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Breakfast with POUTS

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, the European press show little sympathy. Horror, yes, because Europeans are quite able to understand how dreadful the massacre was, but the time for sympathy with America for mass-shooting atrocities is long past. It is perfectly obvious that America doesn’t care in the slightest about them; the only actual reaction to a mass shooting is an uptick in weapon sales — accompanied after this one by an increase in demand for the bump-stock accessories which made it that much more lethal. In today’s America, mass shootings are simply advertisements.

British Breakfast and Euro-comment

I’m going to begin this week with an entire article from Der Spiegel which nails what’s going on with laser accuracy. Take it away, Roland Nelles:

It is the big stars of the American sport that Donald Trump has got involved with this time: Stephen Curry and LeBron James , the basketball players, football aces like Von Miller (Denver Broncos) and over 200 of his colleagues are outraged by the president. With a few tweets , Trump has triggered a dispute that divides the country – once again -. The crazy thing is: it’s not about sports or the national anthem. At least not for Trump.

Entering the Quiet Time as We Leaf the Light Behind

An equinox occurs twice a year, when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun, the Sun being vertically above a point on the Equator. The latitudes +L and -L north and south of the equator experience nights of equal length and the celestial equator has intersected the ecliptic in the axial precession.

This year’s autumnal equinox, when the light and dark are equal – but moving towards dark – arrives at 3:02pm Central Time on Friday, September 22.

But seasonal celebrations should not be bound by dates and times and such. In fact, it is a good idea to pre-celebrate Equinox so that you do not miss that last fleeting moment when light and dark have equal time. So …

Let the Fall Celebration Begin !!

August Wildflowers on the Mountain



Yellow and Pink Monkey Flower, Mount Baker – Snoqualmie National forest


Wild Flowers are usually aflame in mid August around the Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest, and so they were to the extent to which we could reach them. After a snowy winter and a near record snow pack, the snow had not yet melted from one of my favorite mountain trails.

British Breakfast and Euro-selections

The events in Charlottesville and POUTS’s piss-poor reaction to them have already been extensively covered, and it won’t surprise you to learn that European reactions to what POUTS said range between horrified and disgusted. I don’t propose to regale you with much of that since it’s already getting pretty monotonous and you’ve read it all before.

We will in fact begin in Norway, as I promised last week. Their general election is on Sept 10-11: “election day” is the 11th, but there’s early voting on the Sunday in a lot of places.

British Breakfast and Euro-comment

European covfefe of POUTS this week has been dominated by the North Korea situation. Articles generally fall into one of two categories: first, assessments which say that events demonstrate that orange shitgibbons aren’t well-suited to the job of being President and second, those which wonder what is going to happen given that an orange shitgibbon actually is President. As regime change in DC is unlikely to occur overnight simply because a political journalist from Denmark thinks that the wrong bloke is in the White House/at a golf club, it has to be said that the second type is rather more enlightening.

British Breakfast and punditry


There has been an awful lot of comment about POUTS this week, mostly to the effect that he is bonkers. I realize that this may not come as much of a surprise, and it’s a theme which has always been part of the scenery in articles about him, but we seem to have reached something of a tipping point in the tone of coverage of him. There is less and less discussion of what he says, his various utterances being used more as jumping-off points for analysis of his character, for want of a  better word.

AIDS Walk Austin – We Get To Carry Each Other

This is the 30th year of AIDS Walk Austin & I’ve done every damn one of them. I love the AIDS Walk & the Ride and the people who work at AIDS Services of Austin & the other agencies. They are an example of how we should be — caring for each other, carrying each other. If you haven’t met me, I’m just a teensy bit of a U2 fan, so yeah that was a reference to a song.

One love, one blood, one life, you got to do what you should.
One life with each other: sisters, brothers.
One life, but we’re not the same.
We get to carry each other, carry each other.
One, one.

“Give Thanks for the Blessings”

Happy Lammas!!

Hey, wait just a minute! Those are happy llamas … which is not the same thing at all!

Today is August 1st, the pagan holiday of Lammas or First Harvest. It is the first of three harvest celebrations on the Wheel of the Year. But because this is a pagan holiday that does not have a corresponding non-pagan holiday, it may be one that you have never heard of.