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It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – Random Acts

The Village News & Views May 31, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 132 of the Resistance and time for another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread. 

Since DoReMI reminded us yesterday of the value of random acts of love and kindness, today’s theme is going to be no theme – Random Resistance.

I’m sure someone will argue that Resistance should not be random, it must be a steady, sustained effort in order to be effective. I don’t disagree.

However there is something to be said for injecting a little randomness into the mix in order to keep our minds and hearts fresh, and to confused the heck out of the forces of oppression.

Thus, today’s Get Over the Hump post is going to be a Random Collection of Things.

Here we go!

WTFJH yesterday…  Day 124: Deragatory information.

Wonkette… Your Boyfriend Emmanuel Macron Just Got Up In Putin’s Grill Like ‘YEAH BRO, WHAT YOU GONNA DO?’

Shakesville… We Resist: Day 131


It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – The World Goes Blind

The Village News & Views May 24, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village Meese. It’s Day 125 of the Resistance and  another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread for your reading, viewing and commenting.

We live in an age of unexpected, sudden violence.

I wish it were not so, and I know that everyone reading this wishes the same. For the youngest among us, they have never known anything else. For the older of us, there is still and always will be a sudden sick shock and a feeling of incomprehension about why, about how the world we remember became the world we live in now.

Those of my generation were alive when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered on a hotel balcony. When Robert Kennedy was shot while trying to bring our country back some hope.

Those were shocking enough and we believed that we understood that we were living in a generation surviving a national trauma.

But nothing prepared us for Columbine.

I’m not going to list off all the disasters and shootings and murders, to do so would be to disrespect them all. Each deserves its own consideration, recognition and mourning. Each is an anniversary written in sorrow and loss that will never completely heal.

President Barack Obama became the inheritor of an excruciating legacy when he was called to comfort the families of Sandy Hook. And again, disbelieving, we thought we had lived to see the worst in our lifetimes.

How can we bear up?

How do we face each new horror, and how to we give each past tragedy its due?

Perhaps we can’t, perhaps it isn’t possible. It can become all too easy to turn away, to close ourselves off from the pain, to measure how much we allow ourselves to care based on how geographically close was the latest attack, or whether we knew someone who was there, or know someone who knew… If not, we may let it drift away from our thoughts, an understandable and perhaps needful generation of ever so thin scar tissue that settles layer upon layer until we don’t even realize the distance we have created.

If you need that distance, please take it. We have to preserve our own sanity, to choose our battles, to pick our focus. We have to, because no one can do it for you. Not friend or parent or pastor or political figure.

Know when to look away. When to step back.

But… if you find a little strength… for a moment, don’t look away.

Look past the horror if you can, take a deep breath to get past the loss, to endure the empathy.

And see the people. The broken-hearted, the brave, the scared, the trembling. If you let yourself look, and listen, and care, that is the only thing you can really do, sometimes. When you can do more, of course, do it.

But when you feel helpless… look and see what you can – the people. Listen to the stories you can bear. Accept the grief because maybe you can carry just a little of it. That gift may be yours to give. The gift that someone heard and someone saw and did not move right away.

I wasn’t going to make today’s post about the Manchester bombing, because surely by Wednesday, the terror that happened on Monday would be old news.

And then I caught myself thinking that. Maybe not as nakedly as I’ve said just now, but in essence.

Resistance has to be more than protests, more than phone calls and texts, more than marching, more than tweeting…

Resistance must be about resisting a colder world. Resisting hate, yes, but also resisting the dilution of love by numbness.

I promise cat tweets and other stuff at the end, so feel free to skip to that if you need to, but for a moment, I want to look.


It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – What God Has Joined Together

The Village News & Views May 17, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings Village Meese! It’s Day 118 of the Resistance and  another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread for your reading, viewing and commenting enjoyment.

WTFJH Yesterday… Undercut.

Wonkette… Supreme Court Not Having North Carolina’s Jim Crow, Thanks And Fuck You

And mentioned in my post last week….

Marriage Equality Support at All-Time High; Republicans Still Lag

Why Trump Is Reportedly Planning an Unconstitutional Assault on LGBTQ Rights

For the opposition perspective, from CBN News (the Christian perspective)…

HISTORIC: Trump Restores Religious Rights and Protects Pastors on Day of Prayer

The article linked above admits that Trump’s EO “promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty” is pretty toothless, however it is a shot over the bow. Think this is the last you will hear about it? Think again. The recognition of Marriage Equality was a deep setback to the freedom of Christian Conservatives to continue to dictate what is acceptable, what is to be reviled and rejected, in short what human beings can and cannot do as long as they breathe the same air as the aforesaid Christian Conservatives.

