It takes a village: Checks and balances

The Notorious Rgb celebrated  her 84th birthday   and once again the federal courts  delivered Donald Trump  a loss.


The Obama landslide victory and reelection allowed Harry Reid to work in concert with President Obama to appoint as many pro dem policy judges they could. 329….. remember that number. 329 judges  Reid helped  rammed through. We as democrats, lovers of social justice and equality should  always emphasize  the importance and IMPACT of the courts… and who selects them.


We’re  fighting to maintain the aca… rgb took part in saving it twice. The aca subsides  exist TODAY because of 4 Democratic  appointed judges and swing votes from Roberts and Kennedy. Jill Stein nor Gary Johnson does Nothing to help with tilting  the courts  in our  favor. Those 6 million people who made that choice are in danger  of having their h.c. radically  altered or being the target  of a blatant  power grab that stumps on our constitutional  rights.




WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 10: Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court William Rehnquist (R) administers the oath of office to newly-appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (L) as U.S. President Bill Clinton looks on 10 August 1993. Ginsburg is the 107th Supreme Court justice and the second woman to serve on the high court. 

Yes…. the thirdway guy nominated and got  the liberal champion on the  bench.

The courts made us proud in stopping a bigot…. Rgb, you’ve  made us proud as well.







Happy  Birthday  Ruth !



This is your  Thursday  thread.



  1. 15 degrees and cold in chicago metro… morning folks.

    Donald trump is stupid…. that’s all.

  2. good morning reese, sorry you’re so cold. It’s a balmy 53* here in west Texas and we’re headed to a forecast high of 88*!

    I’m holding my cards very close to the chest right now as I’m waiting for the trump voting idiots in my county to get hit. It’s a lot more fun to just smile mysteriously and watch them squirm uncomfortably. It’s not that my mean streak is so wide it’s that it goes all the way to the bone.

  3. The Republican party is acting like a cartoon-evil Syndley Whiplash with the budget cuts.

    Even tRump true believers have to think cutting freaking Meals on Wheels is a bit much.

  4. Thanks for doing double duty and on two different topics, Reese. Impressive. Good morning, Pond Dwellers. I had issues yesterday with moose and this morning it wouldn’t load banners. But that’s my cross to bear. 50 and cloudy today with an expected high of 72. As close to perfect as it can be.

    • I had problems yesterday and this morning as well. I’m not tech savy at all since I’ve been very hard-of-learning about it, there’s always something else I’m much more interested in. So when things go south I usually just go away and wait for someone else to resolve them. I appreciate tech folks a lot and would never want to insult them because then I’d have to learn all that myself.

    • Me, too – the resolution they came to is good. keith is where we need him (in Congress) but still in a position to “speak” for the Dem Party.

    • Oh, the responses though. The whining will never end about the Ebil DNC, rigging things for Hillary so that she beat Bernie. Those 3 million more votes she had in the primaries would have come in handy in the general (especially in MI, PA or FL), but I guess the all-powerful DNC is only all-powerful when it comes to Bernie?

  5. Thanks reese…60 here already…much warmer than it should be…I’d love it except it’s going to freeze again and the plants that have started to grow will get zapped…that is how I lost all my lilac blossoms last year and really what is a spring with out lilacs?….starting to redo the street outside our house…it’s going to be a dirty, noisy and smelly summer…ugh…

  6. {{{rto}}} – really appreciate the post. RBG’s appointment is one of those things – like Hillary’s statement on women’s rights – to be lauded and oft quoted by the Extreme Left even as they are insistent that the “ebil Clintons” couldn’t have anything to do with it because they’re “ebil” – an attitude I’m more than a little tired of.

  7. Cool post reesetheone! Love RGB, Clinton, Obama, the 9th Circuit, Derrick K. Watson.

    Happy Thursday Meeses!

    • Yep. Chelsea is fearless, like her mom. She’s been very active on the Twitter machine. The book looks awesome.

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