It takes a village: The WWGOP


When you elect THIS as president of the u.s, what happened in Montana is not surprising.









Sadly, don’t be surprised if the moron wins in Montana Today….. it is what it is.


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It takes a village: Special Counsel

These guys worked together for years… Expect Mueller to FINISH what Comey started.














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It takes a village: Tough sledding


Despite a rough first 100 days the house look poised to pass the ahca out the house. That increases the chances of this bill hitting his desk. We’re gonna take some setbacks…. this may be one of them.











Democrats did the right thing.



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It takes a village: This is just f#=/_+$@ Ridiculous.

So his integrity is questioned?











Folks need a refresher course.



This is my redline. The intensity African-Americans like and care about barack obama Exceeds the following Sanders and the progressive left has for him.


for the polticans who passively aggressively bashed the man OR resented HIS MOVEMENT or HIS success….. read this statement. He’s more than willing to have this discussion about his accomplishments vs empty repetitive rhetoric.

.                                       HE. WILL NOT. BE. DISRESPECTED.




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It takes a village: “are you a democrat?” “NO.”

It’s way past time for me to stop taking DUDE seriously.












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It takes a village: pragmatism produces results.

Good advice for the party…. we gotta push forward






We gotta keep pushing forward as a party. A big part of our platform just became reality in ny. Hrc , Tom Perez and the rest are moving forward. Cuomo closing this deal shows center left dems have A PROVEN track record of getting stuff done.


Last night close race in Kansas shows what happens when pissed off dems show up. We fell short, but other districts aren’t as blood red. We don’t have to change who we are as a party and we damn sure don’t have to follow  ANYONE who doesn’t think enough  To join.


Stay focused. Stay pissed. Push forward.



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It takes a village: Illinois…… resisting before it became a movement or a hashtag.

A two year tug of war for the soul of Illinois.


Rauner’s prescription has been his “turnaround agenda,” a set of policies, such as changes to workers’ compensation laws and collective bargaining rights, that he contends will jump start Illinois’ economy and bring more money into the state’s coffers.

While he’s acknowledged that tax increases in some form are needed to balance the budget, Raruner has said he’d only sign on if the Democratic-controlled legislature agreed to some of his proposals.

Madigan, meanwhile, has argued that much of what the governor wants runs afoul of the Democratic Party’s core values, and has accused Rauner of holding the budget-making process hostage to advance his personal agenda.

Madigan’s solution has been a combination of spending cuts and tax increases, adding Democrats don’t have the votes to pass a tax increase on their own.

More recently, he’s proposed a 50 percent reduction in the corporate income taxes — wiith provisions to ensure every company pays something — and increased investments in higher education and infrastructure to spur economic growth. But Madigan isn’t tying that to budget negotiations.




Shake up Springfield sounds eerily similiar to another catchy phrase used…..












Ctu president Karen Lewis commenting on potential teacher layoffs due to budget crisis










From the chicago sun times:


Chance, who grew up in West Chatham as Chancellor Bennett, left the Thompson Center saying he felt “flustered” after a 30-minute conversation with the governor that centered on funding for the Chicago Public Schools.

In brief remarks to reporters as he walked to the elevators with a small entourage, the rapper said he was frustrated by “vague answers” from the governor about funding for CPS, but had exchanged phone numbers with Rauner.

“I felt it went a little bit different than it should have,” said the 23-year-old Chance, who attended Jones College Prep. “I’m here because I just want people to do their jobs.”

“And I did speak with the governor. I asked him about funding CPS with that $215 million that was discussed in May of last year and was vetoed in December over, you know, political arguments and (stuff).”


Rauner pledged $215 million for CPS after negotiating a short-term budget last spring, with the funds contingent on legislative leaders passing a pension-reform package. Rauner later vetoed a bill that would have delivered the funds, calling the $215 million a “bailout” for cash-strapped CPS, and saying Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, had reneged on pension-reform promises.

Cullerton said Rauner of sank a budget deal being negotiated in the chamber by insisting on further concessions from Democrats, then leaning on GOP senators to pull back their votes.

“I wish (Chance) the best in negotiating with the governor,” Cullerton said in a statement Friday.

Talking to reporters Friday, Rauner called the accusation that he had stalled negotiations “goofy.”

Sen. Kimberly Lightfoot, chairwoman of the Education Committee, welcomed the chance to collaborate with Chance.

“I applaud Chance for using his platform to advocate for our children. I am available to brief him on any of the many issues our education system has as he prepares for further conversations with the governor,” she said in a statement.

“At this point, the important part is that our children have not been receiving the quality education they rightfully deserve. If it takes Chance to get our governor to do the job, hats off to Chance.




      From the chicago tribune:

one by one, six men who are running for Illinois governor or thinking about it addressed Cook County Democratic committeemen Monday, seeking early support and offering a unified message aimed at removing Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner from office next year.

But beneath their individual Rauner-centric attacks, support for a graduated income tax to fix Illinois’ budget woes and agreement on the need to harness the activism against President Donald Trump were clear signs of separation between some of the contenders long before county Democratic leaders consider an endorsement in August.

Northwest Side Alderman Ameya Pawar and state Sen. Daniel Biss of Evanston urged party leaders to help spark a campaign built off activism for social change rather than turning to more wealthy contenders. Neither candidate is deep-pocketed and both face the prospect of raising millions of dollars to be competitive next March in the Democratic primary.

There were also divisions among the wealthier contenders. Businessman Chris Kennedy, an heir to the wealthy and iconic political family who last week put $250,100 into his own campaign and as a result lifted contributions limits in the race, implored Democrats not to back billionaire investor and entrepreneur J.B. Pritzker. Kennedy did not mention Pritzker’s name but likened him to Rauner, a former private equity investor he called a “billionaire bully.”



We have some things to Iron out in our party but we’re veterans of  pushing back against rollbacks of middle-class rights. Learn from us…. both good and bad.

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It takes a village: Big f……g deal



Demonstrators hold signs in support of the Affordable Care Act at a gathering before the start of a protest march near the hotel where House and Senate Republicans are attending a retreat, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. January 25, 2017.



No matters what happens moving forward, democrats did the right thing. For the naysayers, the aca went far enough if IT SAVED ONE SINGLE LIFE. This is what separates us from republicans. Be proud.


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It takes a village: Checks and balances

The Notorious Rgb celebrated  her 84th birthday   and once again the federal courts  delivered Donald Trump  a loss.




The Obama landslide victory and reelection allowed Harry Reid to work in concert with President Obama to appoint as many pro dem policy judges they could. 329….. remember that number. 329 judges  Reid helped  rammed through. We as democrats, lovers of social justice and equality should  always emphasize  the importance and IMPACT of the courts… and who selects them.


We’re  fighting to maintain the aca… rgb took part in saving it twice. The aca subsides  exist TODAY because of 4 Democratic  appointed judges and swing votes from Roberts and Kennedy. Jill Stein nor Gary Johnson does Nothing to help with tilting  the courts  in our  favor. Those 6 million people who made that choice are in danger  of having their h.c. radically  altered or being the target  of a blatant  power grab that stumps on our constitutional  rights.




WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 10: Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court William Rehnquist (R) administers the oath of office to newly-appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (L) as U.S. President Bill Clinton looks on 10 August 1993. Ginsburg is the 107th Supreme Court justice and the second woman to serve on the high court. 

Yes…. the thirdway guy nominated and got  the liberal champion on the  bench.

The courts made us proud in stopping a bigot…. Rgb, you’ve  made us proud as well.







Happy  Birthday  Ruth !



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