Tuesday in Mooseville – Six Minutes of History 8/13/19

Flag of the German American Bund (AV), or “German American Federation,” a pre-World War II American Nazi organization active in the United States between 1933-1941

Words are superfluous.

Field of Vision – A Night at the Garden from Field of Vision on Vimeo.

For those wanting more information, an interview with the filmmaker is here: A Night at the Garden.


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  1. bfitzinAR
    August 13, 2019 at 9:03 am

    Problem is, most Americans have been waiting for these kinds of signs and while there are signs all around us – they aren’t exactly like this. Even as president twitler doesn’t get these kinds of crowds and while he wants to put on the militaristic show, the military isn’t going for it. So they look at the old films and news reels and think “not here” – or if they’re a little more honest “not yet” – and don’t accept that history rhymes rather than repeating itself. But yes, America has always had a very strong, very violent, strain of WASP supremacism. (& you’ll note the speaker kept saying “gentile” rather than “Christian” – that way they didn’t have to include Catholics without obviously not including them. Then they could use Catholics to help take out “others”‘ before it was their turn.)


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