Morning meese…

Friday sounds like a great time for indictments…What say you Mr Mueller?

There is so much disinformation out there, though for the most part us squirrels and Hillary voters know the facts, even though there is a lot of hand wringing out of too many. Something that can’t be said for the RWNG’s and the bern fools. Those two factions are the spreaders of the “fake news” that make too many people run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Good analogy as all trumpers and bernturds are such morons that losing their heads would make them smarter.

How 32%, or whatever the number has dropped to, of the electorate is still stupid enough to still be believing anything that Thing or the Goopers have done or are alleging they are going to do is good is amazingly stupid. I don’t think there is anything they can possibly do that is terrible enough convince the followers of moronism to go against what they do. Only thing I can think of is for Thing to actually call for Marshall Law and start shooting them and I’m not too sure that would do it.

Gotta keep resisting and persevering until November 6th, when we can vote all the deplorables out of office and hope the FBI gets Jane and Bernturd thrown in jail.




For context…





Might as well keep with the entertaining Bravenak…LOL


This is hilarious….


Fire away!




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  1. Hi, Batch, good to see you! Will someone PLEASE tell St. Bernard to shut up and start knitting?

    And what on earth is taking Mueller so long? I’m not interested in more Manaforts. I want the biggies to be rounded up and arrested. It’s very wearing to the nerves to anticipate something that is simply not happening.

    Hope I can keep away from Twitter today. (Waving) Later!

  2. Good morning, Pond Dwellers and thanks for the post, Batch. Another slow day in the blogs…everybody waiting for Mueller to “make their day.” It can’t happen soon enough. As to the 32%? Believe it or not, there are folks out there who do not have time for listening to and/or reading the news. They are republicans but they don’t realize how bad things have been. They’re struggling just to get through each day, put food on the table and take care of their families. When the time comes. When they see what happens. They will dump tRump.

    35 and foggy. It sounds like another cup is calling my name.

    • {{{WYgal}}} – an unfortunately large number of mad king donald’s supporters don’t care what he does as long as it’s bad for everybody who isn’t them. They will never believe whatever that happens to be is also bad for them. Their One-True-Faith is that anything good for “blah” people is bad for them and anything bad for “blah” people is good for them. Period. You can’t confuse them with facts because they don’t accept facts. And even anyone officially on their own team who tries to show them otherwise is attacked by the RWNJ version of bros.

      Enjoyed your DK Village diary & coffee sounds like a very good idea. :) moar {{{HUGS}}}

      • Thanks, bfitz. I was referring to the republicans who make up the difference between trump’S base and the 32%. I don’t think his base is that high. I put it at about 18% based on recent polling. So, the 14% who vote republican but aren’t paying attention because of work and life…that’s the ones who will wake up enough and won’t vote.

        • Hope you’re right – something I never thought I’d say when I was teaching Social Studies. But this lot will never vote for our team (not more than 2% max anyway) so if they are at least “woke” enough to not vote at all, I guess that’s the best we can hope for.

  3. {{{Batch}}} – For such a bad year, it’s been a good year. Our numbers keep improving – which is what keeps setting off the Extreme Left. They can’t stand it any more than mad king donald can – explaining the similarities in their tweeting attacks. We started the year by getting up off the floor and starting Resisting. We ran for positions the numbers said we we had no chance and almost pulled them off. We blocked and delayed a whole lot of evil legislation. And somewhere along life’s way I truly believe we crossed the turning point. By the end of the year we were winning those positions “common wisdom” said we had no chance of – and we have candidates in more races than ever before. We are not ceding the ground any longer. We’re not paying attention to the folks who are nominally on our side but spend all their time attacking us. (Well, off twitter we aren’t paying any attention. LOL) We’re running any Dem who’s willing to take up the challenge. We’re putting boots on the ground in every precinct we can scare up boots for. In TX. In KS. in UT. Everywhere. It takes time and we’ll take more damage – mostly the “collateral” damage of kids, the elderly, poor folks, immigrants, Puerto Rico & USVI… – but we are going to do this. We got a war to win and win it we will – All Together.

    As to Mueller, sure I’d like to see some progress – but I want this whole administration going down. That takes a rock-hard, air-tight case. I don’t want the gun jumped – don’t want to scatter the covy – when the net comes down I don’t want any holes in it to allow any of the evil bastids to escape. For that kind of case, I’ll wait. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Morning meese…If anyone has a home remedy for clearing their head of thoughts and falling asleep please let me know!

    The death of the NYT sounds like a good idea!

    • Well. The hour or so before bedtime, turn off all stimulus (tv, computer, etc). Take a warm relaxing bath. Go to bed at the same time each night. Maybe some music to sleep by?

    • {{{Batch}}} – get off twitter for at least an hour before bedtime. If you stay online at all, play in the Village – and I mean play, not bringing in or even read the stuff brought in that gets your guts churning and your mind revving – soothing music is good if that works for you. Play some solitaire with real cards or do a crossword puzzle or something like that. Or read a “potato chip book” – something that takes you away from this time-space continuum, you don’t have to think about, and you know will have a “happy” ending. Or a combination thereof. Healing Energy – and moar {{{HUGS}}}

      As to NYT, if it ever changes ownership and disconnects itself from the AR Project it could return to being a decent venue. But it’s current owners, well, when they get bought they stay bought. Even though no Clintons are running for anything, have any plans to run for anything, and in some cases have maxed out and can’t run for anything, NYT contracted to be the reputable-media hit squad on the Clintons in 1992 and has never canceled that contract.

  5. Afternoon, MeeseFolk! Busy, busy day at work, but I keep reminding myself that if I survive today, my next day of work isn’t until Wednesday. Beyond writing Tuesday’s post, I have no responsibilities, so I intend to be craft-y and stay in my jammies as much as possible.

    Batch, everyone in my family got coloring books and colored pencils from Santa. I was skeptical about the claims that coloring is soothing and stress-relieving, but I’m becoming a believer. The key, I think, is finding the right coloring book. For me, if it’s too easy, it’s just boring, but if it’s so detailed that I’m squinting to see what I’m doing, that isn’t helpful either. Anyway, it’s something else to consider along with all of the other good suggestions you’ve received.

    Happy New Year everyone!

    • Happy Friday, DoReMi. I didn’t see you in the Village (at least you didn’t rec the diary). Maybe you’re lurking? I love coloring and agree that the complexity must be just right to keep my interest.

      I’m going to a target this weekend…perhaps I will look for an adult level coloring book and colored pencils. Enjoy your extra long weekend. You deserve it. 🤗

      • Busted! I’ve been lurking, but every time I’ve gone to write a comment, a client has come in or something has come up. I didn’t think I’d even have time to comment here, but I’ve had so many Fridays where I read but don’t comment, I was afraid Batch would start taking it personally ;D

        Your post at L’Orange is now duly rec’d though…

    • {{{DoReMI}}} – do enjoy your time away from work – let your mind and body recharge and get ready for the new year’s work and Works. I agree on the coloring book idea – Tricia introduced me to the concept of “adult coloring books” bless her – I haven’t found the right one though. Yes, the little kid easy ones are boring enough to be irritating, but the freeby I got with some donation or other is so complicated I’m about to recycle it. I was squinting before I started and had a massive headache before I finished the one page I’ve done. Moderation in everything, right? :) and moar {{{HUGS}}}

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