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  1. Morning all! Incredible news about Mars having water – that is something I never expected to see – or to see us send a manned mission there in my lifetime, maybe. It’s overcast here but at least that makes it a little cooler, only in the high 70’s going up to the 80’s today I think.

    I was on the phone with Cox Cable tech support last night for a while, trying to figure out why my internet connection was acting up – they did a speed test and determined that it’s only running at about 10% of what it’s supposed to. Tech is coming out tomorrow to see if there’s anything wrong with the wires – ugh.

    Going to the dematologist this afternoon to get a couple of spots checked out – I suspect localized basal cell cancers that will need to be removed. I’ve had one before, years ago, so I’m not totally alarmed about this, but one of the new spots is right where that one was taken off 15 years ago, so that makes me a little wary. But, only thing to be done is to go get it checked – I am not a fan of going to the doctor, but this time I’m not waiting around too long.

    Have a great day everyone – good luck with the downsizing!

    • Do those kind of spots happen more frequently when you live in sunny climes like Florida?

      Let us know what happened at the doc Sis.

    • I have spots taken off my Scots/Irish face all the time. I see a spot that will probably go at my follow up for my surgery this summer. My dermatologist says between my ancestry & having been a kid before the invention of sunscreen, none of it is my fault.

      I had one taken off my nose this summer, that went somewhat deeper/wider than usual. Had to go to a plastic surgeon to get it closed up. That wasn’t fun. Sending healthy thoughts your way.

    • well, I guess this week is my “making mountains out of molehills” week – the dermatologist PA looked at the spots and said they’re fine, nothing to worry about. And examined the whole rest of my torso just to make sure nothing was lurking, and I’m fine. I apologized for wasting their time, but she said absolutely not, I did the right thing to get it checked out. Greatly relieved.

  2. 62 heading for 82 in Fay., AR – cloudy but no rain. Didn’t we go through a spate of this last Spring? Sigh. My total electricity production for the month is going to get over 450 KWHs but won’t match last May’s 475. We could really use some rain though.

    I only vaguely remember downsizing – but back in 1980 when I moved to San Francisco I stuffed a U-haul trailer and the back of a 1969 Mercury station wagon with all they would take (which was a lot more than the U-haul people thought it could take) and leave room for me and my boys. Everything else stayed in Austin, TX – sold, given away, or trashed depending. Hopefully you folks at opposite ends of the country have more space to work with :)

    My back it better – not good but better. Haven’t needed as much Ibuprofen, but still have needed it. Got more sleep last night by a couple of hours and didn’t need nearly as much upper body help to change position or get out of bed. About the only comfortable thing I can do is walk – sitting, standing, or lying down are all still uncomfortable although thankfully no longer painful. At least I should have enough brain function to get some work done today. I’ll check news and various links when/if I get time. {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Good morning, 55 and sunny in Bellingham today. Fortunately the man who will cut and bind the carpet for the basement rooms came to check out my template yesterday. His machine won’t do inside corners so no notching around the radiators. I’ll find a simple solution today now that I know.

    Finn is home and doing well. He has a lot of internal stitches so no stairs or active walks for 3 weeks. We’re all impressed with how well he is handling the stress of all this. He isn’t happy with taking meds every three hours, wearing a cone, being contained, etc but he hasn’t regressed to the fearful puppy he was last fall. His body will heal now and if his hard earned trust and security continues to grow it will be wonderful.

    Shell’s decision to cease drilling operations in Alaska is welcome news……

    Varied pressures force Shell out of Arctic

    Royal Dutch’s Shell’s decision to pull back from exploration off Alaska’s North Slope reflects not just the results of a disappointing summer drilling season but also the pressures faced by an oil industry buffeted by low crude prices and increased concern about the environmental risks of developing major new oil fields in the offshore Arctic.
    Protesters and Seattle city officials on Monday celebrated the news, and insisted their work to shift the political winds played a part in Shell’s decision.


    • Glad Finn is doing so well. Still sending healing energy for his trauma – and the family’s. Wonderful that Shell backed out – more of them will do so should we ever become sane enough to phase out the subsidies and put that money into sustainables. Good luck with the carpet in the basement.

