Voter registration – there’s an app for that

I’m in Austin, where South By Southwest is happening. I normally have the Austinite reaction to our version of March Madness — stay far away & ignore everything. But this morning, there was an interview on the local news with Maria Teresa Kumar and America Ferrera and they were talking about a voter registration app. Voto Latino released the app yesterday. They said that the number one reason Latinos vote is because someone asked them. Here’s a link to the interview: KXAN interview with Ms Kumar & Ms Ferrera. They have a panel at 12:30 today, here’s the info on it — some panels are streamed (I don’t know how to tell if it will be):

And here is a link to the app:

All kinds of things have been going on, huge arguments and things have gotten ugly. But no matter the candidate, all of us can agree that tools to register more voters are good, right?

For my 52nd, seeking donations for 2 causes

This picture is me at last year’s Hill Country Ride for AIDS, with Thor. I’ve done this ride every year it has existed. I love it beyond anything. It is one day of the way you wish the world was. And the cause is very important, there are people I love who are HIV+ and I want them — and people I don’t know, actually especially people I don’t know, taken care of. I want people who don’t have anyone, people who don’t have means — I most especially want those people to have organizations that take care of them. I usually write a post for my birthday asking for donations — and I am, I’d love to get donations of $52 for my 52nd birthday.

A refuge of love & peace during the debate (for AIDS Walk Austin)

Hi. This morning, when I thought about that debate, my heart just wanted to curl up & hide in a corner. I can’t stand all the awful things that will be said, the horrible ideas, etc. So I used to be a preschool teacher & was raised by a preschool teacher — I can’t deal with meanness & petulance. I need to start raising money for the AIDS Walk, so I thought I’d create a diary filled with niceness — happy music & stuff like that. And links where you can donate to my AIDS Walk page