Democratic National Convention – Day One – July 25, 2016

From Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Arena, July 25th through July 28th

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Day One

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The list of speakers will be updated as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Speaking tonight will be Cory Booker, Michelle Obama, keynote speaker Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders

July 25th Speakers

Gavel in at 3:00pm

Pam Livengood

Pam and her family of Keene, NH have been personally affected by the growing substance abuse epidemic and are guardians for their grandson because of their daughter’s struggle with addiction. Pam raised the issue with Hillary while participating at a round-table during the first trip to New Hampshire.

Karla & Francisca Ortiz

Karla is an American citizen from Las Vegas, NV but her parents, including her mother, Francisca, are undocumented and live in fear of deportation. Karla met Hillary Clinton in Nevada and was featured in the campaign ad, Brave.

Anastasia Somoza

Anastasia of New York, NY, along with her twin sister, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia when she was born and is an advocate for Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Anastasia interned for Hillary Clinton in her U.S. Senate office and on the 2000 campaign for senate. Anastasia first met President Bill Clinton in 1993 at a town hall meeting for kids.


DREAMer Astrid Silva

Senator Bernie Sanders

First Lady Michelle Obama

From the DNCC Website:

DNCC Announces Headlining Speakers For Democratic National Convention In Philadelphia

Convention Will Showcase A Diverse, United, Energized Democratic Party Rallying Around Hillary Clinton in the Fight for an America That Is “Stronger Together”

Through narrative storytelling utilizing innovative technology, Hillary Clinton’s vision that we are stronger together will come into strong focus for the American people. A vision that America is at its best when we work together to solve our problems. We are stronger together when we build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. We’re stronger when we work with our allies around the world to keep us safe at home. And we’re stronger when we respect each other and really listen to each other – when we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Here is a preview of each night:

Monday: United Together

Featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders and DREAMer Astrid Silva

Gavel time expected at 3:00pm

Monday will focus on putting the future of American families front and center and how we’re stronger together when we build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top and when everyone has a chance to live up to their God-given potential. DREAMer Astrid Silva will share her story and her fight to keep families together.

Tuesday: A Lifetime of Fighting for Children and Families

Featuring President Bill Clinton and Mothers of the Movement

Gavel time expected at 4:00pm

Tuesday will feature the roll call vote and how Hillary has spent her entire career working to make a difference for children, families, and our country. The Mothers of the Movement participating include Gwen Carr, Mother of Eric Garner; Sybrina Fulton, Mother of Trayvon Martin; Maria Hamilton, Mother of Dontré Hamilton; Lucia McBath, Mother of Jordan Davis; Lezley McSpadden, Mother of Michael Brown; Cleopatra Pendleton-Cowley, Mother of Hadiya Pendleton; Geneva Reed-Veal, Mother of Sandra Bland.

Wednesday: Working Together

Featuring President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

Gavel time expected at 4:30pm

On Wednesday speakers will take an in-depth look at just how high the stakes are in this election and how Hillary has the experience and steadiness to bring people together to tackle the big challenges and get real results.

Thursday: Stronger Together

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton

Gavel time expected at 4:30pm

On the final day of the convention, Hillary will speak about her vision for our country – her belief that we are stronger together and that America is at its best when we work together to solve our problems.



  1. Commentary from Doyle McManus, LA Times – Three Convention Challenges for Hillary Clinton:

    Her first challenge is an old one: Can she make herself seem likable enough for Americans to want her in their living rooms?

    “People think of her as competent,” Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart said recently, “but they don’t like her.” To win the general election, he said, Clinton needs to show that she’s actually “easygoing and likable — her friendships, her depth, all of those things.” […]

    Her second challenge is both more political and more difficult: In a year when most voters are deeply dissatisfied with the direction the country’s going, Clinton needs to cast herself as an agent of change.

    The title she doesn’t want is the one GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence tried to pin on her last week: “secretary of the status quo.”

    “There’s no question that there’s a penalty for trying for a third term,” Democratic pollster Mark Mellman told me, referring to the eight years the White House has been in his party’s hands. “And it’s hard for her to run as the most qualified person ever, but as an outsider too.” […] Clinton’s answer has been to cast herself as an apostle of both continuity and change — continuity for parts of the Obama legacy that are popular (economic recovery, some aspects of Obamacare) and tweaks for parts that haven’t worked as well (middle incomes, other aspects of Obamacare and gridlock in Congress). […]

    Finally, Clinton faces a problem that some of her aides acknowledge may be insoluble between now and November: her trust deficit. A CBS News Poll last month found that most voters don’t think Clinton is honest and trustworthy. “Those trust numbers are probably not going to get improved that much,” said David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager in 2008. “Every candidate has strengths and weaknesses…. You’re not going to have positives on everything.”

