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VNV Tuesday – Preaching to the Choir 12/5/17

A Fourth of July celebration back in the day; we can still raise our voices today.

I’m not gonna lie…as I followed the unfolding of the Senate passage of the #GOPTaxScam last Friday night, I became so stressed, upset, and angry that I ended up throwing up in my kitchen sink.  I discovered a burning core of hatred within me which quite frankly frightened me.  As a result, I took the weekend off from politics, spent some time reflecting on whether hope was even possible, and re-centered myself by remembering my core values, which do not include hatred or violence.  What follows is the product of those efforts in tweet form.

It Takes A Village – VNV Saturday: Nevertheless, We Persist 2/18/17

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Tonight/this morning, my two 70+ pound basset hounds decided the most comfy place to sleep was across my chest and legs. While they were snoring contentedly, I was far from comfortable or content; result = a Saturday HNV. This is a just a random collection of quotes and images that have been on my mind lately; add your own thoughts, images, tweets, and wisdom for the ages.