Immigration and Citizenship

VNV Tuesday – …Doomed to Repeat It (Chinese Restriction Act of 1882 ) 6/19/18

As usual, I present this post with the caveat that I am neither a scholar nor a specialist in this field; I’m merely providing an overview for those who wish to have a cursory explanation and enough information to enable continued research on one’s own. For the parenthetical part of the title of this post, I chose the less-common, but contemporaneously-accurate, reference to the Chinese Restriction Act, although today it is most often called the Chinese Exclusion Act. This was a conscious choice, guided by my desire to show the fluidity and evolution of the immigration restrictions directed at the Chinese, and later other Asian immigrants.

It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Boo

The Village News & Views September 6, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 230 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

Nothing special today, mostly DACA with… oh… the banner?

Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, the stores are already putting out their seasonal candy and spooky merchandise even though it’s barely September. To tell you the truth, that’s okay with me. I love Halloween… Samhain… Dia de los Muertos… Whatever you choose. I’m not sure why October 31st became my favorite holiday, except perhaps that it wasn’t attached to so many conflicts some of the later in the year celebrations are heir to. Thanksgiving is problematic if you acknowledge that the arrival of the Pilgrims didn’t turn out so well ultimately for the Native Americans. Christmas has been a subject of contention for a number of reasons, not the least of which it has become a banner for the Right.

In any case, with a veritable living pumpkin inhabiting our nation’s highest office, the White House seems to have become a bit of a haunt.

And now for your regularly scheduled randomness.

WTFJH Yesterday – Day 229: Rescinded.



It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Harvey

The Village News & Views August 30, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 223 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

Due to circumstances, today’s post is going to be a shell of its former self, but please enjoy your morning beverage, chat with your friends, discuss politics if it suits you, and keep the survivors of Hurricane Harvey in your thoughts.

WTFJH Yesterday – Day 222: Concealed.

It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Omens

The Village News & Views August 23, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 216 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

Banner photo courtesy NASA, though I don’t think it is from this week’s eclipse. But you get the idea. Banner caption should be, “Is this a hint or something?”

This week… I got nothing. So today’s theme is Pause and Re-Group.

However I reserve the right to throw some random stuff out here and… oh, but you’re used to that by now, right?

WTFJH Yesterday – Day 115: Principled Realism

Join the Battle for Net Neutrality – If you haven’t done this, we are going to run out of time to comment rather shortly.

DK: While Pres. Trump took to TV to talk about War, Rev. Barber II came to Topeka to talk about Hope

Music after the break – WARNING! NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Oh the Humanity

The Village News & Views August 16, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 209 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread.

The banner picture is a crowd shot from the original (my favorite) 1967 movie The Producers. This is the crowd’s reaction during the first few minutes of Springtime for Hitler, before they start laughing. My mental caption for it is, White Men in Horror! If you haven’t seen the movie, I don’t know you.

Oh alright, I know you. You dear sweet innocent young thing!

Mel Brooks said in an interview in 2001, “If you stand on a soapbox and trade rhetoric with a dictator you never win…That’s what they do so well: they seduce people. But if you ridicule them, bring them down with laughter, they can’t win. You show how crazy they are.”

When our waking hours become so inundated with shock, and entirely appropriate horror, what can we do?

We’re already #Resisting with all our might. Are we really supposed to be able to laugh?

For now, it may be too soon. So don’t worry about laughing, yet. But we can acknowledge just how pathetically cartoonish the man occupying the White House is become.

Dangerous? Oh yes. But nevertheless, a nasty, evil, pathetic cartoon.

WTFJH Yesterday – Day 208: Retweet rampage. – FCC adds 2 weeks to comment period for the proposal to eliminate net neutrality rules

It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Mixtape

The Village News & Views August 9, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 202 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread. Today the subject is music as political activism.

Music is ephemeral. For many of us, it expresses emotions that are sometimes hard to capture any other way. The right song can make us cry, help us laugh, give us courage to fight, show us the way to compassion.

Music and politics have been uneasy, but inevitable bedfellows for as long as both have existed. I’ve linked some articles below that offer some takes on pop music and modern politics, but today I am going to focus on two songs and their music videos in particular.