I’m aware this is not the biggest story of the day, and in fact probably seems like small potatoes by comparison with #TrumpRussia and the latest National Security gaffe/Constitutional Crisis du Jour, but you will have lots of sources for those stories.

For today, I thought I would make it personal.


It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday – That Darn Comey

The Village News & Views May 10, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings Village Meese! It’s Day 111 of the Resistance and  another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread for your reading, viewing and commenting enjoyment.

I had other thoughts about what to theme today’s post but that was blown out of the water at approximately 5:30pm Tuesday afternoon.

So here we go.

WTFJH Yesterday… Day 110: Finger pointing. Fired.

CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI’s Russia investigation


Non-sequitur and probably more tweets following the break…



It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday Taste the Rainbow… Tastes Like Resistance

The Village News & Views May 3, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings Village Meese! Yes, it’s another Get Over the Hump post and discussion thread for your reading, viewing and commenting pleasure!

Today I’ve decided to feature the Rainbow side of the Resistance, which can actually mean anything you darn well want it to mean, but for my purposes, spotlights resistance under the Rainbow Flag of LGBTQ Activism.

While most of our attention, intentionally or otherwise, is often monopolized by the antics of the Pussy-Grabber In Chief, just behind his shoulder there is someone patiently (more or less) waiting for the time he is certain will come – his time. The Time of Pence.

He’s not worried about #TrumpRussia, he doesn’t care how many gaffes the Donald fails to duck, he can tolerate the Trump Kids Carousel and the Bannon Banning, secure in the belief that even if the Resistance succeeds in defeating the Moscow Candidate, what is the country going to do, have a new election? No! If Trump bails or is indicted or impeached, Mike Pence will eagerly step in to save us from… the Godless Gay Agenda, the Ludicrous Ladies Equality Movement and the Pagan Pursuit of Progress!

But he isn’t content to simply wait, wringing his hands and chuckling evilly, safely chaperoned by his dear “Mother”, er Mrs. Pence. After all, Warriors of God shouldn’t wait! Instead he’s working to get as much of his backwards time warp started as he can shove under the radar, over the rive, and through the woods.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

The New Civil Rights Movement…

Trump Expected to Sign Anti-LGBT ‘Religious Freedom’ Executive Order

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an anti-LGBT “religious freedom executive order on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer.

You may recall they attempted to put this through a short time ago and El Presidente Loco failed to sign it for some reason. Mike Pence and his fellow religious zealot homophobes went back to work and here we are again.

“Pence and a small team of conservative allies quickly began working behind the scenes to revise the language, and in recent weeks have ratcheted up the pressure on Trump to sign it,” Politico notes.

And now, for some more article links, and more tweets on the backside…

WTFJH yesterday…

What The Fuck Just Happened Today – May 2


4 Misleading Things ISPs And The FCC Need To Stop Claiming About Net Neutrality


Hillary Clinton Emerges From Woods To Break Foot Up In Donald Trump’s Ass


It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday Super Hero Edition

The Village News & Views April 26, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Hi everyone! I’m FalseEquivalence Avenger, and this is my partner, DemBase Sheero!

Your regular blogger, MomentaryGrace was wiped out by work last night so she asked us to fill in for her today. We understand that you inhabit a metropolis known as The Village at Moose Pond and that you might be expecting tweets and cat memes. We will do our best to accomplish the mission.

It’s Day 97 of the Resistance. It seems you good people of the Village at Moose Pond, along with all the heroes in your world are battling against a supervillain known as The Punch Line, who has a not-so-secret identity as a bogus billionaire and would-be fascist dictator.

According to the mission briefing we received from MomentaryGrace, The Punch Line has managed to become President with the aid of his conniving henchmen (and women) and a deeply entrenched Legion of Doom, Obstruction and Menace, at the behest of some shadowy foreign mastermind, by duping some of the people some of the time and energizing the baser natures of a portion of the populace. That is truly a diabolical scheme!

DemBase Sheero tells me that you have been fighting hard against the evil foes and pushing back in the face of incredible odds. Fellow heroes, we salute your courage!

And now, for some links, a few tweets, and of course….

WTFJH yesterday…

What The Fuck Just Happened Today – April 24


New Orleans Removes Confederate Statues! Wingnuts Totally Reasonable About It, As You’d Expect!

GothamGirlBlue at medium.com…

Wherein I Try And Probably Fail To Save the Democratic Party.

