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For my birthday on Friday, I’d love $55 donations for the Hill Country Ride For AIDS

My birthday is Friday, I’m doing the Hill Country Ride again this year & I’d really love $55 donations, but really any donation is more than welcome. My goal is $2,000 this year. They really need it. With the cuts the Orange One’s administration wants — and when he’s gone, we’ll have President Pence who will be even worse, especially for AIDS services — they really, really need it. Please donate at my Hill Country Ride page.

For my 53rd birthday, I’d like donations to the Hill Country Ride For AIDS

My birthday is Wednesday, and it is time to start training for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, which will be in April. And fundraising for it, too. So for my 53rd birthday — I’d love for people to donate to my 18th Ride? How many $50 donations can I get? There will be music & stuff because — hi, have we met?, but if you want to skip that part & just donate, here’s my Hill Country Ride page