  4. my darling love, at today’s show in Berlin:

    U2gigs ‏@u2gigs 2m2 minutes ago

    Pride. Bono before: “what you’re doing in this country is incredible … for teaching the world a lesson in compassion” #U2ieTour #U2

  5. Good morning, meeses! Wednesday …

    It is 42 degrees here on its way up to 63. Mostly sunny skies in the forecast.

    The boys on the House Select Committee on Witchhunts and Wimmin Hatin’ really stepped in it yesterday. Do NOT go up against Cecile Richards armed with only the pea brain of a teapartier. I am sure that Reince Priebus is curled up in a corner sucking his thumb … great video for the DCCC in next years elections. “We have no war on women!”, my patootie.

    Busy morning. See all y’all later!!

  6. Happy wet Wodin’s Day, Meese! Another blissful day of gray skies and rain here, although it’s still warmish. “They” said it would be chilly, so I’ve planned beef stew for tonight. Will we have to turn on the air conditioning to eat it? Stay tuned.

    Yeah, how ’bout those wimmen-hatin’ pond scum in Congress? Someone noted they didn’t question the salaries of the bankers whose antics plunged this country into a near- depression. But we cain’t let these little laydiz have control of their utes because…mighty Zeus… one of them might run for Prezdint! May Goddess constipate all the Rethugs for a year.

    On the home front, the realtor gave us a “go live” date of October 15 to put our house on the market! After being revived with smelling salts, we decided to go for it or bust.

    On a happier note, my circuitous Pagan connections led me to get in touch with the High Priestess of the Ancient Fellowship of the White Stag. She will gladly take not only my collection of Pagan fiction and nonfiction, but also my magickal tools and incense for the New Alexandrian Library in Delaware! We plan to hand over the two boxes at the Irish pub she owns tomorrow. She’s traveling up to the Library on Friday.

    Now I’m off to read Denise’s post about black media. Wishing a good day to all at the Pond and Beyond!

    • Glad you found a good home for your Pagan stuff. That’s not something I’d want just lying out there – or going to someone whose morals/ethics I wasn’t sure of. I see I need to get in a good stock of candles – your downsizing/house sale/move being one of several “divine order/best intentions/white light/good energy I’m trying to focus on. (My own request to the goddess(es) regarding the Rethugs is ‘render them harmless’ – which is heavy enough considering how power mad they are and just how upset they would be at being rendered harmless.)

      • Thank you for the good intentions, bfitz! I’ve got to look up a “selling the house” spell. Of course, I do plan to bury St. Joseph and say the prayer. Magic is magic, whether you call it a prayer or a spell.

        • You are always welcome. As to the house, maybe less a “selling the house” spell and more a “calling the right family for this house” spell. It was the right house for you and your family at a certain stage, it’s the right house for another family who is now at that certain stage.

    • I found some audio clips of the Democratic members of the House Wimmen Hatin’ panel and they were a balm:

      Rep. Gerald Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia, chastised his fellow lawmakers for what he said was disrespectful and misogynist behavior toward Richards:

      Rep. Brenda Lawrence had the most impassioned soliloquy of the hearing. She began by pointing out that the men asking questions had no sensitivity to understand “what a woman goes through with her health care.”

      Rep. Lawrence points out that the PP payments are REIMBURSEMENTS … health care services are done and claims are submitted. This is not $250 million handed over to PP to do what they want, it is payments for claims just like the ones that Medicare makes or the VA makes to clinics and doctors. The ONLY difference is that they benefit women and that is what the Republicans simply cannot allow. From her lips: “it is exhausting to hear this … to use information that is totally incorrect as if [when you] keep saying it in some kinda way it becomes factual”. THAT is the Karl Rove/Frank Luntz/Lee Atwater strategy: if you keep repeating something over and over and over again, it becomes “true” because people can no longer sort out the lies from the truths.

      Constipation is too kind for them …

        • I was very impressed by Rep. Brenda Lawrence. I went to find out more about her and discovered she is new to the House, having been elected to fill the seat vacated by Gary Peters who was elected to the U.S. Senate from Michigan. She was born and raised in Detroit and was the mayor of Southfield Michigan for 15 years.

          I suspect we have not heard the last from her.

  7. Very proud of Cecile Richards today. She was amazing yesterday, and the interview with Rachel…. Yep, she’s her momma’s daughter alright.

