further with their quest towards wealth. If you buy books about how to make money, and don’t realize all those books do is make money for the author, you might embrace a Trump.

      I guess it’s easier for them to believe all the criticisms are overblown. They want to be right, so they can selectively ignore the warnings about Russian collusion and all the rest.

      • Exactly. He is the unrestrained Id of the Republican Party. And the Republican Party is what it is because it molds itself to appeal to its voters. This is what they want. Why is that such a difficult concept for people to understand? Furthermore, Republicans had other options in their Primary, they chose (correct me if I’m wrong: overwhelmingly) Trump. He was what they wanted. They decided on him. This is not a hard concept.

        If nothing he did while campaigning turned them off, why would anything he’s doing now give them pause? He’s simply acting on his campaign promises.

        More and more it appears there are larger trends at play, for example Canada, the UK and the US are all following similar patterns of behaviour when it comes to politics.

        It appears that ~30% of the population doesn’t vote. Why? Can society sustain such social loafing? How are people so complacent and apathetic, especially given how hard some people had to fight for voting rights.

        ~30% of the population is liberal and ~30% is conservative. Why? How are these percentages so well balanced? Are there really 3 types of people out there? Liberal, Conservative, Apathetic? Because when it comes down to elections, such as Brexit and USA 2016 there was a pretty close division of half the voting population for the other half against. It just seems a little too pat for me. Is it cultural? Biological? Lizard people?

        Then there are the voting patterns. Why is it so hard to get a 3rd term? You would think a popular president would make voting for the same party a no brainer. Are people that reactionary that they just need to change it up after 8 years? Can they not process long term gain? Is it all just a matter of who wins the next generation of new voters? Cause the patterns show that things pretty consistently swing from left, to right then back again.

        • Hmmm some interesting questions there…not sure we’ll ever know the answer to most…about the third term though, I think that’s because people get complacent…for some people that’s all they’ve ever been aware off…they take the rights hard won for granted and some feel things are really bad not realizing how good they have it…a matter of perspective I believe…young people especially young woman and PoC will learn the hard way…

          • …and by the time they do, they won’t be young any more and we’ll have another crop… but maybe the next will have moved further forward by at least a small increment.

          • Ugh how true is that…we need to find someway to break though that apathy earlier…good teachers help but now with Devos who knows what will happen to our schools…

        • Yep those pendulum swings are quite observable. When President Obama was elected for the second time, it was possible to hope that maybe enough people were starting to catch on, however when he was elected in ’08, I remember thinking that it was going to cause a racist backlash. And it did, but apparently it had to simmer and build like a wave to overcome the rest of the country’s lean to the left?

          • More and more I think the perception of Obama has less to do with an actual revolt against what he did and more to do with a natural pattern of voters being reactionary, delusioned/complacent: aka simply irrational.

            Yes, he is well loved and admired on the left. But what if one of the big factors of his success in ’08 was just people swinging away from Bush, his war and his party? Because things dropped off for him precipitously in 2012, and Hillary’s numbers (at least among the WWC) followed the trend.

            I just don’t see any logic which can be assigned to these voting trends.

          • Not everyone is affected the same by the party in power, whether it be the President or Congress. So some will be resentful of what they’re not getting and others are and vice versa.
            Some people also get stuck in a rut and just want change for no other reason than they think change is good…But of course that “the grass ain’t always greener on the other side” kicks in and it takes someone with the gift of gab to convince those people that it isn’t which plays into my last point.
            I think the biggest problem that got Dump and even more so down ticket Cons elected is “Citizens United”…I realize that it’s been around for a little while but the Kochs and their ilk are getting return on their investment after saturating elections with their dirty money.
            And finally the MSM…Without all of the positive coverage of Dump and the negative coverage of Hillary and we have the President the country needed.

