Tuesday in Mooseville – History Is. 11/26/19

Last week I mentioned that I would be doing a SHEnanigans post today, barring something catastrophic.  The catastrophic has not happened, but there’s a change in plans anyway.  My doubling down on resumes last week has resulted in two interviews:  one today and one tomorrow.  This is good news for me, but not good for my concentration on anything other than preparing for the interviews.  Instead you get a Twitter-supported look at interesting tidbits of history and the lenses through which we view them.
History is people.

History is symbolism.

History is stories.

History is our inhumanity.

History is always in need of reexamination.

History is “a song that will never die.”

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  1. Good luck on the interviews. Thank you for the “history is…” roundup. The Slave Rebellion itself was only a little more disturbing to the local white people than the reenactment – armed Black folks, any BIPOC make wypipo nervous if not down-right terrified. And anything indicating Black/BIPOC folks have history separate from white mythology attacks that white mythology. Still, we have made progress. Such a reenactment would have been met with overwhelming white violence too-damned-few decades back.


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