Good morning meese…

This is going to be a brief one…good old lackadaisical Thanksgiving…Forgot yesterday was Thursday ..oops :)

Well it looks like bobby-three-sticks didn’t hear our call for action for any perp walks Wednesday. I’m gonna let him get away with it since we’ve come to find out Flynn is distancing himself from Thing meaning that he’s selling Thing down the river with no boat. Hopefully we’ll see some movement towards arrests this coming week.





Love me some Vincente…




Fire away!



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  1. Gods, people never, ever let up on Hillary, do they? Jealous as cat-s*hit.

    Thanks for this, Batch, you just made me feel so much better! See you tonight, maybe? Will be out all day.

  2. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and thanks, Batch, for the diary. Perhaps we will get our perp walk before Christmas…we can hope.

    53 right now and partly cloudy. High forecasted to be 66. Not too bad. Still seems slow at the 🍊today. I guess I should’ve saved my diary for busier time. Oh, well. I did learn how to edit. Fix a link, save and publish. Nobody there to help me so I had to help myself. Sad. Bfitz should be there.

    Back to put in a couple hours of diary minitoring. Then something called a workout.

  3. {{{Batch}}} – if the effwads were right about Hillary they wouldn’t be alive to say so. Goddesses above and below I wish she were as powerful as they say – she’d have us miles down the progressive road by now. If she were half as powerful as they say she’d have the dipwads trying to steal our money, our public lands, and our healthcare laid out in lavender (politically speaking) by now. sigh.

    As much as I want mad king donald in Club Fed, I want Cromwell II there first. mad king donald is an equal-opportunity hater but he just flails around with his tweets so even when he manages to land a punch the energy is diminished and he doesn’t do a lot of damage. (The worst damage coming from him is sins of omission – like dealing with Puerto Rico – not sins of commission.) Cromwell II is very focused on who he wants to damage (women and LGBT folks) and would be quite competent at it if given the chance. I don’t want to give him that chance.

    Visited the DK Village – thank you again, WYgalinCali – you honor me with your friendship and I hope I have been and can in some way continue to be the person you think me. And I’ll see if I can come up with another helper story for you. I’ve known many helpers but I don’t know of enough details to make a story about them. Don’t know the names of some of them any longer since the situation/relationship was not on going – so introduced but over the years forgot the names although I hope I’ll never forget the kindness.

    Anyway, need to tend my stock and get some more coffee. And try to come up with an exercise routine I can do whatever the weather and/or temps outside. The body needs to move or all the pieces parts stiffen up and don’t work right any more. So back later. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • Thanks, bfitz. If you have a large amount of floor space, you can walk in circles. Steps are steps are steps. Or check out Craig’s list for a used compact elliptical or treadmill.

      You are already a good friend and a great person/helper. You’re getting real close to end of work. It’s a great feeling to be retired.

      Back to the 🍊.

  4. Thanks, Batch. In news that is no surprise to anyone here, the Secret Service dude making claims about Hillary was apparently NEVER a part of her detail. But facts have never stopped Fox, so there will be a whole bunch of clueless viewers spouting yet another untruth about her.

    We had a quiet day yesterday; we won’t have our meal until tomorrow, so yesterday was devoted to doing meal prep and wrapping holiday gifts. I’m a year-round shopper, so I am completely done with the shopping and just waiting for a few items to arrive so that we can get them wrapped. I can’t say that I’m normally this organized, but The Hubby, who is Wrapper Extraordinaire, was in the mood to get it done. So he did. Since we celebrate NewChristmukahgivingbirthiversary at The Kiddo’s on December 16th, it’s good to have this all ready.

    And now back to work; I’ve been slammed today but am hopeful things will settle down this afternoon.

    • {{{DoReMI}}} – enjoy your feast by whatever name. My family celebrates the winter holidays/holy days whenever my younger son and his family can get up here from Austin. This year it will be Dec. 17th. :) moar {{{HUGS}}}

  5. Like your post Batch. Know I visited much here lately. Got a new Dean at the library where I work and he decided to do a bunch of new stuff. So I a couple of big projects all at once (I’m doing it along with help of me and myself). I’ve got the day off (with pay- thank you union!) so I have time to read stuff.

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