I do not believe this man’s actions are normal.
I do not believe he is emotionally stable.

I do not believe he cares about the full, beautiful diversity of America.
I do not believe he respects women.
I do not believe he is pro-life other than his own.
I do not believe the sick and the poor and the hurting matter to him in the slightest.

I do not believe he is a man of faith or integrity or nobility.
I do not believe his concern is for anything outside his reflection in the mirror.

I believe he is a danger to our children.
I believe he is a threat to our safety.
I believe he is careless with our people.
I believe he is reckless with his power.
I believe America will be less secure, less diverse, less compassionate, and less decent under his leadership.


Bitch McConnell is dirt. He’s less than dirt. He owns this, the POS.

And this…McConnell is truly a sick piece of work. He must go!


This your Friday open thread…Fire away friends!




We’ve gotten glimpses of blatant misogyny in the last year that is abhorrent to anyone with eyes and ears. It’s always been there for anyone willing to look but in the last year with the rise of Trump and the deplorable Republicans their ruthless manners have brought it to the forefront.
Hillary has put up with it for decades and we saw Trump play that card to the fullest last year though it wasn’t ever reported on in the MSM as it should have been.
Trump showed his disdain for women with his pussy remark and his comments to and about Megyn Kelly and has always shown that he was an adulterer and philanderer.
What we have seen in the last two weeks is the Repukes losing their cool becasue the “good old boys club” is running scared becasue our strong women in Congress are getting in their face and giving as good as they receive. From Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Patty Murray and many others showing their tenacity the Repukes are showing their misogyny loud and clear.
Our future in the Democratic Party and the country as a whole lies with women and POC not with a bunch of alt christian right wing old white men and left wing anarchists …They have had their time and it is over.


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TGIF….Don’t lose hope!


While the tactless,inept spin the Republicans came out with yesterday isn’t really anything different than they’ve boorishly used for years against us Democrats the difference is twofold now. They are aiming at a singular person, James Comey,which is going to be part of their downfall and they are trying to take on society as a whole in a liberal bent. Comey is not what they should be worried about and it’s kind of a relief that they are spending so much capital on him. His testimony started the cracks in Trumps armor and got his difficulties with Trump out in the open.

Their worry should be with Mueller as he is going to be the final arbiter with whatever is unearthed by his inquiry into the Russian collusion and it’s tie-ins with Trump and his basket of deplorables. It won’t do them any good though no matter what they do at this point because even a blind person can see they are all as guilty as sin.

What we are hoping for is to see evidence of an ever widening net corralling as many as the Repukes as possible.

Couple of observations…
1. What evidence do they have that is classified that’s not seen the light of day?
2. Have the Congressional IC’s been told any of this yet?
3. Could the reason that they might not have been told be because it’s more extensive than imagined with more politicians involved and the FBI and IC can’t trust anyone at this time?
4. If the evidence is strong as we believe why aren’t the Repukes folding, which plays into #3 or are they just that stupid?
5. With the partisan leanings of the Repukes can any of them be trusted with evidence?
6. Has PBO been briefed on any of this? He is the calm smart one ya know? Just wondering…:)

Real wingdinger here..Trump’s 20% of deplorables will be believe this though I think the evidence will cancel this type of bullshit out. It’s them grasping at straws and it pisses me off…



Important…Call your Senators

As always I end with “our girl”, Hillary!


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TGIF….Thanks purists!

Just to preface this rant or whatever you want to call it…I’m gonna predict this is a bump in the road, what Dump did yesterday, though a long and bumpy road.

This is rather illuminating but is it the truth or is it all about religion and greed.

Is Trump really this stupid?

We have millions, Democrats…citizens… cities…states…business….and every country but 3 that will  fight Trump and his stupidity!



For some good news…

Another nail in the coffin Donnie…

NYDN is looking pretty good these days with their front pages.


As always I’ll finish with one of my heroes…Hillary Rodham Clinton…


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TGIF….The Good, The Bad & the Ugly

I was going to use the original but ya know, since Clint turned out to be an ass I’m going with this version..

