It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – That Darn Comey

The Village News & Views May 10, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings Village Meese! It’s Day 111 of the Resistance and  another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread for your reading, viewing and commenting enjoyment.

I had other thoughts about what to theme today’s post but that was blown out of the water at approximately 5:30pm Tuesday afternoon.

So here we go.

WTFJH Yesterday… Day 110: Finger pointing. Fired.

CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI’s Russia investigation

Non-sequitur and probably more tweets following the break…


In 1965 when I was six years old, Disney released a movie called That Darn Cat.

Based on the book Undercover Cat by The Gordons, it was a funny, light hearted romp about a girl and her personality-plus Siamese who stumble onto a clue about a kidnapped bank clerk who has been taken hostage during a robbery. The cat, “D.C.” for Darn Cat, prowls the neighborhood every night getting handouts from any source he can schmooze for one. When he brings home the kidnapping victim’s watch via wearing it as a collar, his human contacts the FBI and the lead is assigned to Agent Zeke Kelso, who is straight, by the book, and allergic to cats.

It was a fun piece of fluff and at age 6 I didn’t even care about the romance part, I just loved watching a movie where the cat was (as far as I was concerned) the main character!

Nowadays, the FBI represents a large number of things other than law and order, and its reputation has certainly been tarnished by several events during the campaign.

At first glance (former) FBI Director James Comey appears to be everything any FBI agent might aspire to – clean cut, (white), “upstanding”, stern, and supposedly incorruptible. Whatever the reality of his actions during the election, many people including HRC give his last minute announcement of re-opening the investigation into her emails some of the credit for the outcome. Although he stated that the idea made him “mildly nauseous”, it’s to be wonder what level of nausea he might have been feeling when he realized the grifter he may well have helped elect as president had just taken him off the board, leaving the justice he was supposed to be guarding wide open for wholesale slaughter.

Something tells me D.C. (yes the double entendre did occur to me) wouldn’t approve of the miscarriage.

Thank you for your patience. Love and peace, Village! Enjoy your Wednesday gathering.

We are #StrongerTogether

We are #TheResistance and #WePersist

All are welcome!

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I voted for the Democrat in every election since 1976. I appreciate honesty, kindness and courage. I loathe cruelty and indifference. I am Discordian. I mean you no harm. But if you are cruel, or indifferent, I may point and laugh. #stillwithher.


  1. I appreciate your post, MG, but you know you can’t just leave us hanging with the good news you alluded to on Monday…!

    And now back to read in greater depth.

    • Hmm… yeah…. #^_^# I was going to write a whole long.. generally TMI stream of consciousness….


      VonsterTx and I got married on Saturday.


      • OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! I need a GIF here, but I’m too excited to go search for one!!!! Oh, wedding present…what do you guys want?!!!! Seriously, name it!!!! This is so awesome and so wonderful…!!!! (OK, I’ll stop with the exclamation points for a moment or two…)

        • {{{{{{{{{{{{{DoReMI}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

          I really do want to write a post or something about it. My sister was there, but basically you guys are now the only people who know beside my sis, her mom and whomever her mother called on the phone Friday night to have hysterics all over.

          I’m immensely, insanely happy and actually still a little bit in shock.

          • As you should be! I’m so thrilled for both of you; I’m sitting at my desk at work with the world’s biggest grin while tears roll down my cheeks. (I guess I cry even at the announcement of a wedding…) So, so, so happy for both of you!

          • Awwwwww!! DoReMI….. ♥♥♥♥♥

            Thank you.

            We have known we were a permanent couple, that we would spend our lives together, for a long, long… long time. What anyone else thought about it, that was their problem.

            A few years ago I started to think about what could happen in certain situations… like, you know, emergency situations you don’t want to think about in the first place.

            My sister would never be a problem but her mom, her family… unlikely they would acknowledge any rights on my part, and just… legally, neither of us would have any rights, you know?

            Why now and not earlier is a long-ish story. But. It’s done. Never have to be afraid again. Not of that, anyway.

          • {{{{Momentary Grace}}}} I understand the shock part. When Terri and I were finally able to get married, after 18 years together, we both looked at each other and said, “Fuck, we’re married!” In a good way :) It was just that the reality that we were able to do something we thought we’d never be able to was so unreal.

