It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: Back to Work 9/5/17

February 1943: A real life Rosie the Riveter.  Women were called on to do the work; the call is alive again.
Even though the calendar tells us that summer doesn’t end for another 17 days, for most of us, Labor Day is a key line of demarcation. It’s getting dark earlier; the evenings (in most places) are cooler; and here in Michigan, the kids are headed back to school. For me, August was a month of scaled-back Resistance. My calls were less frequent, and since my freshman rep refuses to hold town halls, there were a few days of picketing his office…but very few sightings of him were reported. (After Charlottesville, and after intense, vocal outrage expressed on his Facebook page, he did give a clear, unequivocal denunciation of white supremacists, but then disappeared again.)

Now recess is ending, and there’s a full plate for Congress coming up. Our Resistance is more important than ever: between funding for Harvey-hit regions; raising the debt limit; funding the government for the upcoming fiscal year; ensuring the ACA is strengthened, not gutted; and defending DACA through legislation, our legislators have a full plate…and lots of opportunity for making mischief. We’re not going to get quiet now. With so much at stake, we can’t get quiet now.

Across the country

For informed advocacy

Expect a lot of this, and hold ’em to their support of legislative action

Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr Thunderclap

Insist on ACA fixes

Expect the debt limit to become a bargaining chip

And as if Harvey wasn’t enough…

Keep strong, keep fighting, and give yourself permission to laugh. Palate cleansers to help…

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  1. {{{DoReMI}}} – thanks for double duty-ing – and monday on tuesday is always a slam for me. I need to clear work emails (just taking a “quick” break to visit Villages) but i’ll get my calls in sometime/somehow today. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Good morning, Meese and thanks for the double delight DoReMi. Always love the Bassett. I may have to start hunting down a good breeder out here (if possible). A larger part of me hopes Irma veers off and does no damage here and a smaller, evil part hope it’s another major FEMA bill so there is no money for the wall. I’m thinking congress may do something for the Dreamers since the two dying to help others during Harvey just cry out for an ad. “They gave their lives saving others during Harvey…now congress wants to send all Dreamers to countries they don’t remember. America is their country. Help keep these young Americans safe. Vote blue.”

    I don’t know if you were in the diary last night when the troll came to smack down Hillary. Bernin ridiculed the page out of her book I’d posted about how Hillary couldn’t do anything right as far as the BoBs were concerned. His idea of an insult? Post a Kamala tweet showing she’s sponsoring Bernie’s bill. “Be like her…she gets it.” I held my tongue about all the criticism directed at her before the endorsement and replied that I had liked/retweeted his link days ago.

    One kid well enough to go to work…one not. Progress. Here’s to keeping myself free of the cold germs. Coffee and walk.

    • I did a quick read last night but missed the troll. It’s probably a good thing; I was feeling quite acerbic last night and would have landed myself in TO or worse. Frankly, I think the Harris co-sponsorship is good politics for her, but I also expect if it were to go anywhere, she’d insist on workable plans. The whole “be like her” moment would pass, and she would be accused of sabotaging The Savior’s genius.

      The Verrit thing has me stirred up. Apparently to some people, it’s inconceivable that one can deeply admire Hillary while not expecting or wanting her to run again. (At least, that’s what I’m concluding is the source of so much of the vitriol.) The site itself just seems to be functioning almost as a fact-checker, with well-sourced articles. I haven’t dug in too deeply yet, but if it weren’t a Daou enterprise with a Hillary endorsement, I can’t see any reason why it would be creating this much anger. I expect the Daous to become as hated as Brock.

  3. Afternoon meese…Thanks Sher…Looks like Florida is going to get destroyed…Gotta start practicing my Lt. Dan impersonation…I’ll kick Irma’s ass… :)

    • Do you also have an evacuation plan for you and Miss Hillary? According to the Tweet machine, Irma is so huge and powerful, it’s registering on seismometers. That’s big…

      • No evacuation plan…I’ve lived here 32 years and Tampa has never taken a direct hit of a major hurricane. If by some chance it does go out into the gulf and travels up the west coast I’ll go to the elementary school with Miss Hillary or to the church. If we do take a direct hit I’m fucked so it won’t matter much as it will destroy my mobile home and everything I own.

        I’m not going to worry about it…It’s going to do what it does. I’ve always lived with the idea when it’s my time it’s my time and worrying about it isn’t going to change that one bit.

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