Kamala Harris: For The People

She’s running. And I’m with her.

Twitter announcement:

From YouTube

Kamala Harris: “We know America can be better than this — but it’s on us to build it. We have to fight for it. Together. “

Campaign web site: KamalaHarris.org

  • The campaign kick off will be at noon on January 21st on Oakland at the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall.

  • Campaign swag is here: Official Online Store


  1. When surveying the Democratic field, these considerations were important for me:
    – Kamala Harris is a Democrat from the Democratic Party Wing of the Democratic Party.
    – The Harris Senate seat would be filled by a Democratic governor and will likely be held by a Democrat in subsequent elections in the long term.
    – Kamala Harris symbolizes the youth and the diversity in the Democratic Party.
    – Kamala Harris is intelligent and principled.

    Plus #ForThePeople – I am one of those!

  2. Perry Bacon from 538 on Kamala’s chances:

    There may be no other candidate who better embodies how the modern Democratic Party has changed over the last few decades in identity and ideology.

    Harris, as a senator, has embraced the causes of the party’s liberal wing on issues of gender and racial equality. She gave a speech last year criticizing people who say Democrats spend too much time and energy on “identity politics.”

    In short, post-Obama, the Democratic Party is increasingly the party of women and the “woke”, and Harris’ biography and politics align well with where the party has moved. […]

    The way Harris is likely to position herself on policy issues during the campaign — liberal as any candidate on noneconomic issues but not as liberal on economic issues as, say, Bernie Sanders — echoes Hillary Clinton’s platform in 2016 (Harris’ sister Maya was Clinton’s policy director.) So I’m sure party loyalists, particularly black voters and older women, who backed Clinton will give serious consideration to Harris.

    The analysis suggests that she will probably not do as well in Iowa and New Hampshire as other candidates but the next two states – Nevada and South Carolina – could be where she breaks out. March 3rd is Super Tuesday with “nine primaries and caucuses include California — Harris’ home state, which also has a large Asian-American population — as well as four states in which the Democratic electorate will likely be more than a quarter black:” It concludes with the warning that because she is relatively unknown, she may not “catch on” with voters and if she can’t come close in white-on-white Iowa and New Hampshire – or the left-of-the-left decides they can’t trust her – that it could be uphill. We shall see.

    Butthurt white voters: “We hated the black guy and the woman”
    Democrats nominating Kamala Harris: “Hold our beer”

    This is a fight we can win.

  3. Welp, she did it. I didn’t want her to – but then I didn’t want Hillary to either. But she did and as with Hillary, I’m With Her.

  4. Kamala Harris For President 🇺🇸 #YesSheWill

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    Kamala Harris – 40k in 5 hrs!
    Elizabeth Warren – 17.3k
    Kirsten Gillibrand – 1.3k
    Tulsi Gabbard – 3.1k

    Kamala has charisma and momentum!
    Kamala Harris For President 🇺🇸 #YesSheWill added,

    Kamala Harris
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    I’m running for president. Let’s do this together. Join us: http://kamalaharris.org
    10:23 AM – 21 Jan 2019 from Manhattan, NY

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  5. Kamala Harris presser at Howard University yesterday:

    (Kenator Kamala Harris (D-CA), who launched her 2020 presidential campaign earlier in the day, talked to reporters at her alma mater, Howard UniversityC. The Democratic senator discussed her bid for president and her record as California attorney general, and she addressed questions about the partial government shutdown and special counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, among other topics.)

    Here is the CSPAN link to her presidential campaign: Harris Presidential Campaign

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