Morning meese…

I understood 25 years ago that the conservatives in the country we’re out of their fucking minds with their rhetoric but whoever would have thought it could have gotten to where we are now. I think part of why we ignored their bullshit was becasue Bubba had the country running like a well oiled machine and everyone prospered.

Life was great and then 9/11 happened and changed the whole worldview. It allowed the Republicans to start ranting and raving and do their sword rattling. Then in 2008 Sarah Palin crawled out from under a rock to spearhead with her rhetoric what we are seeing now.

The racism and utter lack of compassion for anyone other than the ultra-conservatives in the country has been an in your face assault on democracy and our way of life. They found the perfect vehicle in Trump, they thought, but never realized he had plans of his own to become a despot. The few sane Republicans have woken up to what is happening while the Trump sycophants have sold their souls.

We will have to GOTV and show up in record numbers in November to right the wrongs we are living through. While I believe Bob Mueller will eventually bring down Trump and his traitorous cabal it is paramount that we as Democrats and sane citizens put a halt to their tearing down the norms by voting them all out in November.


Yeah, what about that small gov’t?


Hell has officially frozen over…Wonder what Ryan and the rest will say to this?


While I applaud Steve for his speechifying, he’s partly complicit for where we are since he should have seen this coming years ago…


This is nepotism at its most ludicrous…


Fuck you Dana…better skedaddle to Russia…No one wants you here.



This ain’t going away and is gonna get worse…NFL owners done fucked up.


You can’t fix stupid!




Have a great Friday and a great 3 day weekend!

Fuck off Bernie!

Fire away!


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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


  1. Hiya, Batch! Thanks for this rousing post, every word of which I agree with, naturally.

    Love how you ended with a tweet of Hillary. I wish she’d be nominated for a Nobel Prize for something and WIN! Wouldn’t that make Thang furious?

    Hope you’re going to have a great three-day weekend too!

  2. {{{Batch}}} – good round up. Yeah, I knew the Rs were evil, not mistaken just plain evil, 25 years ago. But we had Congress and Bill – then the trashing of Hillary’s universal healthcare plan & gloating over it, the “contract on america” Newt perpetrated, the whitewater “we’ll find something, keep looking” investigations… The Rs were building the foundation for what they put in place after 9/11. And they’ve just kept building the evil empire ever since. We have to vote them out. It’s the only way. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Good afternoon, Meese, and thank you, Batch. Another BUSY day at work, so this is just a drop in and also a heads up. I’ll be doing this Tuesday’s post (May 29) as usual, but there will be no post on June 5th…I’ll be posting it on June 7th instead, since I’m swapping with Janesaunt at The Orange. I should be done with all of the costumes by then (as in, I’d better be since tech week starts on the 10th), but I’m going to need a few days to recover from my last whirlwind trip to OH on the 2nd and 3rd.

    The willingness/ability by 45*s base to live in a bubble of fiction is something that astounds me almost as much as the complete capitulation of the elected Rs. I don’t think they even realize how demented they sound when they’re repeating the lies coming from this administration. When I saw the #impeachObama hashtag that so many were using, I thought it was snark at first, but nope, it was a real thing on the Right. Just how clueless can you be? And how do you get that way? It’s not just Fox that’s doing this to people; it goes beyond to some real, but dark, ignorance. Of course, they have Dear Leader as the prime example of ignorance, so I shouldn’t be surprised…but I am.

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