          • Even CU couldn’t have done it without the media. I keep coming back to it. 6 RW corporations own 90% of the media and influence the rest. They are not so obviously controlling things as to give a script to the talking heads – just tell them how they want something played. For Hillary it was “report every accusation as fact, do not report anything about her policies”. For Trump “report every fact as librul accusation, “normalize” his policies”.

            Haters gonna hate and misogyny will always be hard to overcome – but without the media narrative as above, we’d have won the EC by enough. Probably not as much as we wanted, probably not by even as much as pvl45 did. But enough.

        • {{{CBD}}} We have been blessed with a free society for so long that most of the population doesn’t understand how we got here. They don’t connect the ability to not have to worry about who is in charge with all the rights fought, bled, and died for. It’s like clean water coming from the tap. Of course it does. No connection in their minds about where that water came from and why is it clean. Just like we’ve been so many generations from an actual fighting war on our own territory they don’t understand that Revolution means blood and pain and death of both combatants and innocent bystanders alike – and usually ends when an interested but not participating bystander takes over after both sides are worn out. To them it’s “Casablanca” and other movies/TV shows and video games. Even if somebody on your side gets hurt, it’s not even debilitating for long – and they’re never dead.

          I do not advocate deprivation or war as an educational measure but I’ve never figured out how to educate on these particular issues without it. There must be a way, but it certainly can’t be done with any kind of education that relies on scantrons as the testing medium. And it really cannot be done in large groups (like the general sociology classes of 350 or more we teach here). I suspect it starts with infants and toddlers, teaching caring for others. Just about anything good starts with caring for others.

          • {{{shenagig}}} – thank you. I taught public school during the late ’80s and early ’90s – the disconnect even then was astonishing to me. It’s done nothing but get worse since. It’s always going to be an issue of education – but the mindset is pretty fixed long before a child starts school. Changing a mind is difficult. Changing a mindset is almost impossible. It can be done, but it takes a lot of time, energy, and small group if not one-on-one interaction.

          • yup parents got to get them while they are young…don’t have kids of my own but I can see when ever parents share their interests with kids it stays with them for life…voting was always a very big deal in my family…maybe because both sets of grandparents were immigrants…three from the Czech Republic and one from Sweden…most of them spoke very little English…to them being a citizen and being able to vote was a big deal…

          • our team (liberal progressives) carries that forward, generation after generation. For the rest, whatever the reason they couldn’t vote, the generation that gets the vote cherishes it. Their kids cherish it. usually their grandkids cherish it. But once the generation who got the franchise is out of living memory, it starts dropping off. Just like having real knowledge of deprivation or war makes a real difference in how people react to social or international issues, having a real knowledge of voting/voter suppression effects how they value voting.

        • Yeah, I especially wonder about that voting pattern — why wouldn’t you want to keep doing the thing that worked? Are some people really that shallow where they just want “change! because they are bored and entitled? Maybe they didn’t get enough positive change fast enough and couldn’t delay the gratification or something? I mean, sometimes it is hard to see the benefits of positive incremental change in your own life, and plenty of people are still having a hard time.

          • They have to believe that it’s working first. Since Obama was sworn in the RW media has been telling everybody that they were worse off, the debt and deficit were growing and so was the unemployment rate and violent crime. And also telling them that the Market was down and so was the economy. Even if they’re OK themselves, the media has convinced them that they’d have been more OK except for Obama. Even here were we managed to not go down as far as a lot of other areas strictly because of the “shovel-ready” stimulus projects we got, the folks around here swear there were no jobs created by the stimulus and it was all a fake.

            Basically the real change they voted for in 2008 happened – but they don’t believe it because they were told it didn’t. So they voted for a different change in 2016 because they were told they needed it. The power of propaganda over a truly free press.

    • {{{DoReMI}}} – nothing will cause them to turn on him because they are incapable of connecting things like immigration ban/deportations -> food rotting in the fields -> high food prices or deregulating polluters -> fouled headwaters -> poisonous tap water. Food comes from the grocery store and water comes from the tap. It’s magic.