The Root…

What Happened to Your Revolution, Bernie Sanders?

Melaka at Daily Kos…

They’re Coming for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Melissa McEwan at Shakesville…

On Hillary Clinton’s Beautiful Refusal to “Go Away”

Tweets after the break….


It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday Blinded By Science

The Village News & Views April 19, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Good morning, Village Meeses! We’ve made it to another Wednesday. It’s Day 90 of the Resistance.

I hope you aren’t tired of the March for Science, which is going to be world wide on Saturday, because it’s the most interesting thing coming up and I’m a sci-fi geek which means I’m a wannabe science geek with not much training and no credentials.

And since I actually don’t have much training or any credentials, expect… you guessed it… mostly tweets and cat memes.

Are you starting to see a trend here on most Wednesdays?

But first, WTFJH yesterday…

What The Fuck Just Happened Today – April 18


Bureau Of Land Management Web Page Swaps Out Dumb Nature Pics For Beautiful, Lovely COAL

EPA’s Science Office Now Unpolluted By ‘Science’. Thanks Trump!


Q&A: The U.S. Department of Justice scrapped independent forensics panel, but the scientific questions ‘are not going away’

It’s a game!!!

Trump vs Science

Tweets after the break….


It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday We Won’t Be Erased

The Village News & Views April 12, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Good morning, Village Meeses! We’ve made it to another Wednesday. It’s Day 83 of the Resistance.

Fair warning, I’m about to dedicate the larger part of today’s posting to a lot of tweets I didn’t write, which make a point that is probably, in this crowd, preaching to the choir. But I wanted to, and so you are stuck.

In the, “tell us something we didn’t know already… oh, you didn’t know?” department:

Middle-aged women are leading the anti-Trump resistance

Al Giordano set off a quiet storm by tweeting this:

243 replies and counting. Here are a few.


It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday Blasphemer’s Corner

The Village News & Views April 5, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

I blame DoReMI and basket. :)

Yesterday’s post here on Moose Pond was a wonderful and inspirational recounting of  the Rev. Dr. William Barber’s sermon at Riverside Church yesterday in commemoration of their yearlong “Beyond the Dream:  Living King’s Legacy” program. If you missed it, please check it out.

As a child I was informed that the United States of America had something call the separation of church and state. I took this to mean that we were supposed to keep religion out of politics and vice versa. Was taught that because “our forefathers” generally left Europe for these shores fleeing religious persecution, those who no longer wished to be a colony of the English Crown held sacred the idea that people should be free to practice whatever religion they chose, presumably as long as it didn’t harm other people.

It seemed like a pretty good idea. I was in favor.

I guess that was a long time ago.

There is a lot of religion in US politics these days. A lot of what passes for religion. Wiser, smarter and more patient people than I have written articles, books and so forth about it. I don’t have that kind of time, or attention span. So I will do what I do best.

Throw around some cat memes.


It Takes A Village: VNV Wednesday Cartomancy Edition

The Village News & Views March 29, 2017
Wednesday Get Over the Hump Free for All

Greetings, Village People!

It’s day 69 of the Resistance to the regime of Trump and the Republican majority. The sheer level of tension and intensity is affecting everyone except those who are insulated by ignorance or devotion to bigotry.

One way to process situations and events which threaten to overwhelm us is to look for our own hidden perceptions through the use of symbols.

I’ve been fascinated by one such method of seeking understanding, Tarot cards, for many years. I don’t read often and I don’t read for others but I love the cards, love the deep layers of symbolism and love the way these things can coax out of a receptive consciousness new aspects of understanding about things we already know.

I have half a dozen decks or so, but like most people, the first exposure I had was via the Rider-Waite deck.

The cards were drawn by illustrator Pamela Colman Smith from the instructions of academic and mystic A. E. Waite, and published by the Rider Company.

Some imagery remains similar to that found in earlier decks, but overall the Waite-Smith card designs represent a substantial departure from their predecessors. The Christian imagery of previous decks cards was toned down, for instance the “Pope” card became the “Hierophant”, the “Papess” became the “High Priestess”.


Nevertheless, there is still a lot of Christian imagery in the illustrations, which appear to be set roughly in a medieval European environment.

Which brings me to something I ended up doodling with in Photoshop, and then before I knew it things had gone a little bit beyond doodling. I don’t really have a good excuse for this. Nevertheless I wanted to bring it out, in spite of the fact that it’s one of the rather craziest things I’ve done in a while, and coming from me, well, let’s just say that’s an interesting proposition.