It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday Taste the Rainbow… Tastes Like Resistance

The Village News & Views May 3, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings Village Meese! Yes, it’s another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread for your reading, viewing and commenting pleasure!

Today I’ve decided to feature the Rainbow side of the Resistance, which can actually mean anything you darn well want it to mean, but for my purposes, spotlights resistance under the Rainbow Flag of LGBTQ Activism.

While most of our attention, intentionally or otherwise, is often monopolized by the antics of the Pussy-Grabber In Chief, just behind his shoulder there is someone patiently (more or less) waiting for the time he is certain will come – his time. The Time of Pence.

He’s not worried about #TrumpRussia, he doesn’t care how many gaffes the Donald fails to duck, he can tolerate the Trump Kids Carousel and the Bannon Banning, secure in the belief that even if the Resistance succeeds in defeating the Moscow Candidate, what is the country going to do, have a new election? No! If Trump bails or is indicted or impeached, Mike Pence will eagerly step in to save us from… the Godless Gay Agenda, the Ludicrous Ladies Equality Movement and the Pagan Pursuit of Progress!

But he isn’t content to simply wait, wringing his hands and chuckling evilly, safely chaperoned by his dear “Mother”, er Mrs. Pence. After all, Warriors of God shouldn’t wait! Instead he’s working to get as much of his backwards time warp started as he can shove under the radar, over the rive, and through the woods.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

The New Civil Rights Movement…

Trump Expected to Sign Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an anti-LGBT “religious freedom executive order on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer.

You may recall they attempted to put this through a short time ago and El Presidente Loco failed to sign it for some reason. Mike Pence and his fellow religious zealot homophobes went back to work and here we are again.

“Pence and a small team of conservative allies quickly began working behind the scenes to revise the language, and in recent weeks have ratcheted up the pressure on Trump to sign it,” Politico notes.

And now, for some more article links, and more tweets on the backside…

WTFJH yesterday…

What The Fuck Just Happened Today – May 2


4 Misleading Things ISPs And The FCC Need To Stop Claiming About Net Neutrality


Hillary Clinton Emerges From Woods To Break Foot Up In Donald Trump’s Ass

Thank you for your patience. Love and peace, Village! Enjoy your Wednesday gathering.

We are #StrongerTogether

We are #TheResistance and #WePersist

All are welcome!

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  1. Hey, Momentary, thanks for the rousing Village thread! Love it.

    I can’t stand the Hillary hatred. They’ll never give her a break, ever. I want to indulge in my favorite daydream of all the political biggies going up to Chappaqua en masse, kneeling in front of her, and begging her to come to the White House after they’ve ejected Thing. And she graciously says “yes.”

    Oh, well, that last batch of opium was a bit too powerful, wasn’t it? Pipe dreams, forsooth!

    Hope everyone has a good day and that we all (1) stay sane, and (2) continue to live.

    • Hey give me some of that, I like your vision! ;) And I chime in with your wish and add my energy to it. Thanks, Diana!

  2. Thanks for the rainbow colorful post, Momentary Grace! This latest EO will probably be as stupid and unenforceable as all his others. But, it will give the ‘christians’ license to hate on teh gays a bit more…for now. They’re still on the wrong side of history and will be viewed that way for generations.

  3. Thank you, MG and morning, Meeses! It looks likes it’s time for another donation to the ACLU; I honestly wonder where we’d be without them these days.

    Busy, busy day at work, but I wanted to pop in for a moment and will try to be back later. MG, is Master Wufei feeling better?

    • Hi DoReMI! Yes, Master Wufei is maintaining. No puking yesterday or last night. However I tried to get him to eat his prescription food today and he wasn’t having any of it. Wants Little Friskies canned. I tried mixing them and he knew right away, I wish I could describe the look.

      Going to give him his way until I get a proper poop and another couple of days of no vomiting.

      Without the ACLU we’d be much further up the creek at the bare minimum.

  4. Good morning, Pond Dwellers! Thanks for the rainbow colored thread, Grace. I have changed my hope from total republican annihilation of the Republican Party to just the top three. I figured I was being too greedy in my prayers and that’s why the Goddess hasn’t granted my wish.

    Expected high of 92 today. Can’t wait until the 70’s on Friday. Off to address my elliptical in no uncertain terms. STRONGER TOGETHER

    • {{{{{{{{{{{WYgalinCali}}}}}}}}}}

      Give Her time, I know it’s hard though. ;)

    • {{[WYgalinCali}}} – if you want to blow up a dam, one of the best ways to do it is with a small explosive placed to breech it near the bottom – then let the wall of water do the work. A small ‘poof’ and seems like nothing’s happening. Then you see some water coming through, then a little more, then you better not be anywhere near the river bed because that sucker’s coming down, carried away by the water that had been trapped behind it.

      • Thanks, bfitz. I will try to keep my hopes up but it’s hard. I read that Comey says he needs DOJ approval to brief the committees on the FBI investigation into Trumprussia. The hypocrisy is big on this one.


        • Tell me one of that lot the hypocrisy isn’t big on. It’s that same double standard. One set of rules for white males, another for everybody else.

  5. Good morning MG and fellow Meeses!

    I just want to go back to sleep. It is comforting to sleep to the sounds of a cat purring next to you until the time the cat decides to wake you up.

    • {{{basket}}} sounds lovely. Wish my kittehs would do that. They prefer to climb on my head. Which is why I don’t let them in my bedroom once it’s time to go to sleep. :) moar {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy.

  6. {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – a colorful and more thorough version of the DK Village post. So nice to have the option for more “depth” – and not have to worry about Haters invading. Sorry I’m so late to comment – keep getting interrupted at work. Either by work (which after all i am paid to do) or by folks coming through with overkill perfume that’s mucking up my ability to see and focus (and closing up my sinuses). sigh. But I’m here. moar {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy to everybody in your house.

  7. Lovely write up MG, love the cat pictures. Lots of smiles. We are living through an unbelievable clusterfuck, I am really turning into a potty mouth, but there are just no words for how horrible things are. Even trying to avoid the worst of it, he’s putting the absolute worst people in the world into these positions. History will not be kind to him, if there is a history.

    • Thank you kathy from pa. And yes, it’s mind numbing what is taking place every day.

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