Week-long Welcomings from Moosylvania: January 9th

Welcome to The Moose Pond! The Welcomings posts give the Moose, old and new, a place to visit and share words about the weather, life, the world at large and the small parts of Moosylvania that we each inhabit.

Welcomings will be posted at the start of each week (usually Saturday night with a Sunday date). To find the posts, just bookmark this link and Voila! (which is Moose for “I found everyone!!”).

The format is simple: each day, the first moose to arrive on-line will post a comment welcoming the new day and complaining (or bragging!) about their weather. Or mentioning an interesting or thought provoking news item. Or simply checking in.

So … what’s going on in your part of Moosylvania?

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  1. Friday Meese. 28 going up to 35 here in Kingston.

    Frederick Douglass

    A moose rescue

    • Oh, dear Goddess! You just watch—Dunkin’ will turn Virginia into the new Kansas, with ignorance abounding and no taxes, so no state employees will be paid, roads won’t be kept up, etc., etc.

      How stupid is this? I think Abraham Lincoln debated Donna Douglas, who was very attractive when young.

  2. Puerto Rico

  3. Good morning. Got in both a walk and a movie yesterday (yes, I saw Sing 2 again). It’s supposed to get up to 78 this afternoon, so I am definitely walking today. This must be “compression heat” because there’s quite a cold front coming overnight — won’t get out of the 50s tomorrow, with 50 mph wind gusts. We’re in moderate drought, so there’s a danger of fire.

  4. It’s 38 going to 58 and overcast. According to the widget it’s going to get more overcast as the day goes on. sigh. Yesterday we generated 6.5 KWHs and the 74.5 m-t-d gained a bit. That gain will be lost today and tomorrow – and if we actually get the snow tomorrow the widget says we will, Sunday as well until it melts off the panels. sigh.

    I managed a little over 7 hours sleep – the last hour or so just dozing rather than solid sleep, but still sleep. The sinusitis doesn’t seem to respond to any drugs right now. Neither the Rx one I finished the 30-day trial of last week nor the OTC ones that used to work. On the other hand the flares haven’t been as bad this last week since I stopped taking anything. (But my nose is sore. sigh.) Hands, well, part of that depends on how much work I do that requires holding things firmly and applying pressure (like cleaning anything). Part of it is how often and how close together I wash my hands as I get a (usually minor) flare when the skin temp drops as air hits wet hands. Functional at the moment. Mostly.

    More drama with Jill. She can and has walked away from most of the drama producers in her family. But not when it involves her son. Aji’s had to/is having to cancel long-planned – and needed – doctor and dentist appointments for her and Wings because of COVID. Or rather because the jerkwad #RepublicanDeathCult dentist and specialists are ignoring COVID. (The dentist just got back from a cruise FHS.) I’m sure there’s more drama going on with other folks. I just don’t know what. Holding the Good Thoughts.

    If it gets any darker I’m going to have to turn the lights on. Oh well. Off to twitter. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

    • OK, hands are trash. Eff it all. 6 to 10 tries for a 2-click operation. Plus the clicks closing all the stuff that opened when I didn’t want it to while I was trying.

      • Oh, dear, I’m so sorry. What a nuisance for you. Wonder whether there’s still such a thing as voice-activated dictation? Dragon Naturally Speaking used to let people speak and then watch words appear on the screen.

        I realize that wouldn’t work for every situation you’re facing, though. Will your hands get any better in the summer?

        • {{{Diana}}} The problem isn’t the typing part. It’s the mouse clicks – click “reply” or “new mail” or “tweet” or whatever and then having to click “send” or whatever to make it go. Even the RT button on twitter – 1 click for the dropdown box, 1 click to just RT – but 1 click for quote RT then another click to send. And the copy-paste stuff – that’s 2 clicks plus holding the mouse button down to highlight what needs copying. Opening Edge or Outlook in the first place. Opening new tabs. Going back and forth from Edge to Outlook. All the mouse stuff. I drives me nuts.