There is 66,000,000+ as the Good..62,000,000 + Republicans and Dump hanger ons which is shrinking daily as the Bad and of course
Donald J “fuckwad” Trump as the Ugly.

Donnie has shown us daily through either his demeanor, tweets or stupidity that he’s ill equipped to be our President, or even a ditch digger for that matter. Even if he’s great at digging holes, for himself and his band of deplorable conservatives, and jumping head first in them. Now it seems even his stamina is lagging…Something Hillary would never have had a problem with…

I’m not going to go over all his bullshit, as you all already know everything, and becasue I don’t have the stamina to type for a decade or two.

Dump as always, and something we all expected, bared his ass and showed it to the world in Brussels. He has found out he can’t bully his way around here in America so he figured he’d make a fool out of himself by playing the bully in Europe where he seems to think they are inferior to his majestic lunacy. All the while as he was acting the fool the world was laughing at his foolishness. Can’t import those German BMW’s Dump stated…They are manufactured here you idiot…

One thing I find almost funny if it wasn’t so embarrassing to the country is “His Assness” calling Germany evil when if he would look in the mirror he’d see true evil.


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TGIF…Stupid is for GOP!

Seems every time I turn around another name gets added to my list. I just don’t understand the stupidity that runs so rampant on the right and in Fuckin Bernie land.

We hear something halfway sane exit someone like Lindsey Graham’s mouth to only double down on his stupidity the next time he opens his mouth and we then we have the king of stupid, Fuckin Bernie, you know that so far out in left field guy that he exited the playing field in 1960 whatever.

I have had it with the rampant stupidity..I hate the word hate but stupid people get on my last nerve and get as close to hate as I get…Hence my language getting a little salty. Sorry if I at anytime offend anyone’s sensibilities…Not…LOL…

Back to a few of the stupid people…

Our favorite stupid person …The ever hateable Fuckin Bernie…

I found this writer on “Medium” and she reminds me so much of us that it seems she must get her angst from us or we channel her…Anyway for a few of her wonderful writings I offer you

Val Perry Rendel…

View story at Medium.com

We Dems are fighting a war on two fronts: Trump and the GOP are the most obvious, and must be dealt with before we can turn inward. But we’re also fighting a vicious faction from within, Tom, and I must say you are not helping at all one little tiny bit. You know you fucked up hard with that “unity tour” bullshit; you’re an intelligent guy, so you already know that and I don’t have to point out how very very badly you really did fuck up. These people literally want to take over our party. I’m not worried this will happen. I also don’t give a fuck about whether the brogressives think their little revolution-thingy is gonna show us a thing or two.

The problem is twofold: there’s ol’ Bernie himself, running from interview to interview to bask in what he imagines to be his wounded-yet-noble glory, and there’s also his rabidly misogynist cult that wants to burn the establishment or whatever to the ground. We can’t afford these people, Tom. You know it, deep down; you’re simply delaying the inevitable. It’s a job you don’t want to do singlehandedly. I understand, and I’m here to help.

View story at Medium.com

They need to believe Putin did not sway the election, because, for them, it proves that Clinton was not robbed of her rightful victory by a foreign conspiracy, and really was a “weak candidate” with “weak message” that somehow nevertheless managed to get the greatest number of votes. So let the record show: Bernie Sanders acknowledges that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. election “big time” — though, as always, he stops short of identifying this as a crucial factor in Clinton’s mathematically-perplexing loss.

This is a familiar pattern: only the issues Bernie cares about are important, like income inequality and…uh, nothing else, really. Everything else is a trivial distraction, like gun violence, or “identity politics.”


Read her articles…You’ll get a laugh out of her love-hate relationship with Fuckin Bernie which mirrors ours.


I was going to continue with more of the stupid jerks but can’t stomach them anymore tonight…So it’s on to twitter…There will be stupid mixed in becasue there is a lot out there…


Miss these guys so much..

And as always I’ll close with “our girl”…

This makes me want to rip someone’s head off…

This is your Friday thread…Fire away!



