Morning Meese, I got my copy of “What Happened” yesterday. I’ve read the first 30 pages and have gone through all the emotions…Love, hate, compassion, anger, happiness, sadness, optimism..Just in those first pages you can feel Hillary conveying them in her words. Going to be hell getting through this book I can see already. By page 21 I had already had to pull the tissues out. I think it will be cathartic for all of us to read it as I am sure it was for Hillary writing it. I can see by the time I finish I’ll probably be as angry as I’ve ever been by what has been taken from us but hopefully energized to push forward, stronger together.



The insidious bastards on the right will try anything to ram their crap down our throats…I say bullshit.


Go auntie go…The only people that deny your claim are the traitor Repukes.


More underhanded bullshit from the right…


From her mouth to god’s ear…


Fuck the Koch brothers!


Good thread showing Trump’s words are taken as truth by NK and Kim will play them for all they are worth.


I’ll close the thread with a sentiment we can all get behind…


My assistant, Miss Hillary, got all tuckered out helping with TGIF.


That’s all folks…Fire away!
















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  1. Morning meese a muggy 79 and 84% this morning here in Tampa. Same old same old…

    Bernie is going to feed his narcissistic ego tonight and in doing so get the ACA repealed which will result in his becoming a killer to add to his resume.

  2. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and thanks, Batch, for another rebel rouser of a diary. Love the tuckered kitteh picture. It’s 50 out now with 80% humidity. Today’s high is going to be 76. Chili on the menu for dinner.

    I’m going to start What Happened this weekend so I’ll be ready for Tuesday’s book club. I anticipate running the gauntlet of emotions. I have my tissues… I’ve got this. Back to my diary. And coffee.

  3. Subject: I signed

    Donald Trump’s racist, xenophobic agenda depends on demonizing communities of color and unleashing law enforcement. That’s why he wants to arm state and local police with military-grade weapons of war. 

    Fortunately there is a bill that would stop Trump’s dangerous escalation and keep weapons of war out of our communities, the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act. Will you join me in signing CREDO’s petition asking Congress to pass the bill?


  4. {{{Batch}}} – I’ve had mine for over a week now and have only managed to get through 20 pages. But I’ll manage. If she can bear to write it, I can sure honor her by reading it. And I already knew, from the moment the election was called, that people were going to die because of this. Rs don’t give a damn. They do not value human life at all and have negative value for Dems and poor people whom they always assume to be Dems. They don’t think we’re worth $12.50 each.

    WYgalinCali’s diary and concept are wonderful. I republished it to Something Good for a Change.

    Need to get back to work. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  5. Batch and WYGal, wish I hadn’t had to miss your diaries this morning. Had a day-long child-minding gig, 8:30 to 5. I will go over to Orange and see whether I can find WYGal’s diary.

    Batch, thank you for this! And thank Goddess it’s Friday and my child-minding gigs are over for the week.

    Question: Are we going to have an ugly surprise this weekend? (Mueller getting fired?)

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