    Earworm: Creak in the Floorboards by Tired Pony – the singer from Snow Patrol, guitarist from REM & I think the other guys are famous, too – kind of a folksy feel. It’s weird that I love this song about packing up & moving, since I hate moving with the fire of a million suns. (17 houses by the time I graduated high school). But I love the chorus, especially:

    do you know what I’m looking for now?
    do you know what I’m looking for now?
    do you know what I’m looking for now?
    ’cause I sure don’t

    That always makes me smile. Mojo to all the ailing people & their loved ones.

  8. it’s early in the day, but I’m calling it:

    Tweet of the Day:

    Siva Vaidhyanathan ‏@sivavaid

    Did you really think you were going to fluster her? Her mother was Ann Richards, after all.

    Siva & I went to UT together, were very active in Dem politics, including volunteering for, among others, Ann.

  9. 64 heading for 74 and very overcast in Fay., AR this Woden’s day/last day of September – no rain, which we need, but a heavy enough mist that some of the droplets are colliding and hitting the ground :) Haven’t had the A/C on for almost 2 weeks – overnight lows have been low enough that as long as I open up after dark and close up before I leave for work the house has stayed comfortable – which is just as well as I’ve only got about 400 KWHs in the “bank” to augment the darker month production.

    Feeling better – not actually in pain as long as I’m slow and careful how I move but I “know it’s there” – not sure what level to call that although the chiropractor is going to ask me when I see her this afternoon. Haven’t had to take any Ibuprofen this morning and used a menthol-based concoction called “stop-pain” instead of icing (don’t really like to ice in the cooler weather which it was when I got up) although I’m about to go ice in a few minutes. (We have enough creaky people in this department we keep an ice pack in the kitchenette.) So. Better. Working on good.

    Good for Cecile Richards! I’d left TX by the time her mother’d become governor but I knew enough about Ann to love her and let’s just say Cecile didn’t get it from anybody strange. :) As far as brains are concerned she’s the machine gun they invited to a knife fight. – Now ask me how I’d feel about a Hillary Clinton-Cecile Richards ticket! heh

    Will read everybody’s stuff and then get to work. {{{HUGS}}}

    • Bfitz, thanks for the update and glad you’re feeling better!

      You said:

      (We have enough creaky people in this department we keep an ice pack in the kitchenette.)

      When I get around to writing my short-short called “Temps in the Eighties” about how all the young people have gone to Mars so the only people left to do office work on Earth are senior citizens, I’d like to use this if I may. :)

  10. Morning all! Thanks for the great audio clips from yesterday’s hearing – I haven’t had the strength of mind to watch any of it, but glad to hear the Dems stepping up. Planned Parenthood was the first place I got an exam and birth control lo these 45 years ago and I am sure that’s true for many, if not most, of us. I was thrilled to read about the $1M contribution “Lemony Snicket” (the author) and his wife have made to PP – nice in your face statement!

    bfitz, glad to hear you’re doing a bit better – I have back spasms occasionally and I know what you mean about “knowing it’s there”. it’s like an awareness that if you move just a bit wrong, you will be sorry. Hope you continue to improve.

    Also glad to hear Diana’s downsizing is proceeding apace – it is a HUGE job to clear out a house you’ve lived in for years, and it’s great you found a good place for your pagan stuff. I remember my parents, who lived in the same house in Nashville for 40 years, once asked their neighbor to be an executor for their estate, since Tennessee law at the time required at least one executor be a TN resident. He said he would on one condition: That my dad clean out the garage before he died! lol

    Joaquin is now a hurricane, and it looks like it’s headed up the coast for the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions, so all ya’ll up there keep an eye on the weather and take care! Hot here again today – 80’s as usual, probably for at least another 2 weeks. I think we’ll get some sun next week at least.

    Everyone have a great day!

    • I hear ya on the back spasms although I get them worse/more frequently in my right calf. And yes, there is that awareness that if you move just a little bit wrong, you’ll be in a world of hurt. It seems to be, as with much else regarding my health/body, weather related. Warm or hot, I’m OK. Cool and dry, I’m OK. Cool and wet or cold, I’m not OK.

