Week-long Welcomings from Moosylvania: May 12th through May 18th

Welcome to The Moose Pond! The Welcomings posts give the Moose, old and new, a place to visit and share words about the weather, life, the world at large and the small parts of Moosylvania that we each inhabit.

Welcomings will be posted at the start of each week (usually Saturday night with a Sunday date). To find the posts, just bookmark this link and Voila! (which is Moose for “I found everyone!!”).

The format is simple: each day, the first moose to arrive on-line will post a comment welcoming the new day and complaining (or bragging!) about their weather. Or mentioning an interesting or thought provoking news item. Or simply checking in.

So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?

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  1. Good morning, Meesefolk; 46 this morning and going up to 72. It’s another one of those days where the sun feels less like it’s shining and more like it’s just a glare, which I guess is just another way of saying partly cloudy with a cloud cover that is quite high. I keep checking the forecast for OH this weekend, and it’s going to be a tough transition since the Saturday high is supposed to be 86. I think we’ll be planting the shrubs I’m taking either very, very early or very, very late!

    Swamped with work at the moment, which is probably a good thing, since it keeps me from dwelling on the Deplorables and my incandescent anger. At some point, I need to figure out something a bit more constructive, but I need to ride the fury a bit more before that’s possible.

    Good day to and for all!

  2. Good morning meese, it’s 57 with an expected high of 57 today. For all my griping about how it hadn’t rained yesterday when I checked in, the rain really made an appearance starting around 5:00 pm and getting heavier overnight. I saw that I-80 is snowy in certain places and more is scheduled to arrive. This should be good for the snowpack, but wondering what other effects there might be.

  3. Good afternoon, 63 and partly cloudy in Bellingham. The “garden lot” across the street has given us a view of Bellingham Bay for all the years we’ve lived here, but now a new house is being built. I’m not sure how much of a view we will have when it’s finished but such is life. We know the woman building her new home, and despite the loss of our view we wish her well. It’s an old neighborhood, but change still happens so it’s best to adapt.

    Ron and Ava are featured in a Land Trust video. Her comment re Ron finding his “inner Grandpa” makes me smile…..

  4. Friday Meese. 44 here in the Catskills going up to 75 with rain.



    Puerto Rico

  5. Good morning, meeses! Friday …

    It is 52 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 55. Rain in the forecast as well as the potential for thunderstorms. I have to travel today and hope that the storms hold off until early evening when I will be safely home.

    Can’t stay – have a list of morning projects that need to be done before I can leave.

    See all y’all later!

  6. Wrote a diary at the orange place last night. There’s an anti-Planned Parenthood bill that will be heard at the Capitol today. So many awful things happening. Wish I could fix them all. Song for today: Empress: 2nd verse

    So standing in the steady throng of restless hope
    You don’t feel like an outcast anymore
    And something deep inside of you has waken up
    And you know that nothing’s gonna be the same again
    And on the streets
    You can see for what seems miles
    Because in your heart
    You know they feel like you do

  7. Good morning, Moosekind!

    Woke up to an apricot sky, which bodes ill:

    Evening gray and morning red
    Bring down rain upon his head.

    We are indeed expecting rain later today. Currently it’s 54 F. in Ashburn, going up to 80 F.

    We spent yesterday at CarMax, buying a new car. Dearly missed the appointment for his haircut; I missed exercise class and the Communications Committee meeting. We had to take the dog with us as he can’t be left alone for a long time (fortunately, CarMax doesn’t mind dogs inside its halls), and he barked hoarsely whenever one of us left his sight to go round the corner to get water or coffee. However, eventually we emerged with a 2016 white Hyundai Sonata Sport, whatever that is, with only 25,000 miles on it. It has a lot of bells and whistles and looks more maneuverable than our previous car, a Camry hybrid that reminded me strongly of a gray whale.

    Anyway, there’s the blissful prospect of a day at home, my cold is so much better that I think I’m going to have the energy to work today, and things are looking up on the political front. Seems that Mueller is sick and tired of being misunderstood and is releasing lots of stuff. Moreover, there’s nothing the Barr-barian can do about it, apparently.

    Wishing a good day to all at the Pond and safe travels to Jan!

    • It is not a long trip and is one I make several times a month but it is always more challenging in the rain especially with my less-than-perfect eyes.

      I am looking at the Hyundai line also! I currently have an SUV and I need cargo space to move hardware to and fro even though I am trying to shed that part of my business; I still have a few clients that I do hardware work for. I am looking at the Tucson which is the middle-size SUV. There are a ton of used ones out there, I think it has been very popular. Anyway, I have the brochure and added it to the list. I also looked at the Sonata and grabbed a brochure on that as well. I hope it meets and exceeds your expectations!

