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Good morning to my family…Don’t know if I could have gotten through the last year much less the last 4 months without you all…So thanks for all you guys and gals do to keep me sane.

I am sick and tired of the predicament we find our self in. Not only do we have to put up with the asshole of a moron that is masquerading as POTUS and the do nothing but shit on us Republicans,we are getting attacked and shit on from the left just as strenuously as seen in this tweet..

Bernie Sanders beliefs and or his agenda…
Socialism as defined by a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole. The stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

Bernie Sanders and his idiotic followers moniker for their movement…
Revolution: an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.
Why this will never happen in our society…A radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence.

A good example of Sanders and his ideology and divisiveness which resembles the far right to a T.

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters went hard after anyone who wouldn’t back Keith Ellison in the run-up to the Democratic National Committee chair election.

On Wednesday, Sanders phoned Jaime Harrison, the South Carolina Democratic chairman, who was on the verge of dropping out of the race, and made a heavy pitch for him to endorse Ellison as a transformational moment for the party.

The next day, when Harrison threw his support to former Labor Secretary Tom Perez instead, Ellison supporters worked off talking points and attacked Harrison as a corporate lobbyist insider who’d struck a crooked deal that didn’t pass their purity test.

New York Rep. Gregory Meeks had his own showdowns with the Sanders-inspired coalition. One of the few sitting members of Congress who had a vote in the DNC election here Saturday, Meeks was repeatedly threatened by supporters of Ellison and Sanders with a primary challenge if he backed anyone else.

Sanders and his supporters show their lack of inclusiveness involving women,POC and the poorest section of the population with every word out of their mouths. Everything with them is the economy, and wealth equality which in itself isn’t a bad thing but when it is the only thing and you they expect it to fix racism, misogyny and any other problems then it is the wrong way to get anything done.

This mind set has given us Donald Dump and threatens our way of life as an inclusive society. We need to fight the far left and Sanders and make people realize that what Sanders is preaching is demonstrably wrong as it’s unattainable. People don’t like wholesale change and with the way Dump’s voters showed they aren’t going to change so we need to change the minds of the voters that didn’t show up at the pols and the voters that might be inclined to vote for someone that isn’t even a Democrat.

So, to start this war against the far left and Sanders I’ve decided to start doing a series of tweets to resist Sanders as well as the dumb shit we have taking residence in the White House against the will of the majority.

Anyone with any ideas or opinions feel free to chime in..Decided enough is enough so gonna try and do something about it. He’s demonizing our party…I’m going to demonize him and his “Revolution”….Simple as that.

To close out I’ll do as I always do…The reason we’re all here…


This is your TGIF thread…Have a great weekend


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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


  1. Well folks…Sorry about the delay getting this published…Had the village box checked and had it set up to post at 7AM…Don’t know what happened…

  2. Good morning, Batch! 47 and sunny. Projected high of 75 today. Thanks for doing double duty. I saw a story from TPM this morning about a speech from Biden. Almost all the stupid comments were Berners. I mean. Really? Do they think he’d win the primary if HRC doesn’t run? What about those pesky POC and women who find him too dismissive of them? I will join you in the “anybody but Bernie ” twitter campaign.

  3. {{{Batch}}} – it’s welcome whenever it gets here. As you are welcome whenever you get here. And I both agree and disagree with you on the post itself. Absolutely yes, the Extreme Left is the mirror image of the Extreme Right in tactics, authoritarianism, racism, sexism, (largely) homophobia, xenophobia, and isolationism. Absolutely yes, we need to reach the folks who didn’t vote – mostly the “my vote doesn’t matter” group but to a certain extent the “both parties are the same” folks who got that way from the media’s “both sides do it” meme and not from the Alt Left attacks and posturing.

    The part where I disagree is giving any media space to Bernie. He’s not a Dem. He’s never been a Dem. He’s spent most of his political life trashing the Dem party – has been and still being given platforms to do so by folks like Thom Hartman on radio and the various talking head Sunday morning TV shows. But he’s not the leader of the Extreme Left – he’s their current messiah and probably will be forever. Because he failed at winning the nomination, he will never be able to disappoint them with policy. If he’d won, they’d have turned on him as quickly as they did Barack Obama when he actually had to do governing. They aren’t Dems no matter what they call themselves. They do not support the platform, goals, or other people who are in the Dem party. Attack them. Just like pvl45 is a large distraction from what the Evil Rs have been planning for decades, Bernie is a distraction from the Extreme Left and what they so incompetently keep planning. The Rs are more competent than the Extreme Left – the former can and will kill people, the latter can only hamstring us enough to let them. So we need to protect ourselves from the Extreme Left while we Resist and push back against the Rs – but don’t be distracted by the cardboard cutout they put up as their leader. He’s not.

    Gotta get to work. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • Morning, bfitz. I actually agree with you. I think Batch and company (myself included) see more of the alt-left because they’re on Twitter. Ellison indicated in a tweet yesterday referencing the Hillary haters, that he doesn’t think there are that many. And we all know the handful at the 🍊who shout over the top of anybody wanting to have a discussion. When you add in Facebook, it appears to be a larger presence than it is. I also agree with Batch. We need to push back with facts, when possible, and persistence. Do not let them go unchallenged because they will think they hold the power. Divest them of that notion whenever possible. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformed people at there. No matter which side they’re on.