      Best I can see about Joaquin, it’s going to go north of you, but it has an unfortunately large possibility of hitting the coast anywhere from NC on up. At least as of the last two postings regarding it over at GOS.

    • I can’t watch the hearings either, Geordie. I might accidentally see the face of one of those Republican men on the committee and throw something at my monitor!!! When NPR nicely left clips of only the words of the people who I was interested in hearing from, it made it easier.

      Hurricane season is still on! It has been a pretty mild one so it is easy to forget that you have the entire month of October to get through before it is officially “over”. We had enough in 2005 and 2006 to last a lifetime. Too bad it was when we had the worst presidential administration in a lifetime and the response and preparation was so atrocious.

  11. Good morning, 44 and partly cloudy in Bellingham. I woke up late today, so I’ve just time for a quick hello before leaving for the pool. Then it’s back to house stuff……measuring for the new carpet plan, an insulation contractor this afternoon, a progress report on the storm window repairs, etc. My 2 x’s a month housekeeper is here today as well so I have to do my part working with her.

    If I had less stuff all this measuring and cleaning would be easier. I could never be “sale ready” in 2 weeks Diana…..best wishes to you!

  12. Good morning, meese! Thursday …

    It is 45 degrees in Madison on its way up to 61. Mostly sunny skies are in the forecast. This is the first morning I notice we have a Wind Chill – the 45 degrees with an 8mph wind means it Feels Like 40. Actually it feels like 72 since I am inside!

    Possibly innocent man Richard Glossip was not murdered by the State of Oklahoma yesterday. After his stay request was denied by SCOTUS, in a surprise move, Gov. Mary Fallon postponed the execution for 37 days. Sadly, the stay was not to determine if Glossip was indeed innocent (the state appeals court ruled that “finality of judgement” was more important than “getting it right”) but because of concerns over the drug protocol being used after they found out that they received the wrong 3rd drug, potassium acetate instead of potassium chloride. Gotta kill properly, you know! :( Anyway, one less execution … for any reason … is good news.

    So the government won’t shut down, at least until December 11th. There are all sorts of theories about what happens next. One suggests that Mitch McConnell does not want to have shutdowns during a presidential election year because it paints a nice bullseye on the Republican Congress. With an outgoing Speaker Boehner (nothing to lose but everything to gain by showing corporate lobbying firms that he is anti-shutdown) putting his finger on the scales, the hope is to have a two year budget passed without the drama. He has the Democratic votes just not enough Republican votes to save his speakership.

    Speaking of Speakers, if there was any question what the Benghaziii! panel was all about, incoming speaker Kevin McCarthy cleared that up. To quote:

    “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee. A select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known that any of that had happened had we not fought to make that happen.”

    Setting aside the discussion of the new word “untrustable”, coined by the “we can’t be bothered with no book larnin’ ” GOP, that should surprise exactly no one. But for people who think that was a gaffe, heed Booman:

    I can’t remember the last time a Republican officeholder got in trouble with the base for lying. Sure, the base thinks that promises were made to them that were made in bad faith, but that’s a different kind of lie. Lying for the cause is expected and rewarded.

    If McCarthy is auditioning for the role of the most powerful Republican in Washington DC, he’s off to a good start. Why should Republicans support him? Because he won’t let the truth get in the way of brawling.

    That’s all the base really wants.

    See all y’all later!

    • Wow, Jan. To think McCarthy actually came out and admitted Benghazi was a put-up job. Y’know, I wish people would get so disgusted at how the Rethugs and the Village are going after Hillary with a hatchet that they’d vote for Hillary just to be contrarian!

      Wind chill, eh? The winds of autumn are blowing!

      • I keep thinking that there might one day be something that would disgust people but, really, they surprise me in their “tolerance”. These folks are choosing Trump in the presidential preference polls, for crying out loud!

        One good thing in Wisconsin is that the latest Marquette Poll came out and 65% of Wisconsinites vow that they will not vote for Scott Walker if he runs in 2018. I hope they remember in 3 years how they feel right now because 2018 is it for me … if they re-elect him – or any other Republican, I am out of here.

      • Unfortunately McCarthy’s admission, while noted by many Hillary supporters over at GOS, apparently hasn’t changed the opinion of a single Hillary hater regarding her trustworthiness or anything else.