  8. It’s 67 heading for mid 80s in Fay., AR – how mid depends on the widget you look at. Sunny again today which is good. I could stand less humidity but sunshine is always welcome. We got 23.8 KWHs yesterday, new high for month and year, and the m-t-d is 252. While 500 for the month is still possible it’s not likely. Especially since we’ve got rain in the forecast tomorrow and several days next week. We can use the rain but it would be nice if it did it at night. Rain makes good sleeping weather. And the unfortunately more likely lots of clouds but little or no rain just sux. Cats are quiet at the moment – 4 of 5 are sleeping & the 5th is grooming himself in preparation. Murf’s taken to eating his kibble only when he’s sitting on my lap and I’m holding the bowl for him. But he is eating enough that way to reach the minimum recommended for his age and weight. Hopefully he will get over this soon. Mostly I need him to get over growling & hissing at the other cats when they’re within 3 feet of him. sigh.

    Evil Ones being evil. I’ve spent most of my adult life watching this double train wreck (politics & climate) happening. I’ve said, taught, written letters to newspapers and representatives at various levels, called, emailed, signed petitions – all saying “this is what will happen if we don’t stop it now” – be it by specific laws & regulations or electing specific people (who had viable plans to stop it) at all levels. At this point, to mix the metaphor, I’m just filling sandbags against the flood and too tired to even say “I told you so.” And it’s got to be so much worse for folks like Dee who’ve been doing more, deeper, and longer than I have. So I do what my hands find to do, give a little to “helping” agencies who might – maybe – be able to pull us back from disaster, give a little more to individuals I know who need help just getting by. And try to be strong for those who depend on me being there for them.

    Finished the last of last year’s local blueberries last night. I hope there will be strawberries at the Market tomorrow. Otherwise I’m on grocery store fruit for a bit. My cherries are a ways out from being ripe. Meanwhile I need to do my internet tour and get some coffee. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  9. Good morning, 54 and raining in Bellingham. I enjoyed a short visit to my favorite nursery yesterday so now I can start planting my flower pots. Hopefully just focusing on 2 or 3 planters at a time will keep doing so creative and manageable. I used to make a master list, bring all the plants home, and then plant everything but I’m older and trying to be wiser now :)

    Best wishes to all.

  10. Good morning, Meesefolk; 54 this morning and going up to a cloudy 64 here. In OH, where I’m headed after work, the high is going to be 77 and even as late as I will be arriving, will be warmer than here. Tomorrow’s high is still listed as 86, so our planting will be happening very early.

    My BFF, who was supposed to come with me, begged off; she’s been dealing with bronchitis for weeks, and her doctor finally told her to quit doing so much and spend a weekend in bed. (I hope she listens to her doctor, but she’s more noted for stubbornness and willfulness than a compliant nature.) I picked up the shrubs last night: a Fothergilla gardenii, which is her housewarming gift to Kiddo and SIL and a Viburnum carlesii, which is my addition. I considered a Viburnum dentatum, because it’s a native, but this is going to be for an area where Kiddo is not insisting on natives. And between the fragrance and the smaller size, the carlesii just makes more sense. My girlfriend gave me buckets upon buckets of ‘Becky’ shasta daisies to take down that she had dug out from her own Kiddo’s gardens. It’s my absolute favorite shasta, but I’m not sure Kiddo will even want them. If she doesn’t, it just means more for me! And I just received notification that the trillium and Jack-in-the-pulpit rootstock I ordered for Kiddo is shipping today. Unfortunately for Kiddo, it won’t arrive while I’m there to help, so she’ll have to deal with a massive amount of planting on her own. It will certainly be a test of her commitment to creating a native woodland oasis!

    Good day to and for all!

  11. Saturday Meese

    51 and sunny here in Saugerties, NY going up to a lovely 72.

    Want to laugh this morning? See NY AG Tish James – on De Blasio run for POTUS

    Puerto Rico

    • They will wait an eternity for Trump to stop hating but maybe Senate Republicans can be shamed into releasing the recovery funds. As long as the funds stay tied to help for their base – rural white folks – there is hope.

      • No hope with any Rs. They’re all made of hate and they can’t be shamed into anything. Tying the funds to help for their base isn’t gonna work. They already are blaming Puerto Ricans for white rural folks not getting their aid. A number of them will ride that lie to re-election. Because their base is both hateful and stupid.

  12. Good morning, meeses! Saturday …

    It is 43 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 70. Showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast.

    “News lite” has improved my demeanor – or it could be that knowing I finally have a block of time to get caught up on projects has made me less frantic. :) The Republican Party’s chaos presidency* may be losing its ability to consume us now that we have some candidates speaking out against it forcefully every day. It feels like our voices are amplified now that the media is required to pay attention to our leaders.

