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TGIF…Gov’t Shutdown Edition

Morning meese….

Well it looks like the gov’t shutdown overnight even after Chuck Schumer and Jowls McTurtle had a bi-partisan plan all ready to pass.

Enter side-left Rand Paul and his play for the limelight. After voting to pass the GOPTaxScam he should have just stayed in his seat and shut up. Everything he cried about was right on the money but he should have thought about it before he voted to pass the Scam of the century, allowing the deficit to be blown sky high.

Like the boy crying wolf when he invited the wolf over for dinner and found out he was on the menu.

It’s a wonder Chuck, Nancy and the Dems in Congress don’t want to do one of two things…Kiss Rand or laugh like hyenas because have no doubt the Cons were all set to make any shutdown look like it was Nancy and the Dems fault. No chance of that now thanks to Rand.

Could we be so lucky as for this to happen on the Republican side of the House…


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made a unanimous consent request to expedite a vote on the budget measure shortly before 6 p.m. Thursday. Paul objected, however, demanding first a vote on an amendment to the bill that would reinstate spending limits that it removed. Unless Paul yields before midnight EST, the earliest the Senate will be able to vote on the measure is early Friday, an hour past the government funding deadline. And that is just a vote to end debate. After the Senate clears that hurdle, Paul could speak for another hour — as could other senators — before the Senate votes on final passage.

After the Senate, the bill would need to go to the House, move out of the Rules Committee, have House lawmakers adopt a rule governing debate for the bill and then get that last passage vote.


Rand smiling for the cameras…god, I hate all Republicans..


Dotard tweeted this at 7:30PM and i answered the dimwit.








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Fuck you Bernie




Morning meese…

The movie series “Fast and Furious” has nothing on the news dumps we are getting bombarded with constantly. A lot of it is a different slant on the same news but a lot of it isn’t. Hard to keep up for a single person but our squirrels nest makes it a lot easier to keep up with what is and what isn’t relevant.




This couldn’t have anything to do with Trump and his conservative white base could it?


Fuck the Trump and the GOP…This really pisses me off!






Fuck you Bernie




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Had a nauseated Thursday so have none of my inescapable wit to share today. So it’s a tweet only day!!!






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The Goppers, all of them are assholes…full stop! I’m putting Bozo and the rose brigade in with the goppers since that’s what they are.

We used to have a great country,still do, before Russia installed their choice as president and the goppers wholeheartedly are ok with it. They’re all in it up to their eyeballs…Fuck them all!

Mr Mueller…Please hurry up!



Never a more true statement has ever been uttered.







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I’m one pissed of moose…

Seems the moron trumpers are shouting to the moon like wild dogs about companies like the deplorable Walmart upping their minimum wage to $11/hr and giving bonuses to certain employees. I’m sure they are referring to the full time employees of which there aren’t as many as you’d expect. Large corporations like Walmart would rather employ very few full timers so they don’t have to offer the minuscule benefits they do offer. Funny thing about Walmart is they had upped their minimum wage to $10/hr last year but most people don’t realize it so $1 more makes hardly any difference.

Here’s the kicker…Walmart Corp also closed 63 Sams Club which they own and laid off employees and closed come of the Walmart’s also. Of course that doesn’t get reported at the same time.

The MSM hasn’t all of a sudden changed their ways…They’re still only reporting half stories to make Bum seem like the savior of mankind when in reality we know he’s just the Devil in ill fitting suits.


Fuck the GOP tax scam and Trump!!!








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Morning meese…I’m assuming “Fire and Fury” is going to be burning up the internet and definitely be the number one topic in DC. I’m sure wannabe journalists will be standing in line even as you’re going to bed to get the copies that are being sold in DC at 1 AM…Should be a fun and fascinating day to say the least…

Look at the time stamp….He’s going to unravel totally…Sloppy Steve…Lmao










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Morning meese…

Friday sounds like a great time for indictments…What say you Mr Mueller?

There is so much disinformation out there, though for the most part us squirrels and Hillary voters know the facts, even though there is a lot of hand wringing out of too many. Something that can’t be said for the RWNG’s and the bern fools. Those two factions are the spreaders of the “fake news” that make too many people run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Good analogy as all trumpers and bernturds are such morons that losing their heads would make them smarter.

How 32%, or whatever the number has dropped to, of the electorate is still stupid enough to still be believing anything that Thing or the Goopers have done or are alleging they are going to do is good is amazingly stupid. I don’t think there is anything they can possibly do that is terrible enough convince the followers of moronism to go against what they do. Only thing I can think of is for Thing to actually call for Marshall Law and start shooting them and I’m not too sure that would do it.

Gotta keep resisting and persevering until November 6th, when we can vote all the deplorables out of office and hope the FBI gets Jane and Bernturd thrown in jail.




For context…





Might as well keep with the entertaining Bravenak…LOL


This is hilarious….



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Morning meese…Going to be a shorty this morning…Mind is mush…









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It’s sad that our daily life has come to having to fight bigotry, misogyny and a myriad of other terrible things on a daily basis. It’s disheartening and depressive to say the least.

It’s all because of the right wing and their xtian fundie twisted beliefs that have increasingly become more radicalized in the last 20 years.

What has all of us pissed off though, and rightfully so, is the aid the vocalized far left has given the right wing bigots. It’s increasingly being brought to the conscientiousness of us(even though we’ve all known it for years) and the Dem party at large that the faux progressives are nothing more than an extension of the right wing trying to make life harder then it needs to be. They started their idiocy during the election of Dubya with Nader and his stupidity and festered into the idiocy of Fuckin Bernie and his meager band of morons.

Maybe it’s for the better that this has happened becasue it’s woken up a large part of the electorate that didn’t know how gov’t worked much less cared. I know this is a hard lesson to be taught, and we  have taken a lot of hits becasue of it, but the world will end up being a better place just because people have jumped in with both feet to fight back.


Trumps stupidly on display!




It’s really something when you hear words like these from a sitting Senator.



Really great thread!






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Morning Meese…

I’ve been trying to keep my anger under control by taking time away from everything. With problems in my daily life controlling that anger is getting harder and what is happening in the country just exacerbates my anger. So, sorry for taking time off but I feel I don’t have much choice in the matter.


The Democratic Party is blowing up right in front of our faces. None of the Dems in Congress seem to know what they are doing from one minute to the next and aren’t working together, at lest from what I can see. This latest kerfuffle involving Sen Franken by select members of Congress goes to show just that. Headlined by Kirsten Gillibrand who can’t seem to keep her mouth shut when she should and other Senators following her lead to condemn Sen Franken without due process while not saying anything about Trump or Moore is slowly pissing me off.

They need to get together and fight back against Trump and the Repukes in a concerted effort and quit giving into purity fights because the right wing doesn’t give a shit about their purity. It’s making us look like a bunch of wimps.




Yes Bernie…We’d all like to know



Goddammit…This is the kind of shit that lets my anger start building up…Fuck these cretins…


Only in Ireland…LOL



Fuck you, Bernie!

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