      That is why we need to bring our non-voters to the polls and get this job done despite the Alt Right and Alt Left – and the polite deplorables living in their bubble.

      • Except have you been reading the stories about all those farmers here in CA that voted for Trump? They are so screwed if this mass deportation happens — we ALL are — and yet they somehow thought he wasn’t going to do THAT part.

        • Yeah saw a article from a Dallas paper about Texas cattle ranches being one of the first people to be affected by the trade wars stirred up by orange…Mexico is one of the largest importers of Texas beef….whether they will be able to connect the dots and put the blame where it belongs is another story all together isn’t it?

        • Most of the Trump voters didn’t think he was going to actually do anything that would hurt them. It was all stick it to the libruls, blacks, wimmin, Muslims – fill in the blank with the “other” you are against. And yes, you’d think at least the farmers who depend on immigrant labor would know better. But they didn’t in GA and AL a couple of years back – and lost millions of dollars in crops that rotted in the fields. They’ve listened to and believed so many lies over the years about criminal immigrants, welfare blacks, lazy non-white-male-workers… They believe in the strawmen that have been created just for them – so they believe the “answer” is to get rid of that non-existant strawman.

  7. Hi meeses had trouble finding this today….normally I get an email but not today and when I came to check I was mislead by the wrong date on this post…oh well I’m here now so thanks to MG for it…better than the DK post…

      • shenagig you are the only one of us awake… ;) so I corrected the date, hope that doesn’t mess with anyone’s comment links or anything! :)

          • On the one hand I don’t see how it could, the date is only text in the title, on the other other hand, if it did, it did! ;)

          • well I got the email right after you posted you had changed the title…normally it’s waiting for me when I open my email…not this time so it made me assume it did but no matter…

        • There is a “permalink” and the title itself. You can change the title but the permalink is what holds everything together so no comments are lost (and the social media trail of bread crumbs leads back to us).

          • Interesting – in the backend edit screen it looks like editing the title changes the permalink… but I can see it hasn’t changed. That’s good.

            I either need to pay more attention (der) when writing the night before, and/or maybe just use the day of the week in the title like I see other folks doing. ;) Just in case.

      • I’m not going to be able to block quote any of the article, so I’ll summarize it the best that I can.

        Essentially, the article addresses the latest RW conspiracy theory that “deep state” forces are trying to undermine the Republican administration; that is, the intelligence community and analysts are working in concert to force a coup of sorts to advance their goals “regardless of the whims or wants of elected public officials or the people at large…” The author claims, instead, that “something much more dangerous is seeking to gut our government and change the character of our society.”

        He worries more about the “shallow state.” The shallow state, “…actively eschews experience, knowledge, relationships, insight, craft, special skills, tradition, and shared values” and “…celebrates its ignorance of and disdain for those things.” He states that Trump and his supporters don’t dig for truth, but skim all forms of media for that which affirms their worldview. He also says that the reality-tv president is not a fluke but is what the public sought and is comfortable with. And he says that the further danger is that the dumbing down will continue as policy and in practice; the administration will attempt to institutionalize the decline of knowledge. It may be through such acts as eliminating funding for the NEA and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, or it may be by firing dissenters, or it may be by suppressing economic and scientific data. It is also why he attacks those who try to be truth-tellers, whether it’s the media or political opponents. All of the actions work together to reinforce know-nothing-ism as a positive and create the shallow state.

    • Wow, that article is excellent. FWIW I subscribe to FP — here are a couple bits:

      “The shallow state, on the other hand, is unsettling because not only are the signs of it ever more visible but because its influence is clearly growing. It is made scarier still because it not only actively eschews experience, knowledge, relationships, insight, craft, special skills, tradition, and shared values but because it celebrates its ignorance of and disdain for those things. Donald Trump, champion and avatar of the shallow state, has won power because his supporters are threatened by what they don’t understand, and what they don’t understand is almost everything….

