Huge donation match today for Hill Country Rice For AIDS – please donate if you can!

me & my team – the Wheelie Nelsons – at the 1st training ride – We sweat so you don’t have to.

Double your pleasure, double your fun

Sit on your sofa while we get it done…

Donations matched when you sponsor our AIDS ride fundraiser!

Starting at noon Friday, there’s a huge matching opportunity for the AIDS Ride. Every donation, up to $250 will be matched, until the generous donors have given out $15,000. I get teary even thinking about such generosity. So, please, if you can — donate anything. Even $5, because that’ll be $10. But if you have $250 that needs to go to a good cause, this afternoon it’ll become $500. And it goes directly to help people. AIDS Services of Austin doesn’t have fancy offices, or plush… anything. Money you give to this cause goes to literally put food & medicine in the hands of people who need it. Here is my Hill Country Ride page.

And remember that Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way


Double the dough

Half the effort

We’ll ride You donate

And we’ll get to 15K

Open your wallet, open your soul. Please donate at my HCRA page.

And this song also reminds me of the Ride, here’s the chorus:

Sound and pulse and volume
Hands just reaching out for hands
This is almost overload
I said almost overload
Friends and foes and princes
Are all just human in the end
This is so damn simple, yeah
It’s so damn simple
Again, please donate at at my HCRA page, it will go twice as far today.


  1. Well, that’s weird, the 2nd song didn’t post.

    Anyway – starting at noon, please donate & share!

  2. sneaking in a 3rd song, it doesn’t have any message or anything, but it’s so happy & dance-able, I just have to share it — and if you listened to Love Is Bigger (and you really should), the lead singer on this will sound familiar, the boy is a carbon copy of his dad

  3. I’m trying not to scream in my little green cubicle — my amount raised has gone up over $500 just this afternoon!

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