Morning meese…another day, much more assholery we’ve had to pushback against.

Having to sift through and take offense with Trump and his colony of racist, misogynistic bigots every single day is bad enough and something that could have been avoided if people had actually read and or listened to Hillary.
It’s when we have to push back against people(read Republican lite) that claim to be progressive liberals when in fact they are nothing but anarchists with the brains the guy in the sky gave to slugs, sorry slugs.

For the life of me I can’t see that anything Bernie Sanders has to say has much if any value. They’re just slogans that unfortunately the lazy liberals have bought into and are now like the mice to the Pied Piper. He keeps up with his stump speech which might sound different on any given day but is always the same thing just said a little differently.

What we have to muffle is the mouths of his mice that are a little smarter than his average mouse but still just as divisive becasue they won’t drink water(pun intended), they just guzzle the kool-aid. Nomiki Konst, Nina Turner, Roseann DeMoron and their ilk are shoved to the front to take on sane liberals because they give Bernie cover. The morons at Dkos that run their mouths should just be avoided. Don’t answer them at all…Just let them run off at the mouth as trying to reason with them is a waste of breath.

Only thing I can think of to shut them down is something I said in one of earlier threads..March on the DNC with petitions or even a physical march calling to our party officials for an end to the Bernie is a liberal voice for Democrats and nothing but a subversive piece of shit.




This is your Friday open thread…Fire away!


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  1. Morning meese…Sorry for my ineptitude this morning. I forgot to check the “It Takes a Village” box last night when scheduling…Just caught it and updated…

    About time Dems started kicking Bernie to the curb where he belongs…

  2. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and TGIF, for sure! Thanks for your usual ‘rebel rousing’ diatribe against Bernie and the Berners (if only they were a musical act and not just a pain in the ass), Batch. He can submit his SP bill in the senate next month although I wonder which, if any, senators will co-sponsor it.

    This is a good tweet to share at squirrel, if they’re interested in a discussion of this.

    Another bearable day today. However, I have 75 minutes of elliptical and a walk to get done so I can go to the gym and lift weights. First, though, I need lots of coffee.

    • Oh dear, I feel a rant coming on…

      The tweet Wygal featured was followed by this to Charles from a rose guy:

      So a few points…if SP is the holy grail, then why isn’t Our Revolution mobilizing their supporters to organize for Medicaid expansion in the states without it? Wouldn’t this be part and parcel of achieving single-payer?

      If we have SP, how do you sell it to people like me who currently have Tricare? It’s effectively single-payer with no premiums paid. The assumption is that the “premium” is the sacrifice of the military member; the low pay compared to the private sector; the disruption caused to family life; and the inability to choose where you live for 20 years or more. A tax to achieve universal healthcare is something I would willingly pay, but I doubt that’s a universal feeling. How many more would feel that it is a broken promise for the “free” health insurance military families earned? (I suspect similar arguments could be made re employer-based insurance, but since I haven’t had that for 35+ years, I’m sticking with what I know.)

      If you think SP = “stand for something’, what are you doing besides screaming vague slogans and attacking your allies? If SP is to be achievable, an education and messaging campaign is essential; vague assertions are not going to cut it. When many on the Right don’t even believe that healthcare is a human right, how do you convince them that raising taxes so The Other Guy is covered is a worthy goal?

      What is your plan for the folks currently working in the insurance industry who may lose their jobs as the result of single-payer? Remember, incrementalism is of the devil, so transitioning slowly is not an option for the “What do we want? We want it now!” crowd.

      What exactly do you mean by single-payer? Do you mean Medicare for All? Do you mean something like the German system, or the Swedish system, or the Canadian system? Is there even unity on that question? Or at a more local level, are we talking about John Conyers’ bill or is Bernie still planning on introducing his own bill?

      I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but damn it all, give us the basis for a conversation, rather than slogans and demonizing…!

      • {{{DoReMI}}} – there is no basis for a conversation with them. SP is the all-encompassing magic that will make everything paradise as far as these guys (and a few gals) are concerned. And there is no process about gaining it. Remember, it’s magic. So once the authoritarian (normally referred to as a despot or tyrant except when it’s jsfv) decrees “ESSPEE!” it will magically be in place and magically cover everybody and magically not raise anybody’s taxes and magically create the necessary payment infrastructure as well as the necessary increase in the number of medical facilities and medical practitioners.

        You will get further discussion creationism with Mike Huckabee than you will discussing healthcare with the Extreme Left.

      • My daughter tried to tell me how great it would be. I said, how so? My former employer pays my insurance now until I retire. She gets employee paid insurance (pays a small amount for additional life insurance and short term disability, if she wants it). I asked why I should be forced to pay for SP when I essentially have free HC now? i think she finally got it. Her husband has VA medical but he gets it. People who have jobs where their medical/dental/optical are paid, would be losing out.

        I couldn’t resist putting it in the 🍊but so far, no trolls. Of course, he’s a kossack, isn’t he?

