It takes a village: This is just f#=/_+$@ Ridiculous.

So his integrity is questioned?








Folks need a refresher course.



This is my redline. The intensity African-Americans like and care about barack obama Exceeds the following Sanders and the progressive left has for him.


for the polticans who passively aggressively bashed the man OR resented HIS MOVEMENT or HIS success….. read this statement. He’s more than willing to have this discussion about his accomplishments vs empty repetitive rhetoric.

.                                       HE. WILL NOT. BE. DISRESPECTED.




This is your Thursday thread. My apologies for a few f bombs in advance.



  1. Thank you for this, Reese! (BTW, I love seeing you on Twitter.) I get so effing tired of bozos who think black people and female people should donate their talents, because that of course is what “inferior” persons do.

    This claptrap is making me even more glad that I read Never Caught, the account of how George Washington and his minions never caught Ona Judge, who ran away to freedom in the far north and stayed free.

    Today I’m going to the library to pick up Edward Baptist’s book about how plantations were actually highly profitable forced labor camps. It is possible for the old to learn new information, Reese. You and Denise and Chitown Kev are making me realize that all the so-called “American history” I was taught in school was a lie and I appreciate it.

  2. Thank you, Reese! The mindless pile-on of President Obama was just more evidence of the core racism (in addition to the misogyny) of the Lefty McLeftists, as well as the ongoing derangement syndrome of journalists towards our party. I figured it was coming; I just didn’t reckon on how fast and furious it would be, which is a measure of my privilege. I know some tried to couch it in terms of being opposed to a Wall Street speech, but since Cantor Fitzgerald holding a healthcare conference is a stretch for that definition, it’s impossible to ignore the racist elephant in the room.

    After reading some of the comments in Kos’ diary yesterday, it’s very easy for me to say that I’m completely done with the Tools who still want to argue as if they’re in an Occupy encampment. I strongly suspect that they’re not voting D anyway, so on social media at least, I see no reason or need to assume they will be part of any voting coalition.

    • That green party grenade I lobbed three months ago exposed that alot folks who aren’t dems or who went Johnson or stein in our last election.

      I’ll rather chase them than Trump supporters though.

      • I’d rather be working on registering and encouraging the occasional voter. But there’s room for both approaches; I just know that Team D does NOT want me trying to persuade alt-leftists.

      • I’m with DoReMI on this one – don’t chase either group of Extremists, work on registering and GOTV of the “my vote doesn’t matter” group – turning the non-voters and only-in-presidential-election-voters into regular voters. The Extremists want what they want when they want it and it must be exactly what they want or else it doesn’t count. And they are “faith-based” – facts don’t count. Even if you could get them to admit that you agree on 99% of something, that other 1% is a deal-breaker (even as they take credit for the stuff you 99% agree on).

  3. Morning folks!

    Cloudy chilly and windy in Chicago today… I’ve said my piece on this nonsense here and will move on. I spent over 24 hours tweeting about this so it’s out my system!

    Will pop in and out throughout the day…. have fun!

  4. {{{rto}}} – Extreme Left = Extreme Right. Both racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, isolationist, Puritanical, WM-elitist authoritarians. The only place they differ is on who (or what) should have the authority over the rest of us. They are a much smaller minority than we usually think – the main problem is they make too much noise to just be ignored as they should be. They are both most destructive of the side of the spectrum they are on. They both believe that if “things get bad enough” everybody will rush to their authority figure for salvation. None of them will be hurt in the first stages of their “revolution” and believe too strongly in their fantasy to understand they will be taken down too in the later stages.

    What to do about them I don’t know. I ignore them and that doesn’t seem to be the answer. They have 1st Amendment rights to say and believe anything they want to. Shouting them down basically worked at Hillary’s events and the convention because we really do outnumber them by quite a lot. Harder to “shout them down” on social media but that may be the only way to do it. sigh.

    anyway, gotta get back to work. {{{Moose Villagers}}}

  5. Note to Momentary Grace: I got offline last night, because my mood was taking a nosedive so I missed your follow-up until today. Thank you again for my superhero. I’m leaning towards a superhero name of Tephra; it’s the kind of wonky, obscure detail that appeals to me!

      • It’s also one of the very few details I remember from my college geology course, a course I took to meet a core requirement and avoid chem/bio/physics. I adored the class, which was a total surprise to me, since I bleed the liberal arts.

        • I attended college majoring in drama and in my freshman year took a geology course for similar reasons. It was very cool, I loved it.

  6. I consider Marcus Johnson a must-follow on Twitter; this article, reiterating the points Reese has been making for…forever, is one of the reasons why:

  7. Hi reesetheone, and fellow Meeses. RTO, your post – of course no one could say it better. I agree with you completely, and it isn’t just black folks who are protective of President Barack Hussein Obama and his legacy.

    About these fuckers who are spewing crap, who incidentally are very possibly partly culpable for the situation we are all in now?

    I got nothing.

    I say that because violent thoughts don’t become me.

    • Lol! I understand. Barack Obama have supporters of all colors backing him… a lot of trouble if you wanna start bashing him.

  8. Thanks Reese, always love your pieces. Morning all, severe weather around the Atl so I miss another day with a migraine. Not so bad that I can’t read a bit. Got my Resist bumper sticker yesterday so I have to decide if I am brave enough. The upsidedown flags are magnetic, teehee. Kos is uglier than usual right now, the berners are coming out of their swamp and attacking President Obama? Morans!

    • {{{kathy from pa}}} back before they decided that jsfv was the One True Messiah those same folks were already attacking President Obama. They were – still are – the sux part of the rox/sux wars at DK – and they’ve been after him since the 1st week of his presidency when he didn’t nationalize the banks and throw all the bankers in jail. (Which by the way no president has the authority to do. One of the great marvels of watching these folks is how little they actually know about how much authority the president has and under what circumstances he can use it.)

  9. This was mentioned at DK yesterday, and I semi-defended Sen. Warren because the article quoted seemed to lack context and had a clickbait headline to boot. Now I’m not so sure; she’s really treading on thin ice as far as I’m concerned.

  10. Where were all these stout defenders of a person getting paid (while out of office) for speeches when Hillary was being raked over the coals for it? Trevor Noah, where were you, defending a woman doing what every man in her position has done, and calling the bashing for what it is, misogyny?

    This just makes me even more angry. Where the fuck were they?

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