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Fighting Back: “We have the moral obligation to lead on climate change.”


The Weekly Democratic Party Address was delivered by Rep. Sean Casten of Illinois speaking about our moral obligation to lead on climate change and how Democrats are prepared to do so.

(Congressman Sean Casten discussed the upcoming Congressional Delegation to the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid and the importance of the United States’ leadership in addressing the climate crisis.)

[Under Republicans control], the United States has failed to bring that leadership to greenhouse gas emissions. Even worse, we have walked away from the international agreements that would do so.

“And while House Democrats joined together to pass H.R. 9, the Climate Action Now Act, sending a clear message that just like the thousands of localities, cities and U.S. companies, we are still in on the Paris Agreement, Senate Republicans and the President have met this historic effort with inaction and a resounding silence. That is not leadership. It is cowardice. […]

“The greatness of the United States – and our greatest gift to the world – is our leadership. We are not perfect, but since World War II there has been no greater advocate for equality, for the rule of law and for international peace than the United States.

“We have the ability – no, we have the moral obligation – to lead in this moment as well.

“The times have found us, and we will not shirk from our responsibilities. That will be our message to our allies in Madrid, and that is our charge moving forward. […]

“House Democrats will continue leading For The People: to lower health costs and prescription drug prices; to raise wages by rebuilding the infrastructure of America in a green, resilient, transformative way; and to clean up corruption to make Washington work for you.

(CSPAN link to Weekly Democratic Address: here)


Fighting Back: “Democrats are working for ALL the people.”


The Weekly Democratic Party Address delivered by Representative Joaquin Castro of Texas discussed the work House Democrats are doing #ForThePeople to counter the discriminatory and harmful policies of Republicans.

(Congressman Joaquin Castro discussed the celebration of Hispanic Heritage month and the work House Democrats are doing For The People to counter the discriminatory and harmful policies of the Trump Administration.)

[The Latino community has] been a target – a target of a president’s prejudice, the target of smears and scolding when we speak Spanish in public. And sadly, the target of a mad man in Texas, who killed 22 in El Paso. […]

The Trump Administration has violated human rights and caused suffering of thousands at our Southern Border – tearing apart families, caging children, turning away asylum seekers who came here fleeing the most unimaginable circumstances.

This is personal to me – my own grandmother came here as an immigrant, a seven year old orphan who came to Texas from Mexico. She worked as a housekeeper, maid, a babysitter, and raised my mother, Rosie, who in turn became a community organizer in Texas.[…]

As we face adversity, we are not without hope. Nothing can diminish the deep, enduring perseverance that defines us as Latinos.

I know that our Hispanic communities are a strong and proud part of this country, and I will stand with you and fight for you.

(CSPAN link to Weekly Democratic Address: here)