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Fighting Back: Sen. Bennet – “This week, we’ll need to raise our voices and fight for our future.”

The weekly Fighting Back post is also an Open News Thread.

The Weekly Democratic Party Address was delivered by Senatore Michael Bennet of Colorado.

(Senator Michael Bennet (CO) delivered the Democratic Weekly Address, giving his reaction to the Republican tax reform bill)

“The central challenge with our economy is not that people at the top don’t have enough. It’s that incomes for everyone else — like that mom in Rifle — haven’t kept pace with rising costs of housing, health care, higher education, and childcare.”


“I hope you’re well rested – because this week, we’ll need to raise our voices and fight for that future. Democrats are committed to working in a bipartisan way to accomplish responsible tax reform that actually grows our economy and creates jobs. But the partisan bill that’s in front of us is the opposite of what we need. Please take the time to let your representatives know that you want tax reform that lifts every family.

(CSPAN link to Weekly Democratic Address: here)

(Link to Nancy Pelosi Newsroom here)