Fighting Back: Nancy Pelosi – “We don’t agonize. We organize.”

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Found on the InternetsNancy Pelosi’s Townhall on CNN

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke with concerned Americans and offered solutions on behalf of House Democrats at a Live CNN Town Hall moderated by Jake Tapper. During the event, she discussed the urgency of protecting health care for millions of Americans, combatting President Trump’s hateful Muslim and refugee ban, the importance of sanctuary cities and empowering women to stay engaged despite Republican attacks on women’s health and reproductive freedoms.

Politico: “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spewed verbal daggers at President Donald Trump on Tuesday night, saying she feels pity for the commander-in-chief and calling him “reckless,” “brash” and “so insecure.”

“If you detect some impatience in my voice, it’s because your family is suffering and our president is reckless, reckless, and his administration is incompetent,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said, answering a question from a Yemeni refugee about Trump’s controversial immigration order.”

Pelosi divulged additional details about her meeting with Trump and other congressional leaders last week during which the president insisted he was robbed of the popular vote due to widespread voter fraud.

The California Democrat spoke up during the meeting, telling the president his widely debunked claim just wasn’t true. Trump’s response, according to Pelosi’s retelling the episode on CNN: “And I’m not even counting California.”

“You’re the president of the United States and you’re so insecure. This isn’t even true, it’s like the size of your inauguration,” Pelosi said.”

House Minority Leader Press Briefing, February 2, 2017

Transcript: Transcript of Pelosi Press Conference Today


Democratic Party Values: Nancy Pelosi’s Statement on Black History Month:

“February – selected because it is the birth month of both President Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass – marks the celebration of Black History Month. Across America, citizens pay tribute to the enduring contributions African Americans have made to our democracy. African Americans’ beautiful legacy of courage, sacrifice and integrity in the face of injustice, hatred and violence continues to move our nation closer to fulfilling its promise.

The Congress must continue to advance the causes of justice and freedom for future generations. We must confront new attacks on voting rights by restoring and strengthening the Voting Rights Act. Congress must strive to end systemic discrimination and institutional racism that limits opportunities in education, housing, and jobs in rural and urban communities alike, while also addressing mass incarceration and building bridges between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. Together, we can keep moving America forward.

“We must recommit ourselves to the proposition that all are created equal, all deserve respect, and all should have access to good-paying jobs to build a better future for their families. Republicans should come together with Democrats to ensure that citizens in every community have a chance to pursue their own happiness so we can build a stronger America for all.”

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  1. Pelosi Statement on Trump’s Executive Orders Targeting Wall Street Reform and Rolling Back Financial Advice Rule that Protects Retirees

    “President Trump’s executive orders will take our country back to the days of unchecked gambling on Wall Street and profiteering on the backs of middle class Americans. Instead of fighting for hard-working families abused by our economy, the President and his cabinet of billionaires are enabling the worst conduct of their friends on Wall Street.

    President Trump’s dangerous executive order eliminating the rule requiring financial advisors to act in the best interests of their clients makes hard-working Americans vulnerable to unfair, deceptive, and predatory practices. Retirees, homeowners, and hard-working American families come second in President Trump’s Wall Street First agenda. As the President undermines the financial security of working families, there has been no transparency about how President Trump’s own businesses will benefit from his new executive orders. President Trump should disclose how his own financial interests would benefit from his decision to eliminate these protections.

    “House Democrats will stand our ground to protect the American people from the President’s efforts to enable the predatory practices that created the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression. Democrats delivered Wall Street reform to protect American families and the retirement savings rule to protect our seniors and strengthen the middle class. We will continue to fight for people across America who have lost their jobs, their homes, and their savings so we can create a stronger America for all.”

    • Nancy LeaMond, AARP Executive Vice President:

      “Today’s executive order harms middle class Americans by pushing back the compliance date of the conflicts of interest rule. Many advisers already meet a fiduciary standard, and many more firms, brokers and agents have invested significant time and money to comply with the new rule. It is time that all Americans can count on retirement investment advice that is in their best interest, not the interest of Wall Street. Unfortunately, for many Americans, today’s executive order means they will continue to get conflicted financial advice that costs more and reduces what they are able to save for retirement.

      “AARP has worked for many years to make sure that middle class Americans get retirement investment advice that helps them save for a secure retirement without paying hidden or unnecessary charges. For years, financial advisers have been allowed to steer clients toward investments that charge higher fees and commissions costing retirement savers $17 billion each year. The Department of Labor’s conflicts of interest rule, which is already in effect, requires retirement advisers to put their client’s best interests ahead of their own – what is called a ‘fiduciary standard.’

      “We look forward to discussing this important rule with the new Administration.”

    • Trump Just Declared Open Season on Suckers

      If the 2016 election was a national litmus test to see just how many suckers live in this country, the next round of President Trump’s executive orders are going to make sure those millions of suckers are taken for every last penny.