          My hands will get some better in summer. The “overuse” of gripping things with pressure (like cleaning) never goes away. But the significant skin temperature drop every time I get my hands wet will and that helps.

  5. Good morning, Moosekind! Let us hope our sibling moose is okay after falling through the window well.

    In Ashburn it’s overcast and 43 F., and the wind has kicked up again.

    For someone who first woke up (from discomfort) at 3 a.m., I don’t know how I managed to snooze right through until 7 a.m. Such a late wakeup has thrown my day right off.

    The good news is that I have a pretty free day that will be filled with writing and laundry. I’m still unsure as to whether or not Nora will be here from Sunday into Monday. I’ll text Younger Son to see what he has to say.

    Otherwise, my Google Meet yesterday was a resounding failure. There are no instructions as to how to get OUT of the thing. Three other people joined but we couldn’t hear each other. I looked on the dashboard for the meeting coordinator and all but one appeared to be unmuted. Hail. We’ll just meet next month.

    Other than that, not much news that’s good. I’m filled with existential dread at the thought of the next four years. How are we going to survive Dunkin’s administration? Don’t know.

    Wishing a nice, peaceful Friday to all at the Pond.

  6. Good morning, 42 and partly sunny. I think I’m going to be outside today, cleaning up the patio plants, seeing where I left off in the garage, and maybe planting a few primroses. Everything looks winter weary and with covid numbers spiking I’m trying to just stay here so some early spring flowers may help me cope. Best wishes to all.

  7. Anybody know why I just got an email asking me to subscribe to comments on Motley Moose? Did my randomly open things when I’m trying to click on something else syndrome activate something?

    • Gosh, bfitz, I don’t know. I haven’t received any such email so my guess is that perhaps you inadvertently clicked on something. Good luck! {{{hugs}}}

    • There is nothing automatic but the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” option is pretty close to the POST COMMENT button. My guess is it was an accidental click.

      • Thanks. That figures. And is much less worrisome than me triggering something automatic I wouldn’t have a clue about how to turn off. LOL.

  8. Good morning, meeses! Saturday …

    It is 10 degrees in Madison (feels like -8!) with an expected daytime high of 19. Partly cloudy skies are in the forecast. We had freezing after our Thursday melting and while the roads are mostly fine, the sidewalks are a bit slick.

    I was watching MSNBC yesterday afternoon to hear the commentary on the “seditious conspiracy” charges being levied against the Oath Keepers. The legal analysts seem to think that the charges have a good chance of sticking. The last time a seditious conspiracy charge resulted in a conviction was when a political group attacked the Capitol and shot some congressmen. One of the other times the feds tried to use it – and it resulted in an acquittal – was in Arkansas with an all-white jury seeing nothing wrong with a white supremacist group (which included some KKK leaders) doing murder and mayhem in their quest to overthrow the government. I hope we have moved past that era. In any event, when that case goes to trial it will probably not reflect well on The Former Guy and his seditious political party. In a just world, that would result in fewer votes for them but I am not counting on it. I will stock up on popcorn.

    Diana, I am sorry that your state will be losing a lot of its COVID funds as Gov. Dumbkin drags it into the #RepublicanDeathCult. The state overriding local mask mandates when parents are terrified of their kids getting sick at in-person school? He is going to tick off more parents that way than he pleases with his plans to cancel teaching any history that offends white folks.

    I have to put my nose to the grindstone today to finish up accounting work so I can close my 2021 books in preparation for tax filing. I should not have any interruptions and with Monday being a federal holiday, I have an extra weekend day to finish things up.

    See all y’all later!

    • Yay for getting your accounting work finished!

      I like your name better than the one I’ve been using. Gubernator Dumbkin sounds just right. I’m betting that Arlington County, which couldn’t get any bluer than it already is, and Fairfax County, which contains some highly educated people, will refuse to go along with that no-mask business.

