It Takes a Village!…TGIF

Not feeling too good today so this is going to be an abbreviated tweetorama instead of one of my infamous rants..haha

Yes…Her….We started out in 2015 and even earlier, with me it was 1992, with Hillary Rodham Clinton as our hope and dreams as our first woman President!


Then the Democratic Party made the huge mistake of allowing this jerk to run as a Democrat even though he had always been against our party. First photo is how I see him 2nd photo is his worthless self. Kinda wonder after looking at the either photo why anyone would vote for him.

After the Saint of Vermont ruined everything (incoming CT) by colluding with Russia via Tad Devine we ended up with this foolish, moronic, selfish poor excuse for a human being who we are finding out is really related to Vladimir Putin because Putin took a dump and this is what came out…Aptly named DUMP.

Right now this lovable creature would be a better President. Looks a lot smarter than the illegitimate buffoon we have spending our money golfing in Palm Beach every wekend when he’s supposed to be doing his job. oops…Forgot…He has no idea how to do it.


As always I’ll close out the thread with Our Girl…


This is your Friday open thread…Fire away!!!



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64, Life long Democrat...Kossack ex-pat...fed up with the puritanical leftists wanting to destroy our Party.


  1. Thank you, batch!

    Still with her, and all she stands for. I think our country will get back there (and a bit beyond).

    Feel better!!!!

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon Batch. We had a ferocious wind storm yesterday, by the end of the day the wind was blowing in steady at 35 mph with gusts in the 50+ range. It will be interesting to get out to see what has been uncovered, that is if the wind doesn’t get up again today.

  3. {{{Batch}}} – Healing Energy to you. I’ve been With Her since she was First Lady of Arkansas – she started getting my attention in 1985 when I was in grad school getting my MEd and all the “Clinton Reforms” in education were being implemented. Still am and of course always will be.

    Meanwhile, we still have to deal with the mess the White Males caused – well, at this point we can only lock as much as possible. We won’t be able to actually start dealing with the mess until we get Congress back. But she will still be With Us, doing something to make things better, because that’s who she is and what she does. And I’ll support her any way I can.

    Got some errands to run but waiting on a phone call – otherwise I’ll be out most of the morning trying to get everything done before the supposed storm moves in. (As to actually getting rain, I’ll believe it when I see wet streets and water dripping off the roof. Clouds unfortunately are very likely.) I’ll be in and out before I leave and back as soon as I can. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • {{{{fitz}}}….Thanks for the energy…Feel better…I keep looking at what is happening every day and can’t understand the stupidity of people still following along like nothing is wrong. It’s as obvious as the sun rising in the east that Dump and his deplorables are screwing up everything they touch…

      Just don’t understand …

      moar {{{{Hugs}}}

      • Batch – they’re wearing ideological glasses that blind them to everything not fitting their white male supremist mythology. So everything they like happening is because of the GOP and everything they hate happening is because of the Dems – even if what they think is happening isn’t really happening.

        moar Healing Energy and {{{HUGS}}}

  4. Thanks, Batch…any post that includes basset hounds gets automatically fierced by me!

    My humble brag for the day: last night after getting home from my book group, I fired up the Twitter machine to see what I’d missed in my 2 hours at church. Lo and behold, I have a new Twitter follower…none other than the Rev. Dr. William Barber himself. Does this mean I should refrain from cussing on Twitter?

    • Hell, no, it shouldn’t. Not as large of a following, but when John Pavlovitz followed me, I was giddy as a school girl. You’re rocking it. Also, I concur about the Bassett hound. I’m really leaning toward getting one for walks and companionship. They are adorable.

      • Our home has had at least one Basset non-stop since 1985, so I’m not without bias…but GET ONE!!! They are the most cuddle-able breed around. If you look at pictures of groups of Bassets, they’re always piled on top of one another, and if you’re fortunate enough to be their human, they’ll do the same thing. They just love closeness and snuggling. They are NOT good at things like playing fetch (they’ll run after but rarely bring back); sit, stay, and heel are about the only commands [some of] mine have ever mastered. It’s quite possible this says more about my training skills than about the breed, but I’ve had other breeds who were far more biddable. They’re not overly energetic either, which I appreciate more as I get older. Mine enjoy their walks, but if I’m too busy, they are just as happy taking naps and lounging in the backyard. /end commercial

        • Someone told me that they smell but I don’t know if that’s the anal sacs and not the dog. I say take your dog to a groomer and they will take care of both. Love their ears.