      Trump is poised today to sign a pair of orders that are being sold to the public as attempts to untangle cumbersome financial regulations that make it more difficult for people to do business and invest freely. They’re going to give consumers the freedom to invest as they choose, and bankers the freedom to make money without being told by an overbearing government what they can and can’t do. There’s no downside; it’s freedom.

      If you buy that, I’ve got a Trump University diploma to sell you. […]

      Trump officials have claimed the Obama-era rule they’re squelching doesn’t actually protect consumers, it limits choice. But, in the world of financial services, consumers are operating at such an informational disadvantage to their agents that this arrangement couldn’t possibly be better for consumers. Any non-financial professional who isn’t well-versed in the intricacies of internal fees, commissions, and product structure is bringing a knife to a gun fight. You cannot outsmart your bank. You cannot out-finance a person who thinks about finance all day. You cannot defeat LeBron James in a one-on-one basketball game. A person with the delusional self-confidence to believe the fiduciary rule screws them out of viable investment options is also probably the sort of person who thinks they can win all the carnival games, even the rigged ones.

  2. In the News: NPR -Insurers don’t want to go back to being “bad guys” after ACA repeal …

    Sabrina Corlette, a research professor the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University and colleagues interviewed executives at 13 different insurers to get their perspectives in this moment of uncertainty. Their report (pdf) was published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Urban Institute.


    On whether insurance companies want to revert to pre-ACA times

    No, not at all. Before the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies were in many ways the bad guys. People didn’t like them because they denied coverage to sick people and charged more. Now I think their public image has improved. Everyone gets covered, even with preexisting conditions. I don’t think they want to go back to the days when they were the bad guys.

    No one followed up with a question about how insurance company executives planned on spending the money from their tax cut. Maybe for some sort of drug that let’s them “handle” being despised again.

    • She isn’t Hillary Clinton, obviously, but my wounded soul needs a woman leader right now to heal. She is not going to give any quarter to the Republican destroyers.

    • Good morning!

      Yup, Nancy’s doing her job as opposed to the majority leader.

      Thank goodness for the R judge and the Washington state A.G. Bannon’s crying and “it” is probably texting.

      Week 3. oy

      • Yes, the Giant Toddler was Tweeting:

        Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

        The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!

        There was quite a bit of pushback to this Tweet, as you can imagine. The “so-called” president doesn’t have a very good handle on the three branches of government thing.

  3. So many POC it’s blinding. I do actually see 2 women. There’s not very many of us in this country, so that’s about right. ;o)

  4. Goddess Bless Nancy Pelosi. She’s the voice of The Resistance in the House. If we can hand her the gavel again in 2018, she’ll be the voice and the motivator of progressive progress in the House. Organize is it – eyes on the prize, Team Blue – says this member of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party. {{{HUGS}}} and Energy to the rest. :)

  5. I’m so glad to see increased citizen participation in Wa State. We have become too complacent in our blue bubble……

    Unhappy with Trump? Call your congressman: Local delegation fielding record numbers of calls

    Last January, Rep. Adam Smith’s offices got 21 constituent calls. The entire month.

    This January, Smith’s office said, it received 846 calls, a 3,900 percent increase.


    Smith, who represents south Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma and has been in office since 1997, said he’s never seen this level of involvement from constituents.

    “This is a promising sign for the vitality of our civic culture, and I hope I continue to see this level of participation as we move forward,” he said.

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      • For starters, yes. Basically we’ll see how things develop. If we get enough comments to make it hard to load on mobile devices, we can do a second one, but until then one a day – probably need to “standardize” the title a bit so we’ll be able to tell at a glance which post is the Resistance Village “hangout” as opposed to other kinds of posts. But we’re getting there. Ain’t it grand? :)

  7. afternoon guys. doing a quick check in. i will have my thursday post on timer so i say by 6am cst it will be up.

    • I am mostly a news aggregator these days (my blogging muse is still weeping mournfully in a corner). But I have been a Democratic Party cheerleader for a while – trying to find something inspiring in a speech or an event to give us hope. That’s what this series is about. Our party has a tradition of helping that goes back to FDR and the New Deal and advanced by LBJ and Barack Obama. The Obama Coalition is the future of the party and it includes people like Nancy Pelosi and great liberals like Al Franken, who I hope gives the Weekly Democratic Speech one of these times.

  8. The Weekly Democratic Address:

    “Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) delivered the weekly Democratic address. He talked about how the Democrats would protect American interests by rigorous scrutiny of Cabinet appointees and the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

    • The Brits say “god save the queen” (or king when they have one) – I think maybe for the time being we should end our speeches with “god save america” – especially when pvl45 attacks Americans of faiths not his own (since he worships himself that means everybody else).

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