      And on Trump’s proposal to defund the NEA:

      “Art is not an adornment to society. It is not a luxury. It is the purpose of society. It becomes our legacy. It is also, however, our teacher; it helps us consider that which is around us and what we want to be. It makes demands on us that in turn lead us to place demands on ourselves and those with whom we live and work. And that is precisely why these programs have been targeted by Trump.”

      • Wow I’m right there with this guy…I especially loved the quote about the arts…as far as eschewing “experience, knowledge, relationships, insight, craft, special skills, tradition, and shared values”, I unfortunately see that happening somewhat on the left as well with effort by the left to unseat everything that’s old guard whether it’s good and works or not…I saw it during the elections when they did not even know Hillary’s platform and seems to get their information on FB and other social media…I read an interview with a Clinton pollster where he said he had shown a group of young PoC a policy paper on reform of the Criminal Justice system…they raved about it saying it’s what they had wanted all along and who’s was it…Black Lives Matter’s?…they had no idea it’s was Hillary’s…sad isn’t it that they couldn’t be bothered to actually find out what she stood for…

        • Extremists at either end of the spectrum are mirror images of each other. If you are visiting places where there are a lot of berners, who are just as loud as the White Supremists, it looks like there are more of them than there are. Remember that even over at DK while they had the power because Admin is on their side to largely dismantle the Village they do not have the numbers or the ability to create a community. (In fact they wanted ours gone because they aren’t able to form a community and can only pretend they have and can by getting rid of us.)

          Check out the basic Bell Curve – the extremes put together equal about 5%. And no, the extremists are not interested in learning anything – they know it all, you see.

      • This is not new. There has always been a fight between deep state/shallow state. Despots love shallow state because it’s the only one they can win in. Progressives love deep state because it’s the only one that supports their work when they win. We’re on the downward slide towards shallow state right now and our media devices enhance that slide – but again, it’s nothing new. And our media devices will just as easily enhance the climb back towards deep state.

        Attempts to suppress art and education have been tried before. They have even been temporarily successful before. But they have never been successful for long and they won’t be now. Art is another part of the Resistance and always has been. Art is how we break out of the shallow state and move back towards the deep state. It’s why the despots try to suppress it. And why they always fail.

    • Sigh yes that is why I’m not participating in the Utah Democratic party here in Weber county…Berners though and though to the point that there was no direct support of Hillary in the GE…only anti-trump stuff…

      • Try to find more of our team to join with. You aren’t the only person in your county who supported Hillary so try to find the others. It may be necessary to have a “parallel party” for a bit – but somebody needs to be ready to step in and actually do community organizing and GOTV once the berners blow things up to their satisfaction.

        • I don’t know…every Democrat I know and granted it’s not many voted for Bernie in the primary…they voted reluctantly for Hillary in the GE but remain very much in the Bernie column…still I might check it out when it get warmer as I will be taking the bus to things…

    • Not gonna lie, every time I see one of those smug jagoffs or hear talking about OurRevolution I cringe and throw up a bit in my mouth. As if they think anyone has the time or the interest in their bs when people are fighting for their civil rights…..idiots.

  8. I wouldn’t care so much except their goal is not so much defeating the Republicans but ousting all centrist Dems…as reese would say…get ready for some losing….

  9. First of all, I love the poem! Very creative. Second there are primary wars going on at dk over the DNC election. I restrained myself and said that Ellison should stay in Congress. They need to pick someone else. On Twitter I can say what I think which is that BS needs to STFU and stop meddling. He’s not a Democrat and never will be. If he makes noise about running in 2020, they damn well need to tell him to go away

    • {{{kathy from pa}}} – isn’t the poem great?! Yeah, the folks who keep accusing us of re-litigating the primaries are keeping that tired, old, immaterial battle going. I want Ellison in Congress, too. This is no time to be bringing in noobs, I don’t care if the state is Dem and the governor will appoint a Dem – that Dem won’t have 10 years experience in Congress.

