Week-long Welcomings from Moosylvania: July 18th

Welcome to The Moose Pond! The Welcomings posts give the Moose, old and new, a place to visit and share words about the weather, life, the world at large and the small parts of Moosylvania that we each inhabit.

Welcomings will be posted at the start of each week (usually Saturday night with a Sunday date). To find the posts, just bookmark this link and Voila! (which is Moose for “I found everyone!!”).

The format is simple: each day, the first moose to arrive on-line will post a comment welcoming the new day and complaining (or bragging!) about their weather. Or mentioning an interesting or thought provoking news item. Or simply checking in.

So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?

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  1. Good morning, meeses! Saturday …

    It is already 77 degrees in Madison with an expected daytime high of 86. Chance of thunderstorms.

    It sounds like the Pfizer vaccine is losing some effectiveness after 6 months. That puts me on target to need a booster by the end of August. I am sure that my HMO will stay on top of this and let me know when the boosters are available. Health care experts are saying it would initially be for people over 65 and the immunocompromised. This would probably be less necessary if more people had vaccinated – the Delta variant is highly contagious which is why there are vaccine breakthroughs, you can’t avoid the spray from those infected and the vaccines are only so good. Most of the people on ventilators this time around are under 60 – at risk because of hubris more than politics, I think. I wish our schools taught history better; anyone who understood what smallpox did and, more recently, what polio did would not pooh-pooh the value of vaccinations. Anti-maskers are protesting in front of hospitals that require masking and harassing people with cancer for wearing masks. Bastids.

    I made it to Saturday! It has been a busy and chaotic week and my schedule was fractured. I had been on a pretty steady schedule of sorting and shredding and I had to set that aside. I have one more week to get to everything in my office sorted, scanned and shredded. The clearing process is going well for the rest of the house – the first test of the donation/resale sites was done yesterday and we have a pretty good idea of what people will take and not take. We have a place for cardboard recycling (I am a box hoarder) and things are starting to leave the house instead of just getting stacked in different places. :)

    See all y’all later!

    • “. . .Things starting to leave the house instead of just getting stacked in different places.” YAY! 👍👍👍 That’s progress!

  2. Saturday Meese. 56 going up to 82. A beautiful day here in Kingston- finally.

    Smiled re Naomi Osaka honor.

    Naomi Osaka

  3. Puerto Rico

    Because Puerto Rico is a colony, how Medicaid is funded differs from the way it is funded for citizens who live in states.

  4. Good morning everyone. Eating breakfast & watching the news. Today: laundry & groceries, making a fresh batch of the Moroccan-inspired lunch I had last week. I think cycling is on this afternoon.

  5. It’s 77 heading for mid 90s and today they even admit the heat index will get over 100. Mostly sunny again. Which probably means 80% of “normal” generation again. Yesterday we got 18 KWHs and the m-t-d is 381 with 8 generation days left in July.

    Lousy sleep last night. Mostly not in fact. But fell into a heavy 45 minutes or so just before dawn and am still headachy and loggy. Oh well. Coffee’s on. We’ll see if it helps. I haven’t checked in on anybody yet today but as of last night nothing really had changed since yesterday. Or the day before even. (I think. My brain isn’t cooperating at the moment.)

    So. Close the house. Coffee. And off to twitter. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

  6. Good Saturday morning, Meese! It’s 79 F. and partly cloudy in Ashburn today, heading for a high of 85 F. with no rain.

    Yesterday evening we went out to the courtyard to listen to music provided by a kind neighbor on his electronic keyboard. (At least, I think that’s what it was.) We took Monty out with us, thinking he’d enjoy an evening out with his parents, but his manners are on a par with those of Attila the Hun. He barked twice, hoarsely, which made me get up and lead him home. I gave him a teething biscuit before I went out again to rejoin Dearly.

    Meanwhile little Raspberry Toy Poodle, who lives across the hall, was sitting on the patio with her mom. Raspberry smiled ecstatically through the performance because she was out in the open air and receiving many behind-the-ear scritches from her mom. Raspberry is a sweet little thing who loves people. She’s 12 and nearly blind, poor baby.

    We watched the HUGELY boring “Parade of Nations,” which was frequently interrupted by commercials. I wanted to watch the USA team come marching in but simply couldn’t put up with the boredom any longer. I kept dozing off. I did go out front to see the huge, beautiful Buck Moon, and thought of all the bucks and does who used to show up in our backyard at Lammas tide to eat our apples. I didn’t mind, as the backyard apples were not perfect.

    I tottered down to the garden before breakfast this morning. I tottered, I watered, and came back with a bag full of ripe medium-sized tomatoes. One will be for Dearly’s Sunday breakfast and one will go into my lunch for a BLT. This time of homegrown sun-ripened tomatoes is so fleeting! I’m determined to enjoy every second.

    Feeling creative today. I will not spend all my creativity on laundry, however. After months of lying fallow, so to speak, I’m itching to get back to writing again.

    Wishing a good, enjoyable Saturday to all at the Pond.

  7. Good morning, 64 and sunny in Bellingham. I woke up from a long nap yesterday feeling rested, yay! I think/hope the arthritis flare I’ve been experiencing is finally easing.

    I’ve got some birthday errands to do and a bouquet to make for Emma’s birthday brunch tomorrow. She is 19 yrs old now! Covid quarantine was difficult for her so it’s nice to see her enjoying her job and looking forward to fall classes in an actual

    Best wishes to all.

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