TGIF….Bernie Who!

Morning folks…Since I couldn’t seem to keep my mind on anything today….It’s just gonna be a tweet day with my acerbic commentary

If I have to guess, though I’ll admit it’s a pretty damn good guess, the documents Rep. Schiff gets to see have been doctored or are completely different documents or both.

Never thought I’d see this….I expected Manafort or one of the others to crumble…Must have something on him that would mean a healthy dose of prison time.

Good…We need Pence out of Washington as much as we need Dump.

While we are at it Ryan gets the boot too since he’s another asshole.

They need to have the aura of Watergate emblazoned on their foreheads…Impeach and throw them all in prison.


Assholes…They’re all assholes and Trump is the biggest…


Not that I am really surprised but it still burns…Not going to make a change in anything becasue they need 60 or to go nuclear but we are trying to make a point after the way Garland was treated.

Well…I’ve put you enough misery for one day…

I’ll close as always with HER…


This is your Friday open thread…Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good morning Batch and thanks for the diary. Waiting to board a plane to NYC (via Denver) so will be in and out most of the weekend (mostly out)

  2. 35 in chicago metro….. Flynn is asking for immunity and Trump still blaming this on democrats and the press.

    We’re not buying it. This can be like bridgegate where Christie himself didn’t go to jail but a couple of his lieutenants did.

    • The Repukes brand is going to take a big hit…Just maybe enough people will blame the Repukes for bringing the Russians into our politics to make a difference.

      I’m wondering though, how his most ardent supporters are going to view his fall from grace.

  3. good morning Batch, enjoyed your diary this morning. It’s a nice clear morning in the desert, hoping the wind doesn’t get up again so early today. When it’s spring in west Texas the wind is going to blow, the only question is how hard and for how long.

  4. {{{Batch}}} – thanks for the post – I want Pence to go down first. plv45 is a narcissist so yes dangerous but distractable even when not stoppable. Pence is a zealot – a racist, especially sexist, especially homophobic, xenophobic zealot – he is laser focused on making The Handmaiden’s Tale come true while returning our society to a time where being homosexual was a capital crime. He is the more dangerous of the two.

    Thank you so much for ending as you always do, with the goodness and the determination to do good of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. moar {{{HUGS}}}

    • Good morning {{{{fitz}}}}…Yeah, I agree to a point on Pence…I don’t believe he’s got a lick of sense in his head…Seems his head is screwed on backwards…Religious indoctrination? He screwed up Indiana and will screw up the country given a chance….So yeah, He needs to go too.

      Love the fact that Hillary has gotten back in the saddle…We needed her and as always she won’t let us down…I do want to see PBO get back in the saddle too and be more forceful with his actions….moar{{{{HuGs}}}}

  5. Would Joe Biden beat Donald Trump? NO. Why?

    Hard to win a third straight term.. happened only once since they cracked that constitution open and put in term limits.
    Racism is a powerful gotv tool. Anyone who still think this was about the economy are morons. (He started with a muslim ban and starting on his wall)
    Biden was closer to Obama than Clinton, making him Obama’s third term.

    • {{{rto}}} – Anybody who thinks Joe could have beat the backlash Wave of racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, isolationist, authoritarians (you know, fascists) is at best drinking some koolaid and at worst a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, isolationist authoritarian on the Extreme Left (or a troll pretending to be one).

    • As we discover the numbers of Russian bots who were the bros, I’m comforted by the belief that there aren’t many legitimate bros out there. The Sanders supporters will move forward when the time is right. I’d love to know the percentages of first time voters that voted BS (because they would’ve been the icing on the cake, not the cake itself) either first election teens or dropouts from the voting rolls. If we run another charismatic candidate, I think they come back into the party fold. Just some random thoughts.

    • yes, I remember some of them saying it during the primaries. They never got the difference between Bernie voting for feminist legislation and Hillary writing it. They also never got the difference between being an ally of Black folks and being Black. He’s their Messiah of the Moment (not movement, moment) and he is perfect in every way and every word from his mouth is holy writ – until the moment passes and they chose another one who substantiates and re-enforces their mythology. Mirror image of the Extreme Right.

      • I had one such Bernie supporter tell me he wanted Bernie to force a contested convention…he said it most likely end Bernie’s political career but he didn’t care because Bernie was just this year’s avatar….

        • {{{shenagig}}} – at least he was being honest – it’s not really bernie, bernie’s reveling in a spotlight that isn’t personal, he’s the Messiah of the Moment, yes just this year’s avatar. Which makes bernie even less qualified to lead anybody anywhere for any purpose. He’s being used and he doesn’t know if.

  6. 48 and clear skies. Headed for a high of 72 today. Good round up, Batch. It’s frustrating to have to put up with drip, drip, drip when you’d prefer to see geysers of information at a time. However, the slow and steady ensures we don’t overlook a thing. Watergate took years with a democratic congress. We will get there. We will resist. We will persist.

  7. Hi yall! TGIF Batch, thanks for the smorgasbord!

  8. Is anyone else not seeing MGs comments here in the comment thread? If I go to the comment button at the top of the page, I can see them, but they’re not showing up to me here? I’ve refreshed my page several times and still no Grace. :(

  9. Hi yall! TGIF Batch, thanks for the smorgasbord! My original comment this morning is awaiting moderation. I’m wondering if the reason isn’t language… Alt-45 can get salty and like the F word…. nope, that wasn’t it. Took out the Fs abd still awaiting moderation. Alas.

  10. Great Post Batch, Bernie “Che Guevara” Sanders should go on the witness protection program for stealing other folks legislation and pretending to be a fake revolutionary.

    • the smarter of the Rs I know resent Obama so fiercely because it is their belief that he out maneuvered or out played the Rs in Congress for eight long years. It was and remains a source of much consternation that none of them would ever admit in public. This confirms it and I am glad their resentment was not actually misplaced like so much of their anger. The truth will be easier to live with in the long run than lies, he really was smarter than the lot of them and did it while being black.

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