          • {{{{{{{{inkaudlay}}}}}}}}

            It is slowly sinking in. No one who had known us at all well for the last 40 years or so would be truly surprised, but we’ve never been “officially” out, separately or as a couple. Her mom said she was shocked. I told V that her mom has been on a long (long) vacation to Egypt, floating down de Nile…

            Deep breaths and yeah. It’s always been real in a fuck what anyone thinks it’s none of their business kind of way, but now it’s really really REALLY REAL.

            if you take my meaning. :)

      • {{{MomentaryGrace & VonsterTX}}} – Hallelujah and Hurrah and Huzzah and one whole heck of a lot of Love and Good Wishes!

        • Thank you bfitzinAR!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

          All love and good wishes gratefully accepted! ^_^

      • I swear to goddess, that’s exactly what I thought you might be writing about. Congratulations, to the two of you. May you always be as happy as you are today.

      • Gracie…Congratulations sweetie…Happy for you and VT….Why wasn’t I invited is the question of the day…:)

        May your life together be all the sweeter!

        • {{{{{{{{{{{{{{Batch}}}}}}}}}}}}

          The only people we told beforehand were my sister, whom I told on Tuesday, and mostly because she came over to my apartment. She wanted to go, so we told her where and when and she was wonderful – brought us wrist corsages of orchids (!) and took us out to dinner afterwards. It was nice.

          Von told her mom via phone call… Friday night.

          So yeah. I promise, next time you will be at the top of the list. ;)

          Thank you for the wish, all good ones accepted and appreciated. :)

      • AWESOME!!!!!!!

        Congratulations to the both of you! So wonderful, Momentary Grace. Just, wow!

  2. Wow! Talk about a wonderful day at the Moose Pond! I’m totally blown away and can think of literally nothing of substance to say. (How I wish I could post tweets here).

    We may not get a special prosecutor out of this (I hope I’m proven wrong). However, there are some loyalists to Comey inside the FBI (just like Rudy had his) and I think we may get some leaks out of this. The only reason I didn’t want Obama to fire him after his fuck up with the email investigation was because I knew the senate wouldn’t have confirmed his replacement. The FBI recruits take an oath to defend the constitution. Here’s hoping that most of them are not corrupt.

    57 with a high of 75 today. Now this is spring like weather. Congrats to the two of you, again. 😊

    • We need that you should be able to post tweets here… Just drop a note to JanF in the welcome thread and ask to be an author… that’s all it takes, once she sets that permission for you, you can use the tweet embed code in comments. We must have your tweets!

      I don’t think reesetheone realizes this, he never posts tweets here, only links but that is why I am able to, so any author should be the same.

      It will be very interesting to see how this (Comey firing) plays out, I don’t believe our Dems in congress are going to let this pass – I don’t think they will let up on it, I hope and pray that is so.

      And yes, we may get leaks from FBI who see what is happening, and from others. I’m not giving up on our democracy.


  3. Good morning meese…Gracie…You’re a treasure, girl and I’m pissed for not being there so I’m adding this…

    Fuck the Republicans!

  4. congratulations Momentary Grace and VonsterTx! It’s wonderful to know that you now share all the protections marriage offers to both partners. Mr w and I will celebrate our 49th anniversary in July, we obviously think going through life with a partner is preferable since it has worked out well for us. I wish you both the best and thanks for sharing the good news with us.

    • Thank you wordsinthewind! We have been a couple just about since we graduated high school. I went off for freshman year, came back, we moved in together and have been together ever since. At times we had other housemates but we have not lived apart since 197something.

      I am extremely gratefully to now have those protections of which you speak.

  5. I have zero patience or respect for anyone who has ever said or ever says “both parties are the same”. Get back to me when your level of delusion is fixed. Could you imagine Obama firing the FBI Director while under investigation for colluding with a foreign government?

    And also, I’ve had temporary staff interns write more professional letters than the so-called President of the United States just did to fire his FBI Director. I don’t know why, but I’m personally offended by how unprofessional and amateurish that termination letter is. It just irks more for some reason and I can’t get over it.

    • They haven’t been the same for a while now. That’s a fantasy of whomever on the extreme left, independent, or just apathyville wants to justify their petty impulses and ridiculous self-important affronts.

      Yep that’s how I really feel. ;)

      • I’m so glad you do feel that way M G because folks all around need to sit up, pay attention and get ready to put in some hard effort. We don’t have time for pettiness or self-importance when humanity is threatened. And that’s how I really feel.

  6. {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – the diary of course was good, but your news – you and VonsterTX – is lovely enough to give our hearts a respite from the evils the Rs are trying to perpetrate on us. Thank you again.

    • {{{{{{bfitzinAR}}}}}}

      The two are not unrelated. Pence is already taking aim at the LGBTQ community. Could our rights be rolled back?

      Never say never.

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