It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – You Shall Not Pass

The Village News & Views September 20, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 244 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

If today’s banner looks familiar, it’s because I decided to re-use an old one. Two reasons: one, I’m swamped and tired, and two, we are right back at the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, also known as Durin’s Bridge, ALSO known as THE REPEAL AND “REPLACE(HAHA)” OF OBAMACARE.

This time it’s called #GrahamCassidy.

You known what is going on, you know what is needed. If anyone is confused, comment and someone will help you out.

And now for your regularly scheduled randomness.

WTFJH Yesterday – Day 243: Wiretapped.

Why Did The FISA Court Okay All This Wiretapping? A Lawsplainer!

Don’t let Gandalf’s sacrifice be in vain!!!!


Tuesday, at the United Nations…


Other News…


Palate Cleanser


That’s it for me, enjoy some beverage, chat with your friends and fellow Resistors and just take a moment to enjoy some part of your day.

Thank you for your patience. Love and peace, Village! Enjoy your Wednesday gathering.

We are #StrongerTogether

We are #TheResistance and #WePersist



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I voted for the Democrat in every election since 1976. I appreciate honesty, kindness and courage. I loathe cruelty and indifference. I am Discordian. I mean you no harm. But if you are cruel, or indifferent, I may point and laugh. #stillwithher.


  1. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and a good hump day to all. Thanks for pulling double duty today. It’s just going to be 77 today. How delightful is that? I started following @InvestigateRU last night. What a great place to get the info you need. I hope it gets lots of followers at the web and Twitter.

    Jadedonall was a brand new Kos member who, somehow, found her way to the village last night. I tried to help her but didn’t have any luck. Bfitz did a better job than me but I’m not sure how much got through. She reminded me of “electric…” who joined the village before the election. Had suicidal tendencies and we encouraged her to go get a mental health check up. We hadn’t heard from her since. I’m not sure if there’s a coalition, but thought I’d throw it out there.

    Off for more coffee. I’m getting my ears flushed this afternoon and then can schedule my hearing test. Yay? I already know I’m going to fail. 🙃

    • You know I don’t get to the evening threads too much but I will try and keep an eye out for Jadedonall. Unfortunately people ultimately have to find their own reason to climb up out of the pit. But encouragement from good folks like you, WYgal, can sometimes help boost that process. <3

      • Thanks for the optimistic compliment. If she comes back and is trying to work through it, I will continue. It’s hard to be able to know if they’re legit or just being a downer.

        • I ran into someone like that on Twitter, and I started out harsher than was probably necessary or advisable. I pulled it back a bit once I remembered that this could be someone who needed encouragement and support. It’s so hard to know when you’re not face-to-face, but in my case, it was a tough reminder that leading with kindness is a better tactic than going for the jugular.

    • I remember the person you are referencing and I hope he or she got help because… I started to just ignore jadedonall but the mention of the brother who committed suicide brought me into it. It is so easy to feel guilty, to feel like “if only I’d…” when a family member commits suicide. While that feeling will always hang around a bit, it needs to be addressed because it’s not true and the feeling that it is can kick off another dangerous downward spiral. I mentioned my own father as my “bona fides” for talking about it. I hope it helped.

      Healing Energy and Good Thoughts regarding the ear flush and hearing test. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – thanks for double duty – it’s really great to have a place we can discuss stuff better not discussed at DK. And for that matter post tweets, memes, etc. that are better not posted at DK – not that I have anything in that category because I’m not on twitter but I enjoy what you folks post. :)

    And I really do need a place or time or something to take a break for myself. Between the urgent stuff we need to do to block R Evil and the urgent needs of the folks recovering from or in the middle of natural disasters and the urgent needs of the folks on my community needs list (another, fortunately minor, one was waiting for me when I logged on this morning) and just the plain fact my hands are stiff and achy and are so weak that typing on my computer keyboard is as hard as typing on that old manual IBM typewriter when I was 15…

    But I am so much more OK than the folks I am trying to help – physically as well as financially – well, as we have done since 11/9, as we have done all our lives, I will keep on keepin’ on. {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy to us all.

