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I know Bobby is being very meticulous in his investigation but it sure would be nice to get a perp walk every once in a while. So many perps to choose from, from Trump to his mob and lawyers to everyone in his administration to most Republicans, the evilgilicals, Russians, Qatarians, Arabs, Syrians, Bernie, his family and his Bozobots…The number of perps is unlimited, reaching into the thousands. You’d think for the well being of the worlds psyche Bobby could perp walk 2 a week for years and still have Trump and the biggies for a grand finale after getting all the info he would need…. Just a thought…but a damn good one… :)


Kinda nice seeing a Republican saying this…


Love Dee’s take…Always worth reading…




Whoa…This is dynamite just waiting to explode…Great article in the WP. Trump is fucked!


Same article as in the above tweet…Eerily like the Valerie Plame bullshit!








This is shocking coming from Fox News…


Going to close with my champion and I know yours too…


Have a great weekend!

Fire away!

As always…Fuck you Bernie!

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  1. Morning meese…High of 86 today with more(ugh) thunderstorms and rain on the schedule…Will be getting rain until at least the middle of next week.

    Fuck Trump and his greedy little friends…

    • This is the tweet I was trying to post…

        • I used to spend weeks every summer in the BWCA; it was then, and largely still is, as pristine an area as you can find. We routinely drank the water without boiling or purification tablets, because there was simply no need. The fishing was amazing…it’s how we got our protein when we were out for weeks at a time. The quiet at night, except for the loons (the bird kind!) and the occasional bear or moose visit, was like nothing I’ve experienced since. And the beauty…the sheer, leave-you-gasping beauty is something that I still carry with me. I know that there are plenty of reasons to hate this administration and more people-centered ones at that, but this is like adding salt to the wound. Destroy the BWs, and it’s unlikely they’ll recover in my lifetime or the lifetime of the next generation. On top of that, they’re called “Boundary” Waters for a reason; the border with Canada runs right through there (we had to go through customs from our canoes), and it’s not going to make our neighbors happy if we foul the waters and destroy the environment. This just infuriates me…

          Oh, and good morning Batch and Meesefolk!

          • Her account is private; I sent a follow request, but if you have the time and can vouch for me, I’d appreciate it. Just the picture on her page had me sighing deep, longing sighs (although at this point in my life, I’m pretty sure the trips we used to take would either hobble me or downright kill me!) The first portage on our route from Lake Saganaga was about a mile long, over hilly and rough terrain, and definitely separated the whiners from the troupers; I’m pretty sure I’d fall into the whiner category now.

          • Yay! I helped her find and install her cover photo and avatar – she was an egg for many years and it always made me jump when I saw her replying to me. :)

  2. {{{Batch}}} – thanks for the post and twitter roundup. Twitter has currently locked my account for exhibiting “automated behavior” – something I doubt I’ve ever done in my life and this is the 2nd time in about 4 weeks that they’ve done it. I’ve got an appeal in with their help desk. Part of the problem is that they want me to “prove” my identity by giving them a phone number they can send text code to. Which requires I have a phone that receives text messages. sigh. Maybe the twitter help desk will get back to me soon. I’d really like to boost the signal not only on these tweets, but Denise’s & Aji’s tweets and also tweet out Fineena’s YouCaring and basket’s DK diary for her.

    Anyway, have as good a day as you can manage – heat and humidity notwithstanding. moar {{{HUGS}}}

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