All the stolen voices, will someday be returned – Hill Country Ride for AIDS

me with superheroes at the end of the ride:

Today was the AIDS Ride. It was beautiful & wonderful, filled with amazing people — riders & volunteers. Here’s more pictures:

before the ride

low water crossing

pretty cactus flowers

and a hug at the end

On the way home I was listening to my playlist, which is, of course filled with U2. This line in The Miracle of Joey Ramone struck me: “all the stolen voices, will someday be returned” and I thought about all the voices this disease has stolen. Doing the Ride, it feels like there’s a great cloud of witnesses with us, so many people have lost so many. I’m lucky, all the people I know affected by the disease do this ride, but I feel all the other people with us.

I mostly wanted to share my pics, but I do have to ask one more time, if you can donate to my Ride Page. If you can’t, that’s fine — can you share this on FB or Twitter? Get the word out.

and of course I have to include my darling boys (Adam is really cute on this one, the few glimpses you get of him)




  1. Samantha Bee’s NotTheWHCD last night had some throwback scenes from “previous” White House Correspondents Dinners. Her roast of Ronald Reagan was scathing in her rebuke of his throwing people with AIDS under the bus. The stolen voices, indeed. Thankfully, history has assigned the villainy where it belongs.

    Start at 5:16

    • There’s a book set during that time period, that just rips my guts out. Seriously. The last time I re-read it, I ended up on the floor, sobbing my guts out. It’s The Wild Swans by Peg Kerr. It’s actually set in 2 time periods – mythological time with the traditional wild swan story, and the ’80s AIDS crisis. Just heartbreaking.

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