It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Taking the Fifth

The Village News & Views July 5, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 167 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread. 

I’m afraid the holiday and personal events have left me short of time to give you much in the way of good Resistance content. Hope you enjoyed your personal Independence Day.

Feel free to partake of your favorite morning (or afternoon) beverage, greet your friends and discuss the events of the day, any Resistance news you have to share and anything else you would like.

My contribution today will be confined to some music.

“Suite Madame Blue”

Time after time I sit and I wait for your call
I know I’m a fool but why can I say
Whatever the price I’ll pay for you, Madame Blue
Once long ago, a word from your lips and the world turned around
But somehow you’ve changed, you’re so far away
I long for the past and dream of the days with you, Madame Blue

Suite Madame Blue, gaze in your looking glass
You’re not a child anymore
Suite Madame Blue, the future is all but past
Dressed in your jewels, you made your own rules
You conquered the world and more …………..heaven’s door


Red white and blue, gaze in your looking glass
You’re not a child anymore
Red, white, and blue, the future is all but past
So lift up your heart, make a new start
And lead us away from here

From the Twitter-verse…


Thank you for your patience. Love and peace, Village! Enjoy your Wednesday gathering.

We are #StrongerTogether

We are #TheResistance and #WePersist


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  1. I may be a bit scarce today, tons of work and Master Wufei is a bit under the weather but please enjoy your Wednesday Resistance discussion! #Persist! 

  2. Morning meese…Thanks Gracie…Wonderful as always…Love the Styx video…Great band and song…Comrade Trump needs to go down…

    • Thanks Batch -thanks for coming by.

      That song gives me chills and always has. Yesterday it was a lot on my mind.

      Red white and blue, gaze in your looking glass
      You’re not a child anymore…

      So lift up your heart, make a new start
      And lead us away from here

  3. {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – thanks for double duty. The Extremes Left and Right will be played like a Stradivarius by virtuoso violinist Putin – so the rest of us will have to doubly be awake and aware. And resist, block, stall until we can push back. That “shining city on a hill” our founders set us on the path toward is much closer than it was in 1776 – but still a long, long way off. We need to get back on the path and move forward.

    {{{HUGS}}} to everybody

    • {{{{{{{{{{bfitzinAR}}}}}}}}}}}

      One of my favorite quotes (and songs) from Hamilton – “History has its eyes on you…”

      And on us. We must not fail.

      • We won’t. We may not get as far as we want, but just like they handed off to us, we’ll hand off to the next generation – the “city” is there. We can see the light shining through the darkness. We and our “posterity” will keep heading for it until we get there.

  4. Good morning to all who dwell at the Pond. Thanks, MG, for doing double duty again. I love your humpday diaries. They make the rest of the week palatable. I had that story on Mueller in my queue to plug in this morning. Awesome story. So I replaced it with a story I got thru Dan Rather’s News and Guts that I follow on Facebook. I highly recommend following him. Only stories that meet his standards are posted and he does commentary as well.

    I see little donnie won’t discuss election interference with Russia. IMO, he shouldn’t. If he has any insider information at all, Putin doesn’t need it. I’d like Putin to give him the middle finger (since this isn’t going the way he wanted it to). We shall see how stupid he comes off as.

    95 again today so am off to start the exercise process.

    • Morning WYgalinCali. You words have given me warm fuzzies, very welcome today!

      I shall seek out Dan Rather’s FB. I’m hardly on FB at all but Dan Rather is awesome.

      People ask the silliest questions, don’t they? Such as why is President Trump uninterested in Russian interference in our elections – Why should he be? It already got him what he wanted, he has no more use for it. :(

      Hardee har har. Not. ;P

      • Hey, be sure and checkout the News and Guts! I don’t follow Dan. He posts in the N&G and I get it that way. I’m hoping warm fuzzies are good, right? Though in the summer heat, wouldn’t cool fuzzies be better? {{{HUGS}}}

  5. Thank you, Grace and morning to the Village. I’ll be a bit scarce for the next few days; every time I think the piles on my desk are under control, and new batch shows up. I guess this is why they call it work…?

    I thought I was going to spend yesterday doing as little as possible, but an unexpected delivery and my own compulsive nature derailed that plan. We recently bought a new mattress set, and the delivery guy called wanting to make the delivery yesterday instead of this coming Saturday as originally planned. That was fine with us, but I decided I needed to vacuum as we moved the old mattress set out of our bedroom. Then I noticed a few spots on the carpet, so it seemed like the best time to scrub those out too. When I looked up, I saw that there were dog slobber spots on the wall (our dogs don’t stretch in the morning, they shake…with predictable, if messy, results). I washed those away, but then it was obvious that only part of the wall was clean. I ended up washing all the walls in the bedroom. Why, oh why, can’t I be either a) more observant so I don’t get caught in these cleaning spirals; or b) less observant, so I don’t get caught in these cleaning spirals?!

    • Good morning, DoReMi. I feel your pain. Once I have discovered something that needs cleaning, there is no stopping the avalanche. On the bright side? Your bedroom is nice and clean and you got your bed early.

      • That was definitely the best part. My husband had the best night sleep he’s had in ages…of course, he stole all the covers in the process, but that’s an ongoing battle, even after 35+ years.

    • {{{{{{{DoReMI}}}}}}}}

      I don’t know why, my sister, but if you feel yourself going into one of those spirals again, could you rush over to my house and.. er… uh… nevermind. :)

      • Ha! Sadly (for you), the spirals are never predictable…they just happen!

        While I was doing a thorough vacuuming with the mattresses removed, I found an old “coupon” book made by my daughter for my birthday. She must have been in about fifth grade when she made it; it had slipped down by the headboard and got caught in the bed frame. I texted her last night and told her that it was still usable, since she hadn’t put expiration dates on any of the coupons. She owes me one dinner, one day of folding all the laundry, and three days of “free days—whatever Mom wants, Mom gets.” Oddly, she hasn’t responded to my text… ;D

  6. Oh, my. What a strange, small world we live in. As many of you know, I’ve been working on my family tree for ages. Whenever I hit a roadblock, I try to focus on filling in the gaps for more distant, but recent, family members. This afternoon I had a few moments, so I was plugging in family members descended from my 2x great aunt. Fairly obscure stuff until I got to some living relations. My third cousin is none other than William Duncan Schuette…known in MI as Bill Schuette, our odious Republican attorney general and rumored to be interested in being our next governor. I sure hope Cousin Bill doesn’t mind if I don’t vote for him!

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