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Well, the deflections are starting to get more absurd as the days progress. Once they brought Hillary deflections back we wonder if it’s becasue she’s back and getting more vocal and they want to denounce what Hillary is saying by trying to stifle her? Me thinks they are wasting their time as Hillary isn’t going away and all it’s going to do is make us fight them that much harder. If anything it’s going to show the truth that Hillary is who we know her to be and it’s going to end up showing everything they’ve said about her for the last 30 years are all lies.

I expect the deflections to become an everyday thing with the craziest yet to come. Trump is guilty as sin and more people are starting to realize that. I’m wondering when there is going to be an investigation in the death of Abraham Lincoln. I’m sure the Republicans and Trump will try to make a case that it was the Democrats who shot Lincoln. Anything to waste money and try and get everyone to forget Trump is even in the White House. Of course that a fools errand since Trump can’t shut up long enough to let one of his stupidities to sink in before a new one passes his lips.

So the next few weeks are looking good for our side as long as we keep the pressure on Trump and the Repukes.


Mr Mueller…Please, hurry the hell up!














Fire away!

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  1. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and thanks for the TGIF rant, Batch. The ridiculous is really flowing, isn’t it? I doubt that half of the Orange Shitgibbon’s voters believe what he’s saying. They’re probably figuring he’s going to be a one and done (but at least that woman didn’t get it, right?) I could semi go “ok” to investigating how the FBI handled their email f*ck up. It would not be a HRC investigation, per se. However, the uranium deal? Are they going to investigate all 9 Departments that signed off on that (not to mention it was a Canadian company, IIRC). Deflect. Deflect. Deflect.

    High of 88 today and then dropping back into the 60’s and 70’s next week. Back to my diary monitoring. Uber slow at the 🍊

    • {{{Batch}}} – wild hearts can’t be broken, but they sure as hell can be bruised. The Dream lives on – but this particular version of it has died. For which i still weep. moar {{{HUGS}}} and Healing Energy to us all.

  2. Thank you, Batch and good morning, Meeses. I was pretty out of the news loop for the past week, so I’ve probably missed a few things. But it seems likely that most of what I missed was the outrage-du-jour, which I’ve come to view as mostly distractions. Even the infighting amongst Dems and pseudo-Dems doesn’t particularly interest me at this point. I’ve realized that most of them, including the Current WH Occupant, are speaking to themselves and a very limited number of others; it doesn’t include me. With that in mind, it helps to limit my stomach-churning anger at things beyond my control and focus on those things that I can impact. To that end, I’ve done this and am waiting to hear if I can do some long-distance phonebanking:

    I hate virtual phonebanking, but I share Reese’s concern about this election. This is a signature election that we really need in the W column, and it would be nice if white folk didn’t let us down again. Because I have doubts and concerns about that, I’m setting aside my dislike and hoping the campaign will be able to use me.

  3. Somewhat related to my above comment…or totally random, depending upon you point of view (!) is how much I miss silence. I clearly remember during the Obama years that sometimes a week or more would go by with no obvious public statements/activity from the president. There was always the sense that he was working, but unless you went looking, it was easy to believe that all was silent. Contrast that with now, and the constant tweets, the constant drama, and the almost-daily revelation of some new grift by administration officials. It’s a cacophony. I sorely miss No Drama Obama.

    • I do, too. It was the way a presidency should be. Now, I check trending on Twitter to see if I even want to look. He can’t be gone soon enough (and thank goddess for term limits).

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