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#WeTrumpHate is a film inspired by the values and beliefs that connect young voters in America and a rallying cry to participate in the process this November by electing Hillary Clinton.

Take time out to watch this powerful short film. Share it far and wide.


We believe in…We.
The People.
The next generation of America
A future where minorities ARE the majority.

We believe…
In bridges over walls.
Education over incarceration.
And many over one.

We believe…
Addiction is a crisis.
Not a crime, not a sentence.
A disease.

We believe…
That prisons are for killers
not for tokers
But the rapists and the brokers who broke us.

We believe….
That 20 veterans
Who put their lives on the line in lands far away
Should not die every day in their own…

We believe…
They should come home.

We believe…
That sickness can be treated
And cures can be created
When healthcare’s not a privilege
It’s a right.

We believe…
That protest
Peaceful protest
is patriotic.
Whether kneeling down or speaking up
Standing still or shouting out.

We believe…
We believe in the fight.
For black lives
Clean water
and a liveable wage.
We fight for these rights
‘Cause they’re right.

We believe…
That public colleges should be affordable
…for ALL.
In equality, not a wall!

This land is my land, your land, OUR land.

We believe…
In faith in one another
Not fear of the other.

That refugees deserve refuge.
And women’s rights are human rights.

We believe…
That racism
are real.

We believe they exist just as much as we believe in the possibility of their extinction.

But only if we stand together.
If we believe in…We.
Because in the end, if we believe in each other
Believe in an America where our people are as united as our states.
We trump hate.




    • I just had a chance to watch it!

      I hope this inspires our missing millenials … so many are planning on voting for Stein or staying home. :(

      They can’t. We are going to need every single vote. We need them.

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