  9. A very very cold Saturday Meese. It’s 5 degrees and wind chill makes it way below zero. (-25 in the area)

    MLK Birthday

  10. Puerto Rico

  11. Good morning from cold & windy Austin. I can hear it howling down the chimney and around the corner of the building. Later today, I’ll cover my plants because it’s supposed to freeze tonight. Yesterday afternoon it got up to 78 and I got in a 1.25 mile walk.

  12. Good Saturday morning, Meese! It won’t be a good day for Virginia, but let that pass. To prove whut a down-home guy he is, our new gubernator elected to have a boots-and-country-music type of ball rather than black tie and an orchestra. Perhaps they’ll all get Covid and pop off. If hell in fact exists, country music will be playing nonstop:

    You lahed
    I crahed
    We both dahed


    Anyway, it’s sunny and 24 F. in Ashburn. I took Monty out before sunrise but he refused to do anything. He just sat down in his padded jacket with the hood and looked about vaguely. He scuttled back into the building eagerly enough when I tugged on his leash. He still hasn’t been out, so Goddess alone knows what kind of shape his bladder is in.

    Nora may be here today as well as tomorrow, so I must go out to visit Navy Fed, get my wiggie washed, and stop by the (very likely) empty shelves of the supermarket.

    Feeling very pleased that five people responded to my call to interview former Peace Corps volunteers. They all want to start a little group of their own.

    Wishing a good day to all at the Pond, and I hope that everyone is loaded up with bread, milk, toilet paper, chocolate, wine, and frivolous reading matter to withstand the coming snowstorm in comfort.

    • HAHAHAHA! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who can’t tolerate Country Music.

      This: “Perhaps they’ll all get Covid and pop off.” Of course they won’t! They are vaccinated and boosted, it is only the rabble who are being encouraged to literally kill themselves by staying unmasked and unvaxxed. Just like poor white boys became the cannon fodder in the Civil War, pressed into duty to protect the “property” rights of the plantation owners, the MAGAts dying are just collateral damage for the Republicans who are determined to continue their control of the courts and deliver deregulation to their donors – Mother Earth, be damned. Bastids.

  13. It’s 23 going up to 37 – the windchill won’t make it above freezing – and snowing. Supposed to snow all day. Snow’s on the panels. If we get any generation today, it won’t be much. Yesterday we got 4.678 KWHs. The m-t-d is 79 – and will probably stay that way until tomorrow’s sun and 40s temps get rid of the snow.

    Blast people who dump pets. The little white-pawed tabby was waiting for me on the carport this morning. He won’t go into the box I have out there and the blanket pad I’d put on top had snow on it. I moved the blanket to a more sheltered spot on the carport and turned it over. That and food are all I can do for the little guy. The other two neighborhood cats seem to have shelter. They’re not here anyway.

    As of yesterday when I talked to her, Jill had a fever and feels rotten. She’s vaxxed but not boosted. She’s praying it’s not COVID – or at least it doesn’t get any worse than it already is. ERs in her county are full. And there’s nobody to take care of the dogs if she had to leave them. At least the landlord, who only takes cash, told her not to worry about the rent (due today) until she’s well.

    Rotten sleep. I think my hands are better. Once I start boosting stuff on twitter I’ll find out. Bright the day, Meeses. {{{HUGS}}}

    • Snowing as far south as you are? Great Mother!

      So sorry about the snow on the panels and your poor hands. Winter is intolerable, it seems.

      I don’t like to wish anyone tater tots and pears, but I am sending you rosy vibes of love and white healing light.

  14. Good morning, 42 and foggy outside my window today. My morning energy seems to be generating new to do lists and then I run out of steam before actually doing much of anything. Oh well, the lists will wait and my intentions are good so that’s a start. Best wishes to all.

    • “To-do” lists are great! “Let it be written, let it be done,” as dear old Rameses II used to say. He was 6’2″ and in a country where 99.5% of the people are short and dark, he had red hair. I am too polite to ask how that could have happened.

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