I’m going to start with something that remains to me one of the all time most significant acts of musical Resistance from the modern age.

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: Family, Immigration, and History 8/8/17

“The toes of Miss Liberty found a home on American soil.”

The comments of Stephen Miller and the restrictive immigration standards of the proposed RAISE Act have caused me to think a lot about immigration lately. I’m in the privileged position as a white woman to have been able to trace my family tree back many generations; in some cases, that translates to many centuries too. I am 100% a child of immigrants, and of the seven lines I’ve been able to trace back beyond my maternal and paternal great-grandparents, only two lines spoke English as their primary language. It troubles me deeply that people, especially those in my own family, see no problem with a condition that would require English-language ability before allowing immigration. The claim that learning English is now more accessible than it was in my great-grandparents’ day falls short for me, because it presumes access to a type of education that is still more available for the privileged, the white, and the western European. But then, I suppose that’s the point.

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: Family and the Ties That Bind 5/2/17

Sisters and probably my maternal 2x great aunts; one of those unsolved genealogical mysteries.

Be forewarned; rambling, stream-of-consciousness post ahead…

The most recent pronouncement by 45* (about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War) once again illustrates his complete lack of historical knowledge, and coming as it did on the heels of an unexpected interaction in my own life, it has me again thinking about grand themes like, “What is history?” and “What is family?” On Saturday, I received a Facebook friend request from someone I’ve never met; I did, however, recognize the name, because he shares the name of the husband of a great aunt (both of whom I also never met). Before accepting his request, I perused his FB page (why on earth do people not keep their pages locked down?) and was able to immediately discern that he is a full-blown Republican and Hillary hater. I’m not certain he is a T***p supporter, but he certainly isn’t shy about broadcasting his disdain for Dems. Given that I’ve limited my interaction with my own sister because of her vote for the Orange Shitgibbon, I had to think awhile on whether to accept this friend request. I finally did and don’t regret it; he’s a second cousin who searched for me on the recommendation of another recently-discovered second cousin. We had an amiable and lengthy chat, and signed off with the promise to stay in touch.

It Takes A Village – VNV Tuesday: Immigration Threatens Us 3/15/17

“The High Tide of Immigration — A National Menace” (1903)

Continuing my look at our unspoken, unstudied history through historical images, this week’s topic is immigration. For those who are not solely descendents of either First Nations’ people or slaves, immigration is a shared legacy. And yet, our history shows our ongoing uneasiness with the Other, however that is defined at any given period in our history. Reactions were often harsh, mean-spirited, and without compassion, and defined the newest wave with the ugliest of racial, religious, and ethnic stereotypes. Sound familiar?

Naturalize Now! New campaign to increase naturalization

 photo 3a3c435b-14cd-4265-adbf-e3db0ac9ab6c_zpsuj4flrck.jpg

In this new ad campaign video, we hear the hateful anti-immigrant rhetoric of Donald Trump, overlaid with visuals of the faces of Latinos in the United States, including former astronaut José M. Hernández, who is a first generation American. His parents are from Michoacán, Mexico.

Latino Victory Foundation and National Partnership for New Americans Launch the New American Democracy Campaign to Increase Naturalization and Mobilize Immigrant Voters

The NADC’s mission is to increase the naturalization rate, and register and mobilize millions of voters, with the goal of increasing naturalization by 38 percent to 1 million in 2016. Currently, there are 8.8 million legal permanent residents who are eligible to apply for citizenship but don’t do so because they don’t have the resources—financial or other—to do so, don’t understand the process, or are scared.

The New Americans Democracy Campaign is supporting a national goal of raising the number of naturalizations next year by 38% to 1,000,000 new citizens. The NADC field will engage 750,000 immigrants and assist 98,000 with their naturalization applications. In addition the NADC will engage and assist 45,400 new Americans with their voter registrations.

If we add the 8.8 million residents who are eligible to naturalize to the 1.9 million U.S. citizen children of immigrants who are eligible to vote, and an additional 11.5 million Latino voters who do not turn out to vote, this would add a significant number of voters to the electorate. If only 20 percent of these potential voters naturalize and vote, 4.4 million Latino and immigrant voters’ voices would be heard at election time.

The ad: