Oh Hai, the Returning Light!

The winter solstice “occurs exactly when the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun at its maximum of 23° 26′. Though the winter solstice lasts only a moment in time, the term is also a turning point to midwinter and the first day of winter.”

That moment occurred this morning, December 21st, at 4:44am Central Time, which is my time zone.

Of course, that is the scientific explanation. We know better!

Twice a year, on the solstice holidays, Basement Cat and Ceiling Cat are locked in mortal combat over the Light. At summer solstice, Basement Cat prevails and the light starts receding … gradually at first and then more quickly until the autumnal equinox, when the light and dark are equal.

Then finally, on Winter Solstice, Ceiling Cat prevails!!

In many parts of the northern hemisphere, winter brings snow. And what better way to enjoy snow than to delight in our furry and feathered friends frolicking in the frozen flakiness.

(Don’t forget to hover over each photo.*)

And finally … there ‘snow better way to say it …

Happy Holidays to All!

The winter solstice or midwinter is one of the eight pagan festivals or “sabbats” from the Wheel of the Year. It is a “quarter day” along with the equinoxes and the summer solstice. The Solstice Night brings celebration as our ancestors awaited the return of the sun to warm the frozen Earth. To all my pagan and non-pagan friends: “Bright Blessings on Solstice and may the warmth of the returning sun bring you great joy and hope”.


Happy Solstice and Welcome Back Sunlight!

Music by Lisa Thiel
Video by Ephesius wicca


Enter the night and you’ll find the light,
That will carry you to your dreams.
Enter the night, let your spirit take flight,
In the field of infinite possibilities

On the longest night we search for the light,
And we find it deep within.
Open your eyes to embrace what is wise,
And see the light of your own soul shining.

Wrap up in the cloak of starry darkness my child,
And you’ll find the center of all things.
For from this space of the deepest dark place,
Life Eternal does spring.

So when you find that spark
When you dream in the dark,
Hold it close to your heart and know.
All that you see is all that can be
When you give birth to the dreams of your soul.


(This is a rerun, with revised dates, because the holidays – and their celebratory posts – are on an infinite loop … or more precisely, the Wheel of The Year.) ;)


*Hover text for those on Tablets and iPads:
Basement Cat and Ceiling Cat Clash: “Dark … Light … Engage!”
Ceiling Cat Laughing: “neener neener”
Penguin Parent and Baby: “Cute penguin talisman protects any post from FAIL”
Squirrel in the Snow: “Nuts to this!”
St. Bernard on Snowy Road: “What kind of rescue dog forgets to bring his grog???”
Dog’s Face Sticking Out of Snowbank: “Please don’t make me come in …”
Bunny Sniffing Snowman’s Carrot Nose: “Who nose how this will turn out?”
Black Bunny Looking Askance: “Basement bunny senses trouble”
Goats Running Down a Snowy Hill: “Levitating … actually quite easy if you are a mountain goat”
Sheep With Snowy Face: “‘Blinded by the White'”
Cat Outside The Back Door Looking In: “There is NOTHING funny about this. NOTHING.”
Cat Leaping With Snowball: “I’ve got it … I’ve got it!”



  1. Bright Blessings on Solstice!!

    Remember, when things appear darkest, the light is never too far away.

    On the longest night we search for the light,
    And we find it deep within.
    Open your eyes to embrace what is wise,
    And see the light of your own soul shining.

    The light is in you. Embrace your wisdom and share your light with others.

  2. Oh, what a lovely post, Jan! Thank you so much. Enjoyed the hover messages and got a huge kick out of “Snowhenge”!

    Thank you for observing the solstice. It’s very pleasing to celebrate a time that is all natural, devoid of presents, hoopla, feasting, and whatnot, but simply marking the Wheel of the Year.

    Long ago, when I was Episcopalian, I liked marking the liturgical year. This season was called Advent. It gives a feeling of continuity to life.

    And yes, the light is within each of us!

  3. Thanks Jan, may we all find the light within. I love this song by Leonard Cohen……..”There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

  4. Thanks Jan – sorry to be so late getting back. At work apparently it’s finally dawned on a bunch of people that tomorrow is the last day we’re open until 1/3/17 – I was lucky to get my Street Prophets done (and only managed it because I copy a lot of it from the previous week’s diary). So we are heading back into the Light, Warmth, awakening of the Earth to bring forth Plenty and Prosperity. Hold that thought, no matter how far from reality it seems. As the Wheel turns, we’ll get there. {{{HUGS}}}

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