    Axelrod agreed, saying, “I don’t think you can have a strategy to prove to skeptics that you’re trustworthy.” […]

    To win, Clinton may have to ask voters to overlook her greatest flaw. And she may need to rely on people like Reed Benet, a Republican businessman from Michigan, who says he’s not happy with Trump and might vote for the Democrat.

    “I’m coming to the conclusion that being a liar is not a disqualifying factor to be president of the United States,” he said. “And I feel terrible for saying that.”

    I don’t agree that Hillary is a liar and it saddens me that “vote for the liar, it’s important” might become an unspoken, or even verbalized, campaign slogan. “Liar” sticks in people’s reptilian brains and is difficult to dislodge. We can hope that enough people hear enough about her that it casts doubt on that narrative and they give her a chance to prove it wrong.

    • Bloody males trying to mansplain their personal dislike as our dislike of her.

      I love Hillary, voted for her in the primary, can’t wait to vote for her in November!

      It’s the overprivileged, overfed, white male mansplainers I don’t trust.

  2. The schedule for tonight is changing btw – I’m still trying to find when Warren is speaking, but Bernie insisted on bumping the First Lady out of prime time, so she and I believe Warren as well will be speaking before he does around 10PM. He will probably gas on and thereby bump Dreamer Astrid Silva past 11PM. Still a putz.

  3. I found this schedule for the segments starting at 8pm Eastern:

    Karla Ortiz (11-yr old) and Francisca Ortiz (mother)
    Karla is an American citizen but her parents, including her mother, Francisca, are undocumented and live in fear of deportation.
    Astrid Silva
    DREAMer sharing her story and her fight to keep families together
    The Honorable Luis Gutiérrez
    Member of the US House of Representatives, Illinois

    Jason and Jarron Collins
    Twin brothers and former professional basketball players
    Jesse Lipson
    Founder, ShareFile
    The Honorable Pat Spearman
    Nevada State Senator

    The Honorable Bob Casey
    United States Senator, Pennsylvania
    The Honorable Luke Feeney
    Mayor of Chillicothe, Ohio
    The Honorable Kirsten Gillibrand
    United States Senator, New York
    The Honorable Al Franken
    United States Senator, Minnesota

    Anastasia Somoza
    New York, NY
    International disability rights advocate and human rights defender

    Introduction of Performance
    Sarah Silverman
    Comedian, Actress and two-time Emmy Award winner

    The Honorable Al Franken
    United States Senator, Minnesota

    Paul Simon
    American musician, singer-songwriter and actor.
    With Mick Rossi, Carmen “CJ” Camerieri, Joel Guzman, Jim Oblon, Bakithi Kumalo, Vincent Nguini

    Eva Longoria
    Founder, The Eva Longoria Foundation

    Featured Speaker
    The Honorable Cory Booker
    United States Senator, New Jersey

    Cheryl Lankford
    San Antonio, TX

    10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

    Video Introduction of Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama
    First Lady of the United States


    The Honorable Joseph P. Kennedy, III
    Member of the US House of Representatives, Massachusetts

    Keynote Remarks
    The Honorable Elizabeth Warren
    United States Senator, Massachusetts

    The Honorable Keith Ellison
    Member of the US House of Representatives, Minnesota

    The Honorable Bernie Sanders
    United States Senator, Vermont

  4. Thanks for this, Jan! I somehow missed Kennedy. Thought Cory Booker would NEVER shut up! Was it a speech or an ego trip? Went to bed before Bernie, but we taped it to watch today.

  5. Have been trying to comment for the last 2 hours. Having problems with Firefox. Had to do a system restore. Great Roundup Jan. Thank you.

  6. From the DNCC: SPEECH EXCERPTS: Select Remarks from Monday Night’s Program at the Democratic National Convention


    Union Leaders: Clinton, Not Trump, Is True Champion Of The Middle Class

    “He thinks he’s a tough guy. Well, Donald, I worked in the mines with tough guys,” said Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO. “I know tough guys. They’re friends of mine. And Donald, you’re no tough guy; you’re a phony.”

    Speaker after speaker blasted Trump on behalf of workers. Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon summed up the message by depicting Trump as predatory: “He is no more a champion for American workers than a lion is a champion for a gazelle.”

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