Well, yesterday wasn’t a good day to say the least. The Republicans showed us once again that they are a basket full of deplorables by passing the worst bill in our lifetime and maybe all time. Is what they did despicable, yes, no doubt and the way they did it was just as bad. Should we be worried about it? Not really as it will never become law in it’s current configuration. Even now the Senate Republicans, I’m assuming as I highly doubt any Democrats will cross party lines on this, are saying they will write their own bill. With knowing how they have operated the last 8 years they more than likely haven’t even started on anything yet. It’s always pass the buck with them, never do any real work if they can get away with it, so they have waited to see the what the foolish R’s in the House would do. That’s a losing endeavor if there ever was one seeing as how they were relying on the moron, Ryan, to do something he’s ill equipped to do. My theory for what it matters is that it passed the House because a lot of the “yes” votes was for no other reason to keep on Trump’s good side and to just get it out of the House so they wouldn’t look any more stupid then they already do plus they are tired of dealing with it.

So what do we have to look forward to…The Senate R’s will craft something entirely different, or at least we can hope. It won’t be much better for anyone but that’s not the point. To get the vote in the House they had to appease the “Freedom Caucus”, read super deplorables. So whatever the Senate comes up with will then have to go back to the House for a vote and will never pass. I’m looking at this as the never ending story.

What I find more worrisome is that this clusterfuck the Repukes are carrying on with will take eyes off the prize, Trump/Russia and that the ACA will suffer more from Dump and his deplorables lack of actually trying to help the ACA do what it was intended for.



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TGIF….Are our weeks getting longer?


Sure seems like our weeks are getting longer with all we are having to put up with…Deplorables, Fuckin Bernie and now Liz getting on the stupid train.

I’ll get my rant out first and move on to a few tweets..

I’m disgusted with some members of the Democratic Party…Liz for her running her mouth and quite a lot of our Democrats for allowing Fuckin Bernie to stay anywhere near our party seeing as how he thinks we are doing everything wrong. Coming from someone that couldn’t articulate anything at all and getting his ass handed to him in the primary is telling us we are doing it all wrong…Bull fucking shit…What is it going to take to get the leaders in the party to wake up to the menace Bernie Sanders is to democracy. I AM FED UP…

OK, rant done…Twitter time!

Good news here…Sounds like a few Democrats have got their shit together…

Bye you worthless moron…

Biggest reason Dump should have never been elected…well other than he’s an asshole.

Totally uncalled for…Liz has gone off her damn rocker…Barack is a private citizen doing what every ex-President has always done. Instead of targeting BHO for making money legally maybe attacking Dump and his deplorable family for making money illegally would be spending her time more productively. This really pisses me off.

Hard for me to get my brain to register this as anything other down right asinine…Are people really this damn stupid?

The damn stupid fools from the last tweet need to have this tweet shoved down their throat.

Yeah, you’re a real freakin saint Bernie…Ya damn crook…Hillary didn’t use this against him and should have while the Republicans would have used it like a cudgel oven his damn head…This sickens me…All the BoBers can go to hell…

Could we get so lucky as to see Fox News go down in flames?


Yeah….Right Sean…You idiot..

And as always…Hillary…


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TGIF …#StopTheBern

Morning meese…Going to be a day of tweets with my wonderfully antagonistic commentary mixed in…

I am pretty much sick of Trump and his antics with his deplorable assholes…This got me feeling very angry….

This ought to play well with everyone…I would think even his asshole voters would be outraged about this but not sure they’ll care because they are too damn stupid to know what it means.

Yes by all means…Ignore us…The 65 million people that voted for Hillary.

I am bewildered everyday when reading the news how gov’t officials can be so fucking stupid then remember they are Republicans…

Have I ever shat on St. Bernard…Well yes I have and will continue to until the asshole is gone.

This is for you too Bernie as well as your doppelganger…

There’s our girl…

This is you TGIF thread…Fire away

Have a great weekend.




It Takes a Village…TGIF

Good morning meese

Since we have had enough biting our fingernails over Dump and his stupidity and Bernie and his big mouth I thought I’d post some funnies today just to try and get our minds off it all for a few minutes…

Here’s our girl…

This is your TGIF thread…Fire away

Have a great weekend!