          • They might smell, but I’ve been surrounded by so many critters for so long that I’ve gone “nose blind.” I can’t say I’ve ever noticed anything different than any other breed, but I’m probably the last person to ask. I do keep their ears scrupulously clean; it’s always a potential problem area for Bassets, so mine get a good ear cleaning every 3-4 weeks. Now that IS something that can smell; uncleaned Basset ears just reek. But it’s a simple matter of getting ear cleaner from the vet, pouring it in, slosh it around a bit, and wipe away with cotton balls. The dogs aren’t huge fans of the process, so sometimes I have to settle for one ear at a sitting, rather than chasing them throughout the house for Ear #2. As long as they don’t see the cotton balls in advance, I can usually get the second ear the next day.

          • Is it because they’re big ears or because the can’t scratch them, that they smell? If your dog is professionally groomed, do they do the ears?

          • I don’t know about professional grooming; I’ve never taken any of my dogs to a groomer.

            The ears get smelly because it’s a dank, dark place, and they can become a home to things that like dank, dark places like bacteria or sebum. The outer ear flaps can look just fine, but down the ear canal, it can be a party of smelly things.

            Another thing I do about once a week is give my dogs a bit of a face and neck wash. They have so many folds that it’s a good idea to check those on a regular basis too. As I’m carrying my dirty towels into the laundry room, I generally grab a washcloth from the pile, wet it down, and give the pups a quick wipe down. It takes less than 10 seconds per dog, but it eliminates another potential source of bad smells.

    • Wow, now I can say I knew you before you were famous :)

      I’m sure Rev. Dr. Barber would approve of some well-placed righteous swearing.

      Oh, and Basset Hounds are wonderful people!

      • I don’t cuss all that often on Twitter; when I do, it’s usually a reliable indicator of just how pissed off I am. So yeah, I won’t be censoring myself, but I did have a moment of “what will the pastor think.”

  5. 58 in chicago metro……

    Republicans fall in line. Dont be surprised if this bill passes. I’ll be more stunned if it failed.

    • {{{rto}}} – hope you’re wrong on this one – R’s do tend to fall in line, but R’s also like to keep their cushy jobs and all we need are 22 of them in districts that Hillary won or it was really close to bring this evil mess down. If you are right, we’ll fix it in the future. The mess we’ll have to clean up first will include burying more people, but we will fix it.

  6. We’ve hit our projected high today of 53 and rain, rain, rain. Thanks for the Hillary pictures and the puppy. I don’t agree with Reese’s gut, but I ain’t no psychic, either. Here’s hoping (and praying a bit) that it fails bigly. Hope you’re feeling better this morning. 😷

  7. Thanks Batch…I hope you feel better…I’ve been fighting off a cold and so far so good but it does get one dragging around a bit…rain all day yesterday and then a very cold night…33 not quite a freeze but my magnolias are blooming so I expect to see mush made of the blooms…hopefully the lilac buds will be ok…
    I’m trying not to get emotionally invested in this healthcare drama…I have called my asshole Rep Rob Bishop and gotten a polite “thank you for your input” response…before 11-8 I felt like there was absolutely no way Hillary could lose to this clown and I was then and am still crushed that we have this buffoon as President…I look at people out protesting and I think…did you vote…for a third party…write in Bernie?…we could have avoided all this if you had just voted for the most qualified candidate in this election…ooops sorry for the downer…some times you just got to get it out…

    • Feel the same Shena…One minute you think of Hillary and all she meant to so many and you have serene thoughts and the next minute you are back in the reality that so many dipshits have thrust us into and just want to punch someone…Definitely want to punch this asshole…If for no other reason than to get the smirk off his face…

  8. Watching the ACA House debate on CSPAN. One Democrat rep after another being righteous and fierce!

  9. Interesting day with folks all up in arms all over the place. I’m relieved with the outcome of the Don’tCare vote although the reason for it is rather unsettling. The party in power is having a civil war which could leave the winner ready to turn with full practiced fury on the bystanders having vanquished their opponents. The really appropriate thing to do is to keep them at each other’s throats until they’ve exhausted their resources. Or at least left the victor wounded enough to not be such a threat to humanity.

    • That’s exactly what our strategy should be – and the old pros in Congress know it. We shall see if the younger pups can learn from the old dogs.

      • with the Republicans fighting each other I presume there will be a winner or at least a last faction standing. Civil wars never end with civility even if history is written by the victors. I mean half the no votes today were against the plan because it wasn’t harsh enough and didn’t take enough away and the other half against it because it took away what their constiuents have been telling them has worked for them and how much they would hate losing it. There’s an enormous gulf between the two factions that they don’t appear interested in addressing. That’s why they like to talk about Democrats disagreeing or being in disarray. When I hear that my sarcasm meter goes off and I realize none of them ever say shit like that to me in person.

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