“Take your hands off our stuff!








Damn straight….. that’s framing the idea of healthcare as a RIGHT not a privilege.


Keep fighting as this bill ain’t dead by a long shot……..


This is your  Thursday thread.





  1. {{{rto}}} – thanks for the thread and dang right this bill isn’t dead. Rs are the zombie-bill makers. They’ve been bringing the same ol’ crap back again and again for decades. “Free” Market, supply-side economics, prosperity gospel… Same crap, different Congress. And we’ve got to fight that. Their zombie bills kill people (and the economy). Our duty is clear and our cause is righteous (not self-righteous) – we pool our strengths to shield our weak points – and we will win.

    gotta get to work. Will check back as I can. {{{Moose Villagers}}}

  2. Good morning Reese and meese! Nice start to our pre-Friday. I saw on trending last night the “surprise about healthcare” by the Orange Shitgibbon. I imagine it will be similar to the bombshell tapes that he didn’t have. Then this morning, el (not) presidente got after Joe and Mika. This is not a decent, moral person were dealing with. I can’t imagine any republican politician being caught on tape saying these things let alone, doing it on purpose.

    Calling for a high of 94 but a cool 60 right now. Time to start my day.

  3. Morning meese…Thanks for the double duty bro…

  4. I LOVE Sen. Booker’s statement that we must be the benders. That so often gets lost in the shuffle, as if the arc of history is going to bend itself because…reasons. It doesn’t work that way. It has never worked that way. And it’s sadly a necessary reminder (although in this case, Booker was preaching to the choir a bit). I need to retweet that now and periodically in the future, as much for myself as anything.

    Oh, and thanks RTO, and good morning Meeses.

    • IKR? I guess when he attacks one of their own, the media will respond with the additional pile-on by politicians? The whole thing is so bizarre, because other than it being someone in the media, I see no difference from his sexist, crude comments made throughout the campaign.

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