      • {{{WYgalinCali}}} – oh absolutely challenge them. just don’t focus on Bernie – even if he’s the one who said whatever stupid thing they’re pushing. Just like we are doing our Resisting best to not name the pvl45 but tie all the Evil policies to the R party, don’t name jsfv but tie his stupid mouthings to the Extreme Left. And actually it would be a good thing if we can come up with something to call them other than Alt Left or Extreme Left which they can and do take a pejorative – like Socialist Dems or something. Name them, challenge them, hold them accountable. But ignore jsfv. Don’t give him power he doesn’t have and don’t let him distract us from the SDs who are using him as that distraction. moar {{{HUGS}}}

      • Keith Ellison has been all over Twitter, pushing back against folks who say they are dropping out (“We need you now more than ever!”). He may not realize that the worst of the berners are on Twitter and they will never give up their Hillary hate. It helps to know that Keith will have nothing to do with those folks and, while they are the noisiest group, they are not the largest group.

        There have been a lot of very positive news reports out about the team that Tom Perez is assembling. The Nevada Democratic Party is very excited about one of theirs being tapped for an advisory council. Nevada was a 2016 success story and we would do well to follow their lead.

        • Perez is an organizer which we need most to do the groundwork for taking back Congress. Ellison has a bigger microphone which is useful as part of Resisting the evil the Rs are trying to perpetrate. They are a good team. (Perez was already familiar with the Extreme Left, Ellison is learning.)

    • {{{{fitz}}}}….I understand what you’re saying it’s just that I am seeing it on a daily basis on Twitter and Bernout’s continued vanity tour he seems to think he’s on is getting under my skin. more{{{[hugs}}}}

      • I totally understand him getting under your skin. Just like I totally understand folks reacting to pvl45’s latest tweet or EO – but in both cases as maddening as the cardboard cutout is, the real problem is the Evil ones behind the curtain. The R party on the one hand and the SDs on the other. Both the cutouts thrive on attention so both say outrageous things to get that attention. Meanwhile the actual Evil is being done by the “parties” in question. React to the cutouts privately, react to the ones actually causing the problems publicly. You are right that it’s a vanity tour. Don’t feed his vanity. {{{HUGS}}}

      • It’s an interesting conundrum on Twitter. I tend to be less confrontational than most, because that’s who I am in person too. My approach has always been to tweet and retweet the things I strongly believe in, and yes, that does include the ahem occasional snarky comment about the JSFV. I only very rarely get a Berner commenting back, which probably has to do with my relative anonymity on Twitter. When I do see their comments in the threads of others (e.g. Keith Ellison was attacked immediately after suggesting HRC is not the enemy), I tend to ignore them and move on. Your approach of pushing back has value, so I may need to rethink my way of doing things.

        As far as bfitz’s thoughts on not amplifying the JSFV’s message, my way to do that is to find the alternative approach that fits my values and political leanings and amplify that instead. Because really, that’s a lot of what Twitter is…a giant megaphone. Sanders already has major media personalities doing that for him (along with his cadre of True Believers), so if there are other, opposing or more nuanced viewpoints without the built-in support, it’s easy enough to retweet those voices so they can be heard over the noise of the “Revolution.” The only place I draw the line is when the esteemed senator says something so tone-deaf and insulting to POC or women in general that it can’t be ignored. But he’s generally being more careful these days, so those instances are few. He’s got the whole Democratic Party to bash as part of his outreach role, so I haven’t seen him single out just the base lately. And in my “face-to-face” life, I’m finding more and more of my Berner friends are so utterly terrified by Trump that they’re ready to vote for anyone with a (D) after their name, purity be damned.

        • {{{DoReMI}}} – one of the reasons I don’t do twitter is not wanting to be side-tracked by the Extremists at our end – I’ve got enough to do without that. But I admire the folks who do and think your tactics are the best for your personality and mine. not going to judge even though I’ll always have an opinion (LOL) what other folks do. Right now my opinion is to staunch the bleeding from the wounds the SDs dealt us and block them from doing us worse – but ignore the fly buzzing around the blood. We only have so many hands. Deal with the fly later. Glad the berners you know have enough sense to be terrified by pvl45 enough to vote for Dems – instead of thinking that bringing down the entire system will be good for the glorious revolution. moar {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Hi Batch,

    Good to see you and thanks for your post! I agree with all of you, sort of. OK, that made my brain tired :)

  5. Hey Batch…thanks for the post…love that Mr Weeks fellow and started following him thanks…I agree with completely about Sanders but also agree with bfitzinAR that our main focus should be on the alt-left themselves…the Democratic party here in Utah is full of them which is one of the reasons I haven’t joined…the other being transportation…

  6. Good morning and thanks Batch.

    Yup the bernieites are all over twitter. I pretty much ignore them. They’re not going to matter that much if the idiot gets us into a nuke war with the idiot from N. Korea. What a world.

    I’m cooking corned beef for dinner. Smells good.

