For my 53rd birthday, I’d like donations to the Hill Country Ride For AIDS

My birthday is Wednesday, and it is time to start training for the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, which will be in April. And fundraising for it, too. So for my 53rd birthday — I’d love for people to donate to my 18th Ride? How many $50 donations can I get? There will be music & stuff because — hi, have we met?, but if you want to skip that part & just donate, here’s my Hill Country Ride page

I have plans for a really nice day: I took the day off & I’m going to see Hidden Figures, then a walk or workout. Yes, I’m working out on my birthday. I’ve got some stuff to train for – doing the half of the Austin Marathon in February, and I want to do the 50 mile route on the Hill Country Ride, So, yes, I’m working out on my birthday.

But — what I really want for my birthday is donations for my Hill Country Ride page. This will be my 18th year doing the Ride (some day I hope to actually ride every mile of it, but that’s a matter for discussion elsewhere) and I would really like to raise a ton of money for this cause that matters so much to me. This ride raises money for services for persons with AIDS in the central Texas area. Food bank, counseling services, legal services, and numerous other ways of assisting our brothers & sisters who are ill. There are people I love dearly who are HIV+ & who need the services AIDS Services of Austin provides, but what’s more important are the people I don’t know. The people I know have people who care about them. What really drives me – what makes me want to raise more money every year, are the people who don’t have anyone. That’s why this is important. I want to help the people I love, but I want people who have no one to have the help they need.

This ride benefits AIDS Services of Austin & other organizations in Austin that provide direct assistance to people with HIV & AIDS. They do things like case management, a food bank, and prevention & education. Everything they do helps people.

The amazing David Smith, our former Ride Director, says that we get a glimpse of the way the world should be on this ride and it is true. If you are close enough to Austin to do this ride, you really should. It is amazing, and the kickoff party later this month will be amazing. But if you’re not lucky enough to live in the Austin area, could you please donate? I know times are tight and lots of other people are asking for money, but this is different. These donations will directly help out people who really need it. Food and counseling and assistance with housing and legal matters — these are real things that people really need. So, for my birthday, please donate to the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Thanks!

And you know it wouldn’t be a me diary without some U2 youtubes – I wouldn’t want you to think this diary is by an imposter, so here’s the song I play in my head to get me over the hills:

and here’s a song from SOI that I’ve added to my workout mix. I love the words – there is no end to love — there’s not actually a video for it


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  1. just thought I’d put one up here, since I did an orange one — I know most people have no money (I’m still eating my black eyed pea dish from New Years, froze some & thaw out servings) but I thought you’d like to read it. And the music is good. The first one really does help me over hills, it’s such a soaring song. And the 2nd one, the words help when I miss my mom:
    I’ve seen for myself, there’s no end to grief
    That’s why I know & why I need to know
    That there is no, there is no end to love

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