    I have been muting a lot of people on Twitter lately for their attacks on Nancy Pelosi for “not moving quickly on impeachment.” She has the right committee chairs in place and they are proceeding according to the law, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. I am fairly confident that there will be impeachment hearings at some point and we should not be in any hurry because it will take the attention off of our agenda. The House continues to pass bills that represent Democratic Party values and are supported by majorities in our country. Let’s concentrate on promoting those – we will run on those bills to hold the House next year, to retake the Senate, and to elect a Democratic president.

    The Fighting Back post will feature Representative Annie Kuster from New Hampshire talking about the protections for people with pre-existing health conditions that the House just passed. Because in 2020, just like in 2018, we run and win on health care.

    See all y’all later!

  13. Lazy morning, watching the news, slowly eating breakfast. Good discussions on MSNBC’s show, Up. Today: groceries & cleaning up the kitchen (there are ants around my kitchen window, ugh). It’s the anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death, so I post Love Will Tear Us Apart. I wish he’d known how much people would still love his music, even 40 years later.

  14. Good morning, Moosekind! Late to the party today. Didn’t get up until 7:30. We’re having iffy sunshine and there’s a forecast of rain. There was a forecast of rain yesterday but it never happened. Can I get a job as a meteo? I wouldn’t have to actually know anything: all I’d need to do is look out the window and stick out my tongue.

    Actually, looking out the window, I see the woods are now in full summer dress. They’re looking very green because of all the rain we’ve had, as is the grass. The little gardens some people have planted outside their patios look absolutely stunning.

    Currently it’s 72 degrees, going up to 79 F. today.

    Right on the heels of this cold, I’ve got some sort of ghastly intestinal ailment. In fact, that sort of thing is supposed to be a side effect of this beastly new medication I’m taking. I’ll stay off it for a week to see if that’s what’s causing this unpleasantness. I’m a great one for staying off meds.

    More and more I’m plotting how to be a vegan. I like everything I’ve heard about it: weight loss, blood pressure drop, cholesterol level drop, the lot, not to mention the effect on the environment. Of course there are considerable barriers: Dearly Beloved, who wants no part of any such thing, the place where I live (which hardly caters to vegetarians, let alone vegans), and whatnot. But perhaps I can think of a way.

    Ugh, this is way too much info for all of you! Sorry. About politics—nothing to say. Dee, I loved the little video you put up of Tish James! DoReMI, reading about your planned gardening activities has me in a faint. That’s a lot of work!

    Wishing everyone a pleasant Saturday.

  15. It’s 70 and might make it to 75 this very overcast day in Fayetteville, AR. In a sense hoping the rain holds off – Farmers Market runs until 1 pm – in a sense wish it would rain and clear off so I can get some electricity generation. We got 23.75 KWHs yesterday and the m-t-d is 276. There are 14 days left in May (counting today) and I need at least 11 of them to be a bit over 22 to make 500 for the month. So. Possible but very unlikely.

    Haters gonna hate. When in power haters gonna do evil. It’s up to us to get them out of power again. MSM has been, as ordered, preparing the way for the end of our constitutional form of government for about 20 years now. Literally the end. As in no peaceful turnover of power. I remember the rumors that W wasn’t going to leave at the end of his term. Then of course that BHO wasn’t going to. And now – online and off – the not just rumor but actual assertions that twitler won’t. So we get back into power and break up the fascist propaganda machine or sooner rather than later that will happen simply because we will have reached a point that the majority accepts it, is resigned to it, and doesn’t vote out the bastids when they have the chance because why bother. Americans seem to be the most manipulable in the world. Or at least it seems to be our turn or something. sigh. But I don’t think we’ve reached that point yet. And so we work our butts off to get back into power. Clean up the gawdawful messes the Rs are making. & please, god/goddess/whatever deity might have a vague interest in the human race being happy/healthy/harmless to the rest of Life – help us break up that propaganda machine.

    I’ve visited the Market and gotten strawberries. We shall see if they stay good long enough for me to eat them over the course of the week or if I’ll need to scarf them up over the course of a few days and get grocery-store fruit for the rest of the week. Meanwhile, I need coffee. Then visit Bobby’s #Khive diary. As painful as that is. Which it is. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  16. Good morning, 58 and partly sunny in Bellingham. We transplanted a yew tree yesterday, using a fiberglass pot instead of a heavy clay one we are used to struggling with. I planted ivy to trail over and it looks just fine! I’m trying to be more realistic re watering and heavy lifting but my old ways are often hard to change! I’ve got flowers to plant so I hope to be outside soon.

    Best wishes to all.

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