    See you on twitter.

  7. Ellison vs Perez was a sanders vs obama proxy war….. he lost…. and Obama spotted him a month to plug his guy.

    Barack Obama still has the keys to the democratic party…. it’s HIS PARTY for better or worse. Sanders and his crew should expect more proxy losses as he is free to exert his will and help take back houses locally and federally that was lost primarily because of the backlash to the color of his skin.

    It was never Clinton vs Sanders for me… the first diary I ever did at the orange monster gave three reasons why i wouldn’t and Never will support him:

    Talk of obama primary challenge… and too cowardly to throw his hat in to have his career ended in 12.
    The blurb for Bill Press book
    Accepting cornel west endorsement, a guy was a relentless bitter Obama basher.

    My father’s last vote before he died in 2006 was for john jerry and a senator from illinois name barack obama. He gleamed at being able to vote for him, and boasted during the 2004 dnc that he would be the first black president…. he didn’t live to see it, but i won’t forget the conviction in which he spoke about him.

    Sanders passive aggressive shitting on our first black president is the main reason i depise him… the 2016 primary reinforced that dislike. I’ll say it now: if he was to be the 2020 nominee, i write in Obama. Hell, six million folks went third party and voted their conscience and gave us trump, we gave away the supreme court for arguably the rest of my adult life, i am entitled to be a selfish brat once.

    End of rant. Thanks batch

    • {{{rto}}} – oh yeah, lots of reasons for not liking jsfv – especially if you know that revolution kills a lot of innocent bystanders and usually ends with a despot taking over rather than the rainbow utopia of the SDs fantasies. I think you are too pragmatic to carry out the threat of acting like an extremist, but i don’t have to worry about it being put to the test. even if jsfv runs again as a dem again he’s not going to be the nominee – again. but it’s a good rant. :) and moar {{{HUGS}}}

  8. Hi reese,

    Bernie talking about President Obama primary challenge was the first time I noticed him. And that was it. Nope. No way.

    He reminded me of a grumpy, old Kusinisch.

    • {{{inkaudlay}}} – pretty much my opinion of him even before he talked about a primary challenge to President Obama.

  9. Thanks Batch, and now we welcome Congressman Ellison to VUTB and SickofBernie neighborhoods. Che Guevara Sanders is a nationalist and misogynist lite that folks fail to see he.

  10. The single most irritating comment from a Berner: “Bernie should have run as an independent. There’s more independents than either democrats or republicans and they all would have voted for him. We don’t need the Democratic Party.” There are so many things wrong with this that I just walk away.

    • Bernie’s an ideologue and a user. He’s too aware of how far he would get if it was only his skin in the game.

    • The answer is “Oh, I really wish he’d have run as an Independent. You just don’t know how much I wish he’d run as an Independent!” ;)

      • I think that’s what I’ll go with. Of course, I might get snarky and say something like “If we could be so fortunate.”

    • “Bernie should have run as an independent. There’s more independents than either democrats or republicans

      As bubbanomics would say “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

      Most independents are Republicans embarrassed to admit they are in a party that embraced a vulgar talking yam. And they voted for Gary Johnson. That statement simply shows an ignorance of electoral politics, the hallmark of bernerism.

      • Nailed it:

        That statement simply shows an ignorance of electoral politics, the hallmark of bernerism

  11. I do have lines I don’t think “we” (the Resistance) should cross though. Nothing to do with JSFV.

    For what it’s worth, this person immediately blocked me.

    • Try refreshing the screen. Mine do that sometimes but refreshing the screen takes care of it.

        • somebody may have accidentally clicked the button for that – heaven knows my cursor isn’t always where i think it is so if that happened it could have been me. if so, my apologies.

    • The site has a limit on the number of links that can be on a comment – it was set up to stop spammers. If you keep your number of links below 5, it will not have to sit in the moderation queue (waiting for me to release it).

      • the site is easy to navigate and I really appreciate the warm welcome you had for refugees. Islands of civility such as the Moose make the internet bearable.

        • Thanks, words. I desperately needed an island of civility after the 2012 election if I was going to maintain any kind of online presence and the Moose gave me that. A moderated blog may be boring to some but I don’t need to be attacked by a pack of jackals to feel “alive”. :)

          • I lived my youth besieged by a pack of jackals so I simply will not put up with it now. I didn’t appreciate when I was young how much of an accomplishment it was to fight them to a draw, it never felt like I gained any ground. But that’s the point when fighting those battles, it’s all about not losing ground. I can’t believe I’m fighting this on a public scale at this stage of my life. You’d think experience would help but that’s not how it feels.

          • I 2nd wordsinthewind – really appreciate this island of civility – and the folks who dwell hereon. Thank you for keeping it afloat (if that’s what you do with islands).

    • Is there anything preventing Merkel from having dinner with Bill and Hillary (other than blowing trump’s mind)?

      • Don’t see why she shouldn’t. Former president and former Secretary of State would be natural to invite her to dinner. Hope they do and she accepts – and only partly to blow pvl45’s mind. Merkel’s pretty much leader of the free world right now and the Clintons might be able to help her figure out what to do and how to do it without ending up attacked by Russia.

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