It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: The Explainers 9/26/17

Inspired by WYGal’s Friday post at DK which featured the Helpers, today I am going to focus on the Explainers. Unlike WYGal’s theme, this won’t be an ongoing series, but I want to focus on the authors/writers/groups/publications which provide us with information and fresh perspectives, and contribute to one’s growth as an informed citizen and resister. Please feel free to add threads, posts, articles, or recommended follows which you’ve found to be useful Explainers.

When Adrian Jackson and Propane Jane team up, it’s Twitter gold.

Our very own Sis Dee on so many topics; right now focused on sounding the alarm on behalf of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

Do you need information on the ACA or Republican sabotage efforts? Andy Slavitt, Charles Gaba, Louise Norris are Explainers par excellence. (Special h/t to Andy Slavitt for coining the term “Grassidy”)

Looking for people willing to live-blog the Orange Shitgibbon? I recommend two (both with healthy doses of snark…):

Qasim Rashid. He tackles injustice, explains Islam, and delivers burn-inducing snark.
An interview about Islam here, and a tweet:

Walter Shaub. As the former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, he understands the intersection of law and ethics better than most.

And always and forever, She Who Explains Still.

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  1. Good morning Pond Dwellers and thank you, DoReMi for another double duty dose of deliciousness. I’m glad to have been even a small inspiration for your writings. In a perfect world, I will eventually have too many stories, a democrat will be in the WH and we will have the majority in the senate. Until then? I write.

    I read a tweet this morning and it looks like Rand Paul is a firm no. That gives us our three. I can’t believe that they may use reconciliation on both taxes and ACA next FY. Hopefully, saner minds will prevail and they try fixing it instead. After all, if the do the ACA 2nd, it will be right before midterms. Not a good look.

    54 right now in Sac Town with a high of 93 forecasted. It could be worse. Coffee is calling.

  2. {{{DoReMI}}} – thanks for the double duty and thanks for giving sources of information. Since I’m not on twitter I depend on the twitter warriors to bring important stuff to the Villages. So thanks for that, too. Gotta get back to work. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Back from getting my ID; still a slow process, but it beats the days of relying on typewriters and carbon paper.

    I didn’t want to bring on unwanted comments at the DK home, so I’ll ask here. Did anyone watch the CNN debate last night? I was trying to catch the gist from Twitter, but that just left me with the impression that it was Bernie against Grassidy. Barely a mention of Klobuchar, so was she drowned out, ineffective, or highly-effective but just not Bernie?

    • From what I have heard Amy was the only sane person there. Grassidy were full of lies, and Bernie was full of himself and his fantasies, While she was the only voice there with any reason. Though I believe they probably didn’t let Amy do much talking because of…Misogyny.

      I thought this one was rather funny..

      Good moment for Amy…

  4. Afternoon meese…Thank you Sher…Good layout of people to follow.

    Trump doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, really. He seems to at times and then doubles down on his stupidity wiping out his perceived caring. He does believe he’s always right though even when anyone with a few brain cells can tell he’s wrong. Of course the Repukes seem to agree with him which makes all of them deplorable assholes.

    We just have to hope that Bob Mueller has the goods on him and a good number of the conservatives.

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