        Wind chill hasn’t shown up on my weather watcher yet but they did take down the heat index :)

  13. Good morning, Meese, and happy Thor’s Day! It’s 56 F. here now, heading for a high of 59 F. today. Howzat for a change? Yesterday evening the wind was blowing so hard it was quite chilly, so the beef stew went down very well. Today—crockpot chicken soup with hot rolls on the side.

    Yesterday morning I had a treat in the form of my beloved nephew Christian’s visit. Over coffee we talked about everything, from life in general to literature to his creative writing class. He went home with a box loaded with books from my father’s library. Of all my father’s grandchildren, he is the only one capable of appreciating literature and poetry. It was wonderful to have a good long chat with him—it happens so rarely nowadays.

    Woke up much too early, so will potter round until Early Morning Tea time. For those wanting a quickie with their lunchtime sandwich, do stop by my Web site at http://goddessfiction.com. “Tea and Strumpets” is now up in the Fiction Cafe! And so is my little rant (less than 500 words) titled “Afternoon Tea v. High Tea.”

    Wishing a good day to everyone on our planet, our neighbor Mars, and hot, steamy Venus!

    • I was up early also! Must be something in the air rattling the bones of old witches.

      Will you be impacted by the hurricane? Some Virginians I know were chattering about it yesterday.

      • Jan, still not sure whether we’re gonna git it. Our governor thinks we will. The weather forecast changes hourly. Rain, for sure, Friday and Saturday. Possibly on Monday. It’s raining right now, thank Goddess. Wish poor old California could get some rain.

    • I was up early, too, but I know why – pain and kittehs, I’ll try to get over and read your stories today at lunch. Thanks for the link.

    • Enjoyed your story – the rant was good, too. I do actually know the difference between afternoon tea and high tea. But then, I also know the difference between dinner and supper as I was explaining to my grandsons a couple of months back. :)

  14. 50 here in Saugerties and nippy – only going up to 61, Survived paying my school taxes yesterday (my checking account is now on E)

    Listening to Kevin McCarthy, and holding my head in my hands. Did he leave his brains at home? Did her ever have any?

    Gotta get ready for school -have a good day and hope that people in the path of Joaquin stay safe

    • Rachel was hilarious about him last night. His speech pattern certainly is Palinesque, isn’t it?

      • I saw that and was laughing out loud – then stopped and thought that it is tragic – not funny at all that this man will be third in line to the Presidency

  15. My Friday, yeah! I’m taking tomorrow off to see The Martian. In 3D, because Mars. Eating breakfast – potato/vegetable/bean thing with avocado on top. Drinking nice strong tea. we’re getting a cold front this weekend – highs will go down to the upper 80s! Brrr!

    earworn: Hozier’s Jackie & Wilson. Wish I was going to either show, wish he was hanging out in town in between shows. Neither is happening – he’s playing all over the region every night this week – leaves from ACL to fly to El Paso, and he’s playing all around, then coming back literally the day he plays the 2nd show….. Guess his label has him striking while the iron is hot. Lucky he’s young & can do stuff like that. His schedule would kill me.

    Wow, there’s an 85 year old doing Kona for his 24th time — he’s pioneering the 85-89 age group: http://triathlon.competitor.com/2015/10/features/85-year-old-lew-hollander-looking-for-24th-kona-finish_123174

  16. Mid-40s when I left for work – wearing my new winter boots :) – heading for 71 and mostly sunny in Fay., AR. Pain in my back has shifted so it hurts to sit. Not good in my job. Oh well. I guess I take some Ibuprofen as soon as the coffee is ready and hope for the best.

    One of our instructors tendered his resignation (as of the end of the semester thank goddess) yesterday afternoon. The Chair and I have figured out how to fill his intro general sociology class and are still working on the upper division Race, Class, and Gender class (which probably shouldn’t be taught by a white male anyway, no matter how “librul”).

    Kevin McCarthy is an idiot. What the hell has happened to the Irish in America? Used to be an Irish name practically guaranteed a Dem vote and Union membership – probably doing a government job and definitely supporting the poor, hungry, homeless, abused any way they could. Now – whether it’s O’Reilly or Ryan or McCarthy, politician or hack – you would be hard put to find a nastier group of anti-government, anti-union, anti-public employee, anti-just about everything that makes a free country free Republicans than those with Irish names.