    • You are a warrior angel, if you don’t mind the comparison. I hope you can steal some time for yourself, do something to recharge your batteries. Don’t forget to take that good advice you always give us! ;)


      • {{{MomentaryGrace}}} – don’t mind but doubt it fits – too many times I don’t do what I know needs to be done, when I hold back to see if somebody else will pick up that ball and I don’t have to. But I do keep trucking along and eventually we’ll get there.

        I really am trying to take my own advice – but that’s the problem with being a single person. If it’s going to get done, I have to do it. There’s no one else. But again, I keep trucking along. moar {{{HUGS}}} and always more Healing Energy to your household.

  3. Good morning, Meese! I’m going to be missing in action today I think. I finally woke up to the fact that my daughter’s wedding is 32 days away, and I still have a ton of sewing to do. I made myself a timeline/complete-by worksheet, and today’s task is to cut out the pattern for a jacket I’m making her. I have the blessing of my boss to do this at work (he even intentionally made a work table that can double as a cutting table); he’s a jerk 9 days out of 10, but his ex-wife did train him about the not messing with a sewist in a time crunch. So I’ll be over there>>>cutting out fabric so I can check one more thing off my list. If it goes well, I’ll be back later.

    • {{{DoReMI}}} – have fun sewing. And I have a message for you from swampyankee. her computer is down and she’s not very good at typing on the tablet her brother lent her so she called me. Says to thank you very much for the BB&B card, that she has now replaced a bathsheet that was almost thin enough to see through and got a couple of lovely lavender-scented candles with what was left. She really appreciates it – said one more use and the towel she had was going to disintegrate into shreds.

      moar {{{HUGS}}} and enjoy yourself.

      • Thanks for letting me know, bfitz. Of course, the thanks aren’t at all necessary, but it is good to know that she received it. I rarely shop at BB&B, but a whole slew of my daughter’s friends have been getting married or having kids, so I was in there more this summer than I’d ever been before. I still have no idea what I purchased that earned me the rebate gift card, but I’m glad it helped.

  4. Oh, and MG, relative to yesterday’s comment, if you ever get serious about taking up sewing again, let me know. I can easily provide you with a starter kit of fabric. My stash is large enough to keep me sewing for three lifetimes, so there’s plenty to spare.

  5. Happy Hump Day to me! I got my “What Happened” book in the mail. Our very own Diana in NoVa sent it to me. I can’t wait to open it. I’m waiting until after my Dr appointment or I might get absorbed and be late. I shall be ready for next Tuesday’s book club. I wonder if the trolls are going to alternate or will we always have the delightful Bob Johnson?

    • I haven’t gotten mine yet, and I may keep it that way for awhile. Sewing deadlines ^^^… But I still may lurk in the book club; I take it from your comment it started last night? I’ll have to go check out DK for the delightful Bob Johnson’s comments.

    • Found it. The delightful Bob Johnson is such a clever laddie; his wit, his charm, his sense of humor are truly exceptional…for a 2nd grader.

      • Yep. Is DBAD flagable? Asking for a friend… I’ve been at the 🍊16 months and have never flagged anybody. Accidentally rec’d a bad comment but was allowed to remove it. Now I always think twice about rec’ing. Especially when I’m out of the Village.

        • Don’t bother. He knows how to stay on the right side of the rules, while being deliberately provocative. I wouldn’t even waste a recipe or a pootie picture on him, because that opens the door for him to be clever-in-his-own-mind. Ignore and move one…and pull the other commenters away if they decide to engage. I will never figure out how alleged adults find this sort of behavior entertaining, but it’s pretty obvious he’s doing it for himself.

        • It used to be flaggable. Now flag throwing is only allowed if you’re a bro. flagging DBAD comments from bros has gotten more than one Villager reprimanded or banned. Even when the DBAD comment was for jacking a diary asking for feral cat colony help and had been published through PWB Peeps – if anybody but a Villager had flagged it, no problem. For our people, problem.

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