      There are folks over in the DK Village right now saying they think now that things have “calmed down” folks will start drifting back as has happened before. Those folks don’t seem to notice that a) many of our people can’t come back, they were banned and b) things haven’t calmed down – we’re just no longer threat to them by being a strong community. If we built up our strength again, they’d start attacking again. Although I really wish Bernie would STFU, it’s not really him. If he dropped dead tomorrow they’d just find another messiah and pick up from there. They are Alt Left, extremists, and their goal is to destroy the party. They work under the totally fantastic (as in fantasy) assumption that if we weren’t around to protect and defend the Constitution, our rights, and our safety net things would get so bad that the country would come running to the Alt Left to save them. That it’s never happened in the history of the world doesn’t count.

      All of this is why we need the Village here – and to strengthen as best we can. Cen-Dems as rto calls us – the vast number of folks left of center to one degree or another short of the Extremists – are always the saving of the nation. We need to regroup to make the Resistance stronger, to do community outreach and community building, to find and run Dems in every race possible, and to GOTV like our lives depend on it because they do. To do this we need a space to come together, support each other, discuss strategies, and report back on how things are going – without having to watch our backs. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • Agree totally…no way I’d let him run as a Democrat knowing he’s switch back at the first chance he could…not sure after what he admitted to about only running as a Democrat for the assets he could use, why the DNC would let him?…

      • Thing is, the DNC can’t stop him. It’s not up to them. If he fulfills each state’s requirements for getting on the ballot as a Dem, he’s on the ballot as a Dem. What the DNC could do, if they change the rules to make it so, is say that a candidate has to have been a Dem for a minimum amount of time (say at least a year) and have done significant fundraising for Dems (have to define “significant” for this part) before they can have access to Dem voter data. If he sets up his own data file – keeps and updates the data from the 2016 race – he could run as a Dem without the DNC having a single say in it. (Just like pvl45 did to the RNC)

        • Yes that is true…to be honest I don’t think Bernie will run again do you?…and if he does I can’t see that he could win the nomination?…maybe because I just don’t get the attraction?

          • I doubt it. For one thing he’s going to be 4 years older in 2020. For another while the bros will fawn on him until he dies, most regular Dems aren’t that happy with him. And I don’t mean just us. That trip to Rome took them aback – as it should – as did the not releasing the taxes. So no, I don’t think he could get the nomination even if he tried again. (And I never did get the attraction. But then, I’d heard him trashing Dems for too many years to trust him.)

            {{{shenagig}}} – I’m heading out for the night. It’s my son’s birthday and I want to call him before it gets any later – doubt I’ll be off the phone before bedtime. heh. See you in the morning.

          • I doubt it. For one thing he’s going to be 4 years older in 2020. For another while the bros will fawn on him until he dies, most regular Dems aren’t that happy with him. And I don’t mean just us. That trip to Rome took them aback – as it should – as did the not releasing the taxes. So no, I don’t think he could get the nomination even if he tried again. (And I never did get the attraction. But then, I’d heard him trashing Dems for too many years to trust him.)

            {{{shenagig}}} – I’m heading out for the night. It’s my son’s birthday and I want to call him before it gets any later – doubt I’ll be off the phone before bedtime. heh. See you in the morning.

    • Thank you kathy from pa! Glad you liked the verse. :)

      Bernie is behaving like a socialist who sees a chance to infiltrate and appropriate a large already robust organization for his own use. Which is what he is. I wish his cult followers would see how transparently opportunistic and underhanded he’s been this whole time, but if they did they wouldn’t be cult members.

      Bernie is just as much a refugee European political “type” as Bannon.

      Did I say that out loud? Oh dear.

    • Largest by population? If so that’s Harris, where I live – a blue island in a sea of red. ;)

      Glad you liked the post!

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