    Need to go get that Ibuprofen. Hope everyone has a wonderful first Thursday in October. {{{HUGS}}}

  17. Good morning, 48 and cloudy in Bellingham today. It’s a quiet news day in the PNW so I hope to have an easier time keeping my focus on all the projects I’ve started. I think I’ve finally solved the carpet dilemma, so after double checking a few measurements I”ll make a drawing for the carpet store. Between deducting for cut outs and clearances and getting the seams in the right place where extra width is needed my brain rebelled! This has been a good reminder of why I’m happy to be retired. And I’m even more motivated to find new homes for fabric, trim and sewing books. My bookstore will buy some books, giving me a store credit, and I’ll donate the rest to the Ragfinery’s teaching program.


    • It feels good to get them out of the house, princesspat! My husband drove me to the Irish Pub in Maryland (I paid him), and we handed over two boxes of Pagan books and a box of Pagan magickal tools. All will go to the New Alexandrian Library in Georgetown, Delaware. The High Priestess is driving up there tomorrow and will take them with her.

      My office already looks slightly better. I can see the floor now. :)

  18. Morning all! Have been pottering around this morning a bit, but I just checked the 11AM update on Joaquin, and it looks like they still are not sure which path it’s going to follow, so all ya’ll up there from the Carolinas to the Maritimes, be prepared! It sounds like there will be big rains at the least, in the Carolinas, and probably coastal flooding up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Thanks climate change for those rising sea levels which will make each storm like this one more likely to flood coastal towns. Florida will escape this one, I guess, but hoping everyone further north stays safe.

    The cable guy spent 90 minutes here yesterday checking out all my wiring in an attempt to find out why my internet connection speeds have dropped so much – I’m only getting about 20% of the speed I’m supposed to have. He showed me all the speed measurements, which are great right up until the signal hits my computer – so, while he replaced my modem with a newer model that has a built in router, he thinks the problem is my ethernet card in the computer is failing. ugh. He suggested I could replace the card (pricey and I’d have to open up the case and put it in, something i’ve done in the past for various computers and parts, but not recently), or get a “UBS wireless adapter” and just skip the ethernet cable completely, converting the whole thing to wireless. I’m not sure it would work, or what kind of adapter to buy, so I’m going to wait until my tech guru I play World of Warcraft with (Denise, it’s Thanael, of course lol) gets back from vacation to get advice from him. At least these things are pretty cheap – $10-40, so a lot cheaper than either a new card or a new computer.

    What infuriates me most about the McCarthy comments is that he probably doesn’t view it as any type of admission of guilt in settting up a scam about Hillary – and his faithful on the right, and those on the left who don’t like the Clintons and Hillary in particular, will take those comments as saying “See, we told the American people how untrustworthy she is and now we’ve proved it!” It’s simply galling to see how easy it is to fabricate a scandal and damage a capable candidate like her. But, of course, we’ve seen this many times before – Nixon was a master of this tactic, as we recall from the Ed Muskie “crying” incident in 1971, and so forth. Republicans may be more troglodytish now than in the past on policy issues, but their love of sleazy campaign tactics never changes.

    Still warm here – but grey and overcast, so a bit gloomy. I’m looking forward to seeing The Martian as well, anotherdemocrat – it may actually get me out of the house to go to the theater!

    Have a great day everyone!

    • How’s the implant coming along?
      Sorry to hear about your puter speed :(

      Will look for you in game later – I just got home from school and need to eat – then want to just relax and play – I have a writing deadline but will get up early in the morning to finish my Sunday piece – am not in the mood atm.

    • Good luck with your computer woes! Failing network adapters can cause speed issues but there are also software settings that can slow it down. I would not be too sure that a new network card will solve your problem so if you buy something, make sure it is easily returnable (as in buy it at a local store that you can take it back to). That said, if the problem is the layers of software “attached” to the old network card, putting a new one in will let you start from scratch. Be aware that you will always have a faster and more reliable connection using a wired connection versus a wireless connection.

      The knives are coming out for Kevin McCarthy who has exposed his Palinesque relationship to grammar and sentence structure. Good lord, where do they find these guys???

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