        • Yes, he is a Kossack. And your discussion with your daughter is exactly the sort of discussion we should be having (and why I think an incremental approach is the only workable way to achieve our goal). In the meantime, we have this:

          If it’s truly about forcing the conversation, I’m all for it. But show of hands…who here thinks this won’t just become a way to purity-test those Dems who don’t co-sponsor the bill?

          • Maybe Warren? Sen. Harris has had positive things to say about Medicare for All, but will that include sponsoring a bill that BS himself says won’t go anywhere?

            I think Sen. Stabenow has inoculated herself sufficiently with her Medicare for 55 bill that she doesn’t need to co-sponsor. She’s facing reelection, and there’s a calculus to be considered, particularly in a state where the weakened-but-not-dead unions have some influence. If I were her, I’d point to my own bill and not bother with the BS bill. She’ll catch heat from the Purists, but she’s going to catch it no matter what she does.

  3. Good thread on how Victoria sees 2018 and 2020 playing out. Don’t agree with everything she has to say but it’s a good thread nevertheless…

    • I remember reading that thread (the picture is burned into my mind) when she released this back in June.

    • Because jsfv is another authoritarian – he doesn’t need a party, you’re just supposed to do what he tells you. In return for him officially caucusing with us, the Dems have given him cover for years. Because VT has a lot in common with ME, Dems don’t run anybody against him so we don’t split the vote and hand the state over to an R. We’ve enabled the little shit for decades simply because we don’t have a strong enough majority even when we have the majority to risk losing VT.

  4. {{{Batch}}} – thanks for the TGIF. jsfv and those who currently worship him are a very noisy usually nasty minority even at DK. I ignore them and work my community stuff. But note, yes it’s partly because of my 18 or so community links comments, but the Village diaries are still making the rec list even if only for a few minutes and even when we’ve only got 10 people actually playing under the bus. I see the rec list when I check my kosmail messages – and i’ve never seen a $27 diary make the rec list. They are not community and don’t know how to be. The only times they work together is when they’re attacking us or our Dem candidates. When left alone they fight among themselves or just ignore each other. We give them more power when we act as if they have it. The only power they have as far as i can tell is at DK and it’s only the power to attack us and our candidates. We’ve started pushing back on the latter via twitter and other social media. We outnumber them. By a lot. We’ll overcome them incidentally as we overcome the Rs.

    Our real target is voter suppression. It wasn’t the alt-left’s temper tantrums that cost us the election – it was voter list purges just before the election and refusals to do recounts just after in key states. When our people can vote and our votes are counted, we win. No matter how many throw themselves on the floor, hold their breath til they turn blue tantrums from them. Team Blue has a lot of work to do, but the franchise is Job One. Getting people to run, supporting them, and GOTV are all important – but the ability to vote at all is supreme. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  5. And now that I have that rant out of my system (for now), GOOD MORNING, ALL and thank you, Batch.

    I should learn to follow your advice and stay out of known Berners’ diaries. I don’t comment, of course, but it still does a number on my blood pressure. I keep deluding myself; I think it’s healthy to see varying opinions, but the DK Berners are just promoting the same old anti-Democratic Party drivel. I wandered into another of TomP’s diaries yesterday (about the reincarnation of the DLC) and backed out almost immediately. When we don’t even agree on the definition of terms (the DLC reincarnation he was highlighting had nothing to do with centrism; it was easily on the Republican Lite>Conservative Dem spectrum), there’s not much to learn. But of course, it made the rec list and was a signal for the True Believers to come out in droves. sigh It is what it is, but it still manages to make me a little crazy.

  6. Charles is on a roll today:

    Which reminds me of a story; remember, laughter is the best medicine.

    About 15 years ago, when I still worked on the growing farm of a nursery, I went out in March to talk to some of our retail customers on the west side of the state and show them samples of some of the perennials we had over-wintered. I took the company van, loaded with plants, and on my way home, the van broke down. I had to walk a few miles to get to the next freeway exit, where there was a sizeable truck stop. I called the farm, and they decided to tow the van back to the garage at the farm…which meant I had to wait several hours for them to show up.

    I sat in the restaurant for awhile, but this was pre-smartphone days, so I got bored rather quickly. I decided to go outside for a bit; while I was outside, a truck pulled up, and the driver asked me if I was going to be around for awhile. I thought it was an odd question, but I also thought maybe he had seen the van on the side of the road and figured I was the stranded driver. Maybe, just maybe, he was going to provide help?

    About ten minutes later, the more likely alternative occurred to me. I skedaddled back into the restaurant, sat at the counter, and tried to be invisible. The counter waitress listened while I told my story, and when she was done laughing, promised to make sure I didn’t get harassed. The driver never showed up (thank goodness!) and eventually the farm mechanic showed up to get the van and take me home. The best part about this whole encounter…winter in Michigan meant I was dressed from head to toe in my Carhartts!

      • Right? My husband, who is a truck driver (although no longer OTR), did tell me that you meet the most “interesting” folks at truck stops (and the quotation marks were his). But seriously, how sad/desperate/blind to you have to be to proposition a 40+ year old women in Carhartt overalls, jacket, hiking boots and ball cap?! (Not even women’s Carhartts which never fit me right…men’s Carhartts which obscure any and all curves!)

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