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Roses at Imbolc

    The ‘farewell’ roses broke her heart–until the Goddess Brigid stepped in   The Imbolc ritual was to be held at Green Dragon’s house that year. She lived in an outer suburb of the […]

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Yule Tide

  Goddess women invoke a male deity–and get a Yule surprise! In ones and twos the Circle sisters arrived at the house on the evening of Winter Solstice. They swept through the door, bringing gusts […]

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Feminism and Womanism

Jolyon–Part II

Flung back in time to the Minoan Crete of 1450 BC, can Fiona adjust to such a different world? “Put your arms around me and hold on as tightly as you can,” Jolyon said. He […]

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After graduation a visit to Knossos beckoned Fiona—but little did she guess where it would lead!   I noticed him because he was always alone. And in a country where most people are dark-haired and […]



“Excuse me, but do you have any more brochures on prison reform?” Darren’s head was under the cloth that hung from the table in his booth at the town fair, so he stuck up a […]